Top 10 Best Longboard Trucks (UPDATED PICKS)

Top 7 Best Longboard Trucks 2024: Unbeatable Picks for All

Longboarding is an astoundingly fun sport and nothing can compare with the satisfaction you get from pulling off those amazing tricks. No matter how skilled you are, you won’t be able to put on a thrilling performance without the right equipment. As such, your abilities will be greatly limited if the trucks aren’t up to the task.

The best longboard trucks will ensure you get a smooth riding experience. They are the ones responsible for anchoring the wheels to the deck and making sure you get to turn flawlessly whenever you want. That’s why it’s crucial to choose the highest-quality trucks for your longboards. If you’re just getting into longboarding and looking for a set of trucks to get the wheels rolling, then you’re at the right place.

Quick List: Best Longboard Trucks 2024

Finding the right product from an ocean of options can be quite challenging. Kyle wants to help you out in pinpointing the most suitable option so we’ve tested many trucks the market has to offer. Our meticulous research has allowed us to compile a list of the best options. We’ve also provided a detailed buying guide for your convenience! 

Top 7 Best Longboard Truck Reviews

Without any further delay, let’s get down to the reviews right away! Here are the top 7 longboard trucks that Kyle recommends after testing them. 

01. Gullwing Sidewinder II Best Cruising Longboard Trucks Set

This one is perfect for those who want to up their longboarding game and reach newer heights! It’s designed to give you immense control over your riding. You will get to turn smoothly no matter how tight the corner is! That’s why it’s the best and #1 longboard truck for cruising.

Sleek & Attractive Design

This model is available in multiple sizes and colors, so you can easily match it with your taste and preference. The sleeker design combined with an attractive look makes it astoundingly appealing. It will make your longboard look even cooler!

Although compatible with almost all longboards, you should use this one with “Sidewinder Series” longboards for getting the best results.

Double Kingpin Feature for Better Turning

It comes with a special “double kingpin” setup that enhances the truck’s maneuverability by offering a greater turning radius than regular models. As a result, you will be able to navigate through the tightest and most challenging corners with little effort.

Considering this thing’s impressive control and maneuverability, it will surely give you a taste of sidewalk surfing! Using this truck, you will be pulling off the trickiest tricks with ease!

Enhanced Stability & Speed

Additionally, this unit allows you to effectively generate more momentum through pumping so you will be enjoying faster turning. It will remain surprisingly stable no matter where you’re riding or how fast you’re going. Your skills will no longer be limited by the lack of good equipment.

  • Features a double kingpin setup for better turning
  • Comes with a sleek and impressive design
  • Available in a wide range of colors and sizes
  • Boasts a sturdy and stable construction
  • Not suitable for high-speed cruising

02. Cal 7 Best Carving Longboard Trucks Set

A Complete Package

The Cal 7 is designed to set you up for the best adventure because it comes with everything you need to get started. From trucks, wheels, and bearings, to all the necessary hardware, it has it all! The deck is the only thing you will have to get separately.

Designed to be Lightweight & Sturdy

Durability is one of this truck’s strongest forte as it’s built with a tough-grade aluminum axle that can take a whole lot of beating. Feel free to jump up and down as much as you want without worrying about causing any damage to it. You will always get a secure riding experience.

The 78A Durometer wheels are just as sturdy and they come in the right size to easily fit your longboard.

This combo set is surprisingly lightweight despite its incredible durability. If you love riding fast, it’s not going to impede your performance at all.

Offers Sharper and Quicker Turns

Thanks to the 50-degree baseplate, you will be able to make the sharpest and quickest turns even when you’re going as fast as the wind. You will love how easy and smooth it is to maneuver, as you will have complete control right at your disposal! For this reason, it’s considered among the best longboard trucks for carving.

Boasts Premium Bearing for Faster and Smoother Spin

The strong and powerful ABEC bearings are designed to offer you much faster and smoother spins regardless of your riding style. Aided by the four spacers, these bearings are going to last a long time.

  • Designed to deliver a smooth and solid ride
  • Allows you to make the sharpest turns with ease
  • Comes complete with all the necessary components
  • Sports premium bearings for ensuring faster spins
  • Gets a bit too noisy

03. Caliber Cal II Best Downhill Longboard Trucks

The Caliber Trucks Call II longboard truck set comes with even more power than its already powerful predecessor, the Cal I. It’s 40% stronger thanks to the company’s new and unique in-house treatment!

