What is a skateboard truck kingpin?

Skateboard Truck Kingpin: Unveiling the Hidden Secrets!

If you have a skateboard, you must know all its body parts. Skateboard trucks are one of them. It is an essential accessory that is T-shaped. These easy-to-install underneath bumpers protect your skateboard’s tires and bearings.

What is a skateboard truck kingpin? Well, as the truck is part of your skateboard, the kingpin is also a crucial part of the truck. It is the central bolt that connects the tire hangers to the base plate of the skateboard.

Apart from the definition, there is something more that you should know about the skateboard kingpin. Hereby, I have discussed them in detail, including FAQs, so that all of your doubts can be solved.

What Is A Skateboard Truck Kingpin?

In the beginning, I mentioned what a skateboard kingpin actually is. Well, a kingpin is a connector bolt between the hanger and the baseplate to make your skateboard surfing safe and secure.

What Is a Skateboard Kingpin?

If you have a skateboard, give a look at the bottom side. The wheels are attached to the skateboard trucks. And the truck is built with two separate components. One is a hanger, and the other one is a baseplate. Only the slots through which the kingpin goes can connect these parts together.

Types Of Skateboard Kingpin Trucks

Regarding the kingpin model, there are two main types of skateboard trucks.

  1. Standard kingpin truck
  2. Reverse kingpin truck
Types Of Skateboard Kingpin Trucks

01. Standard Kingpin Truck

Having the standard kingpin trucks on a regular skateboard is very common. Now, how to identify that it is a standard kingpin skateboard truck? Well, as the skateboard is flipped over, you’ll find that its bolts are facing in the same direction.

Moreover, these kingpins are ideal for tricking, slithering, and park skating, which is what a skateboard is designed for. They’re nimble and agile as well.

Standard Kingpin Truck

However, they sacrifice stability for a higher riding position that offers more control. They can only be used on top-mount decks because of their clearance and mobility.

02. Reverse Kingpin Truck

Skateboard trucks with reverse kingpins are becoming increasingly common. But how are reverse kingpin trucks different from standard kingpin trucks? The most notable distinction between this type and the previous one is the direction in which the kingpin faces. Well, the kingpin on this one is facing outward.

Reverse Kingpin Truck

Moreover, the reverse kingpin sits through the hanger of skateboard trucks. Lower and more stable reverse kingpin trucks replace the standard design. They can be mounted on either the bottom or the top of a deck.

For non-challenging journeys, this style of truck is the ideal choice. Cruising, carving, and downhill skating are all made easier with this skate’s low-profile design.

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How do I replace my skateboard truck kingpin?

Many skaters think that once the kingpin is broken, a full skateboard truck is required to replace it. But it’s not mandatory. You can simply replace the kingpin. Here, I am sharing my replacement process for skateboard trucks step by step.

How do I replace my skateboard truck kingpin?

Step 01. Get the tools first

To complete the whole task, I gathered all the necessary tools first. They are a hammer, some kind of nail set, and some earplugs. You can use a door hinge pin, a sturdy bolt, or an old truck axle for the nail set. By the way, I use a sturdy bolt as my nail set. To make my hammering smooth, I also take two wooden blocks.

To complete the whole task, I gathered all the necessary tools first.

Step 02. Measure the kingpin

If you have a low skateboard truck, then make sure your kingpin size is also small. But if it is a large truck, then go for the long one. Try to purchase the kingpin from the same brand as your skateboard truck. Mine is the large one.

Try to purchase the kingpin from the same brand as your skateboard truck. Mine is the large one.

Step 03. Get the broken part out 

I place the base plate down on the smooth concrete with the kingpin side near me and the pivot cup on the far side. It gives me a comfortable angle to swing the hammer.

Then I line up my nail set and place it on the old kingpin pointing straight out.

I use my earplugs because the hammering is super loud.

Get the broken part out

Now, I have to hammer out the nail set on the baseplate. I smack the end with the hammer. Remember, while hammering, you must be accurate with your strikes. Although in the first instance, it seems very difficult, after a couple of direct hard hits, the kingpin should come loose.

Placing the baseplate between the two wood blocks, I repeat the hammering and get the old broken kingpin out.

Step 04. Install the new kingpin

I flip the baseplate over and slide in the new kingpin.

Then, spin it around from the underside to ensure the splines are lined up. Once they are lined up, I have no difficulty hammering them in.

I bridge the base plate across the piece of wood with the new kingpin hanging between them. I like to prop up the kingpin mount, so it doesn’t stress the thinner part of the baseplate.

Install the new kingpin

In the same manner, I hammered out the old kingpin, held the baseplate, and smacked in the new one using the nail set.

I need to ensure it’s all the way in and flush with the bottom of the baseplate.

Now re-construct your truck, attaching the hanger with the baseplate.

FAQs Regarding Skateboard Truck Kingpin

There are some other queries that skaters have about the kingpin trucks. In this section, you will learn about them.

FAQs Regarding Skateboards' Kingpin

What size is a skateboard kingpin?

What size is a skateboard kingpin?

A standard skateboard kingpin size is 3″ -8″. The size may vary regarding the model of the skateboard truck.

How is a kingpin built?

How is a kingpin built?

Although steel and titanium are the primary materials for kingpins, some brands now have hollow kingpins due to the innovation taking hold. Weight reduction is the primary goal of these components; they help make the skateboard less cumbersome.

You won’t have to worry about breaking this bolt any time soon. All you need to know is how to install the replacement parts that are now available practically anywhere.

In the latter portion, I will let you know the replacement process for a skateboard truck kingpin.

Are kingpin trucks good?

Are kingpin trucks good?

Well, if you have a skateboard, then its skateboard truck must have a kingpin, either standard or reverse. I do skating in the park, so the standard kingpin trucks are good for me. But for you, if you are a beginner, then you may start with the reverse-type model for non-challenging skating.

What do reverse kingpin trucks do?

What do reverse kingpin trucks do?

Reverse kingpin trucks are actually for non-challenging skating. If you have a skateboard with reverse kingpin trucks, I suggest practicing cruising, carving, and downhill skating.

How long does a skateboard kingpin last?

How long does a skateboard kingpin last?

It actually depends on how frequently you are skating with your skateboard. Generally, a skateboard truck can last around 2-4 years. So, the kingpin of trucks may last for at least 1-3 years.

How much does it cost to replace skateboard kingpins?

How much does it cost to replace skateboard kingpins?

If you are just replacing the kingpin bolts, it may cause you an expense of a few bucks. But, if you want to replace the whole skateboard truck, it will range from $20 to $100.


Hopefully, now you have no confusion about the kingpin on the skateboard truck. In this article, I have discussed every point regarding this matter.

Moreover, if your kingpin gets broken, you don’t need to purchase a complete truck set. You can simply replace the kingpin following my replacement guidelines. Wish you have a happy skating!

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