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safety first

Make Sure The Safety First.

Start here, Because safety is a fundamental matter you should care about, especially when you're a beginner in skateboarding or any other type of skate. A "don't care" move can harm your nose, teeth, arm, hand, legs, or any part of your body, even your life.

buying guide

How to Pick the Best Choice?

Skating is beautiful and eye-catches art and sport. People watch with WoW feel when pro skaters perform their skills. It's why they look for the best items and designs to purchase. So we designed a "buying guide section," with the ultimate guide for them only.

lessons & tricks

Take a Proper Guide to Skateboard

Skateboarding injuries are so severe and scary than in other sports. So without proper learning, don't go to start like pro skaters. Instead of it, stay connected here to get a chain guide of learning tips and tricks.

Don't know where to start?

Explore our most popular learning topics. 

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