Created with durable components, this thing can take all forms of longboarding abuse. You will never have to worry about damaging it.

Enhanced Inner-Step for Increased Contact Area

Boasting an enhanced inner step, this model gives an even larger contact area. As a result, it offers a much faster response rate along with improved rebound, giving you a performance that you have never felt before!

Offers Greater Stability with Reverse Kingpins

This one features a reinvented bushing seat that’s designed to minimize the extra uncontrolled movement to give you better stability. The reverse kingpins make it even more stable. So, you will have fun making the toughest turns at high speeds and it will always be satisfying!

Easy & Fast Installation

Installing this truck set will feel almost effortless because it’s designed to be that way. Let us assure you that it manages to live up to its expectations! Aided by the outer step, this unit will snugly fit any bushing. Furthermore, the increased pivot cup surface area makes it even easier to install.

Considering everything, it’s a good one for downhill longboard trucks.

  • Comes specially treated to be ultra-durable
  • Designed to be super-responsive and offers better rebound
  • Features sturdier reinforced baseplate
  • Capable of offering a proper clearance and consistent lean
  • The bushings can be quite loud

04. Yocaher Best Budget Longboard Trucks Combo Set

The Yocaher Combo Set is another impressive model that comes complete with everything you will ever need to get into the world of longboarding. With better quality and performance, this one can easily outperform most of the products within its price range.

Allows Fine Tuning & Adjustment

If you like to adjust the trucks to make them suit your riding style, this thing will be perfect for you. This truck set allows you to tune it by simply loosening and tightening the kingpin. So, you will be able to get the performance you love as you will have complete freedom over the adjustments.

Ensures a Super-Smooth Ride

The combined performance of 90A PU bushing and reverse kingpin ensures you get the ultimate riding stability. Thanks to the sturdy wheels, you can feel free to ride over a wide range of surfaces including pebbles and stones without facing any trouble. It will ensure you get a smooth and comfortable riding experience.

Offers Enhanced Durability

Featuring aluminum cis construction, this truck is quite strong and powerful. It won’t break for many years. The wheels are made with high-quality plastic, so they are just as durable. Moreover, they come with riser pads that eliminate wheel biting increasing the lifespan of the wheels.

Offering superior durability and excellent riding comfort at an affordable price; it’s up there on the list of cheapest longboard trucks.

  • An excellent set for welcoming you into longboarding
  • Allows you to freely adjust the trucks
  • Helps you ride stably on any surface with durable wheels
  • Boasts durable construction for offering longer service
  • The wheels are kind of hard

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05. Paris Best Riding Longboard Skateboard Trucks

The Paris V2 offers excellent build quality and superb durability. It can resist heavy wear and tear without any problem, making it perfect for hardcore longboarding enthusiasts. Thanks to Virgin Aluminum Gravity molding and secondary heat treatment, this one is one of the strongest trucks out there.

Furthermore, the axles are made of grade 8 steel making them capable of withstanding all kinds of abuse. The 90a Urethane bushings can sustain heavy pressure over long periods as well.

Designed for Incredibly Smooth Carving & Pumping

Aided by the amazing bushing seats and hanger rake, this model manages to offer one of the best carving and turning performances. You will find it astoundingly easy to make super-sharp turns or swerve fast past the tightest corner with this truck set.

Exceptionally Responsive

This unit is impressively responsive with its 50-degree high-quality baseplate and bushings. So, you will enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride as you cut through the wind with your longboard on any surface!

This truck set will make sure you get a fantastic riding experience every time!

Sports 6-hole Baseplate for Universal Mounting

You will find the Paris V2 to be one of the most versatile trucks as it’s highly likely to match your deck. It comes with a 6-hole baseplate which makes it suitable for both old and new deck models.

Furthermore, the 180mm hanger is perfect for all sorts of riding styles. This is the go-to solution if you aren’t sure about which size to go for!

  • Comes with a high-quality build and durability
  • Supports super-smooth and fast turns
  • Designed to be compatible with most longboard decks
  • Very responsive with a high rebound for offering smooth rides
  • Produces squeaky noises during turning

06. BEAR Grizzly Best Sliding Longboard Trucks

What makes the Bear Grizzly stand out is its unique hanger design. It’s not there just for the show; it gives you total control over the turning radius as you can freely adjust it at will. So, this one is guaranteed to complement your riding style. It’s pretty easy to do the adjustments too!

