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Hi, Let’s get to know each other better and build a strong relationship within the skateboarding community.

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The Skate Professionals

Welcome to Skateupdates.com! We’re a group of professional skateboarders from Butt, MT, putting in the hours day and night to bring you valuable content. Our mission? Sharing every bit of skateboarding news, providing product reviews, offering helpful learning tips, and sharing cool tricks.

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Kyle Spinks Skateboarder

Kyle Spinks

The Founder

Meet Our Founder

Skateupdates.com was founded by Kyle Spinks, a professional skateboarder and skate shop owner. He’s your go-to expert for all things skateboards!

Kyle is your guide in the skateboard section. He’s open about both the highs and lows of skateboarding, giving you the real deal.

Stephen Cesaro Longboarder

Stephen Cesaro

Professional Longboarder

Behind the Scenes

Working behind the scenes is Stephen Cesaro, a dedicated longboarder with over 7 years of experience. He knows his longboards inside and out.

Stephen shares his ideas, experiences, and the pros and cons of every longboarding item with you.

John Smith Skatepark Designer

John Smith

Skatepark Designer

All details
Skatepark Aficionado

Let’s talk about John Smith – a young skatepark designer. Since 2017, he’s been teaming up with skatepark builder companies, gaining heaps of experience and knowledge about skateparks, especially across the USA.

Already, he has done tremendous work to list 100+ skateparks.


Tamara Wilhite

Professional Writer

Meet Chief Editor

A force to be reckoned with when it comes to the written word. Although she leads the life of a housewife, her writing skills are nothing short of extraordinary.

Tamara finishes all our articles, ensuring they meet the highest writing standards. You may check out her books, available on Amazon.

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Our Joint Mission

Together, we’re more than a team – we’re a community that loves skateboarding and wants to make your skateboarding journey the best it can be. Our mission is simple: giving you the latest updates, honest product reviews, useful learning materials, and tricks to enhance your skills.

Thank you for being part of our skateboarding adventure!