Tighter Bushings for Enhanced Stability & Comfort

Featuring tighter bushings, this model reduces excessive movement to make your rides more stable and comfortable. Even when you’re riding fast, you won’t be feeling any irritation or pain.

Moreover, you will face reduced friction during sliding aided by its broader base making it one of the top longboard trucks for sliding!

Boasts Specialized Casting Formula for Durability

Thanks to the specialized casting formula created with premium aluminum alloy, the 5th Gen Bear Grizzly is remarkably durable.

What’s more, it’s designed to prevent baseplate warping as it comes with thicker and wider baseplate legs. It won’t show you any sign of wearing it for many years.

Features an 8-hole Mounting System for Versatility

The 8-hole design of the baseplate makes it perfectly compatible with new and old patterns of drilling. So, it’s ready to be installed on most of the modern longboard decks.

You won’t be able to mount this truck set up on a traditional longboard.

  • Comes with specialized casting formula that makes it extra-durable
  • Allows you to freely adjust the turning radius
  • Designed to fit most the modern longboard decks
  • Sports bushing seat that’s much less restrictive
  • The bushings come with some issues

07. VJ Best Downhill Longboard/Skateboard Truck Set

The VJ Longboard/Skateboard Truck Set is another top-notch set of trucks that are guaranteed to deliver an amazing longboarding experience. Built with virgin-grade aluminum, there is no question about its durability. It will keep your longboard functioning for a long time!

Furthermore, this model is fitted with a lightweight but reliable hanger. Unlike most products, it won’t force a lot of weight on your deck!

Allows Smooth Cruising on Different Surfaces

Sporting 92A bushing, this thing offers excellent stability by eliminating extra movement. Additionally, the premium-quality bearings make sure you get to roll over tough terrains filled with stones and pebbles with surprising stability and comfort.

Designed to be Easier to Maneuver

The 50-degree baseplate will make the sharpest turns feel like a piece of cake. You won’t feel any resistance while making a corner and it will feel incredibly smooth.

This unit will make sure you’re always in control and get to maneuver just as you want to.

Compatible with Most Longboards

This truck set is designed to be highly compatible. It will fit longboards that are 9’’ to 10’’ wide and wheels that are 70-86mm in size.

So, you won’t have any trouble installing this one on most modern longboard decks. You will find it easy to install as well.

  • Durable enough to withstand excessive pressure
  • Makes it surprisingly easy to maneuver
  • Fitted with top-grade bearings and other components
  • Offers a lot of stability for riding comfort
  • May not suit experienced riders

What to Consider to Purchase The Best Longboard Trucks and How Do I Choose?

There is huge competition in the market for longboard trucks so you shouldn’t be surprised to see so many options to choose from. The difficult part is finding the right product out of a mountain of truck models.

Kyle knows exactly what to look for in a longboard truck to help you identify the best picks and we’re about to tell you so stick with us!

How Do I Choose The Best Truck For My Longboard?

01. Size

If you want maximum output from your truck, then you must check the size of the truck. It must match the size of your preferred deck. For instance, a deck that’s about 8-inches to 9 inches in size will only work with a truck that’s 139mm to 169mm.

So, you should measure your deck, and get a truck that’s likely to be a perfect fit.

If you want maximum output from your truck, then you must check the size of the truck.

02. Axle

The part of a longboard truck that attaches to the wheels is called an axle. The width of the axle must be closer to the width of the best longboard deck. Larger axles usually mean better stability but they aren’t easier to turn with. On the other hand, smaller axles are more responsive at the cost of stability.

Larger axles usually mean better stability but they aren’t easier to turn with.

03. Hanger

You can easily tell which is the hanger on your longboard truck because of its distinct T-shaped design. It’s the aluminum alloy beam that’s responsible for forming a connection between the wheels and the truck.

Your riding comfort largely depends on the quality of the hanger. If it’s not good enough, you’re going to have a hard time riding smoothly. So, make sure to get a good quality hanger. Oh, and it must be compatible with the deck.

So, make sure to get a good quality hanger. Oh, and it must be compatible with the deck.

04. Kingpin

The kingpin is, well, just as the name suggests, the king of all pins! In other words, it’s the pin that’s responsible for holding all the components together. There are mainly two types of kingpins.

  • Standard Kingpin

Standard kingpins are designed to face the board’s center. They are perfect for performing longboarding tricks because their bolts won’t run into the grinds on rails.

Standard kingpins are designed to face the board’s center.
  • Reverse Kingpin

Reverse kingpins are more popular as they’re far more responsive no matter how fast or slow you’re going. They also offer better smooth control and maneuverability. If you prefer comfortable cruising, this is the type to go for. You can easily recognize reverse kingpins as they always face toward the front of the board.

Reverse kingpins are more popular as they’re far more responsive no matter how fast or slow you’re going.

05. Baseplate

The baseplate is a type of flat metal piece that’s attached to the board using multiple screws. It connects the longboard truck to the deck of the board. You will find 6 to 8 mounting holes in most baseplates.

Now, every baseplate sits at an angle and the angle determines whether the truck is better for turning or cruising.

Baseplates are commonly available in 44 to 50-degree angles. The wider angles are good for comfortable riding as they are easier to turn. If you prefer high-speed riding, you should go for narrower angles. However, you shouldn’t go below 30-angles.

The baseplate is a type of flat metal piece that’s attached to the board using multiple screws.

06. Bushings

Bushings are simply the rings placed around the kingpin that is designed to affect the responsiveness of the board. They come with different hardness.

The harder bushings are great for cruising while the softer bushings offer faster response, making them perfect for performing tricks.

Bushings are simply the rings placed around the kingpin that is designed to affect the responsiveness of the board.

07. Risers

While risers aren’t always needed, they can be useful if you’re having to deal with wheel bites. High-quality risers can prevent wheel biting from causing any damage to your deck. If you place riser pads between the deck and the truck, they will make sure the wheels don’t touch the deck while rolling.

High-quality risers can prevent wheel biting from causing any damage to your deck.

08. Price

It’s good to have a budget before buying a longboard truck because it will narrow down the list significantly. So, think about how much you’re willing to invest before going out to the market. You should remember that a higher price doesn’t always mean higher quality so you shouldn’t blindly purchase the most expensive product.

If you look hard enough, you can get your hands on a much cheaper product that offers greater value!

FAQs About Longboard Trucks

These are some commonly asked questions by people about the best longboard trucks.

FAQs About Longboard Trucks

Why do I need the best longboard truck?

Much like the wheels of a car, a longboard also needs axles to roll. Otherwise, it’s nothing better than a simple board that won’t be moved no matter how much you push!
So, if you want to get rolling, a set of trucks is a must. It’s easily the most important part of the structure of a longboard.

How do I recognize a longboard truck?

How do I recognize a longboard truck?

You can easily recognize a longboard truck. It’s the metal T-shaped object placed right underneath the deck. Every longboard needs two pieces of trucks to be functional. They are replaceable but high-quality ones are capable of outlasting your decks!

What is the benefit of using a longboard truck?

What is the benefit of using a longboard truck?

So, if you install the right set of trucks, you will be able to cruise on your longboard with incredible comfort. A good set of trucks will ensure that you’re in complete control of your ride and can turn whenever you want. 

What are the features of a perfect longboard truck?

What are the features of a perfect longboard truck?

The best longboard trucks usually come with a quality hanger, an axle, a baseplate, and a couple of bushings. Just like the main axle of a car, these things connect the wheels together and attach them to your longboard. The components of the trucks determine how smooth your rides will be and how swiftly you will be able to turn.

Final Verdict

If you’re still unable to land on a decision, allow us to make a few suggestions. The Gullwing Sidewinder II can be the perfect choice for you if you’ve got the budget. It’s a premium product that comes with all the top-grade features you’d expect from a truck set.

However, if you’re a beginner or someone who doesn’t have any time to spend looking for separate longboard components, then go for the  Cal 7 180mm Trucks. It comes with high-quality wheels, bearings, and all the necessary hardware needed for mounting the truck to the deck.

Kyle tried to be as comprehensive as possible while preparing our reviews. Our buying guide covered everything you need to know in order to easily identify the best longboard trucks.

It’s vital to choose the right one because otherwise, you’re going to have a poor longboarding experience. So, go ahead and pick any of the products we’ve reviewed to enjoy longboarding!

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