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The Best Skate Parks In Phoenix, Arizona

The Best Skate Parks In Phoenix, Arizona (Updated In 2023)

If you’re a native Arizonan, you already know that the state is famous for its skateparks and desert vistas dotted with cacti. Maybe not as many as you’d think, but the quality of the skateparks here is top-notch.

Arizona is a fantastic location for skateboarders to enjoy the sport. The city has done a fantastic job of creating both traditional bowls and cutting-edge street parks, so skateboarders of all stripes will be able to find a spot to fit their preferences.

If you’ve been searching in vain for a top-notch skate park in the Phoenix area, don’t worry I’ve compiled an ultimate list of skate parks in Phoenix, Arizona You can find a list of the best skate spots in the country below. Find out how great they are and why you should pick them by reading the entire article.

In Details of The Best Skate Parks In Phoenix

Some of the top skate parks in Phoenix Arizona, in the US, can be found to be very fantastic. We’ll go through all of your alternatives, from the newest and most crowded park to others that are more reduced or even underground.

However, skateparks aren’t hard to find, but what’s difficult is tracking down the ones you want. I believe there is always, therefore,  a skating park in this city that will be suitable for skateboarders of all skill levels. Read on for more recommendations on which skateparks everyone can enjoy.

1. Desert West Skateboard Plaza

If you’re looking for good skate parks in Phoenix, AZ, go no further than Desert West Skate Park. It hosts Cow Town PHXAM, a prestigious skate championship that attracts some of the top skaters in the country every year. Desert West got its 15 minutes of fame when ESPN broadcast the 2011 PhxAM Skateboard Tournament.

Features of the park

  • Curbs, bumps, steps with steel ledges, a fun box, hips, and three bowls spread out across the facility
  • There are also drinking fountains and covered areas throughout the park. Only skateboarders are permitted inside
  • Has a huge, left-hand faux kidney with an over vert shell in the deep end of the end, and a mural that spans every inch of space of the bowl


  • The usage of safety gear is mandatory
  • Before you get on the ground, make sure the conditions are safe
  • Clean the area of any rubbish or obstructions to ensure a safe and comfortable trip
  • Avoid skating on cracked or otherwise unsafe floors
  • There can be no further ramps, jumps, or other obstacles added except the permitted ones
  • Skatepark elements and surfaces may not be altered in any way

Directions and Routes:

To get here to this skate park in Phoenix AZ from anywhere on I-10, you’ll first need to get to exit 137, whether you’re headed west or east. From there, it’s 2 lights north to Encanto from the freeway or about 8/10 of a mile.

After taking a right (east) on Encanto Blvd, take the very left to reach the Desert West Skate Park parking lot. You’ll find the gate to the skate park at the far northwest corner of the car park. // Skate Parks In Kansas City, Missouri //

Static Information

  • Address: 6602 W Encanto Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85035, United States
  • Telephone: 602-262-6862
  • Email: receptionist.pks@phoenix.gov.​
  • Website: https://www.phoenix.gov/
  • Riding Type: Skateboard, Rollerblade, BMX, Scooter
  • Skate Hours: ​ 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.​
  • Cost fee: free
  • Surface: Concrete
  • Size: 25,000 square feet
  • Lights: yes
  • Opened: 2000
  • Design / Build: Ralph Haver

2. Hermoso Skatepark

When it comes to Phoenix skate parks, Hermoso Park remains among the lesser ones. Being concealed behind a community center, it features only a handful of well-designed and constructed roadway obstacles.

Features of the park

  • The facility is well-lit, and its features are all above ground and composed of steel
  • Skateboarding, rollerblading, BMX, and Scooter rides are available
  • They have obstacles like grind boxes, a pyramid of grind benches, two ramps,  a fun box, and a grind rail,  on a concrete surface


  • The usage of safety gear is mandatory
  • Skaters, before they set out, need to inspect the rink for debris that could make for an uncomfortable or dangerous skate
  • Skating should be limited to ramps, bowls, and other structures built for that purpose
  • There can be no further ramps, jumps, or other obstacles added except the permitted one
  • Skatepark elements and surfaces may not be altered in any way
  • Rules and procedures will be displayed at each skating location so that skaters are expected to abide by these rules at all times

Directions and Routes:

The skatepark in Hermoso Park can be found off of E. Southern Ave, which is between 16th and 24th Streets. To get there, you need to head east on Southern to S. 20th Street, turn north, and the park will be on your right. // Skate Parks In Asheville, North Carolina //

Static Information

  • Address: 2030 E Southern Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85040, United States
  • Telephone: (602) 262-6836
  • Email: receptionist.pks@phoenix.gov.
  • Website: https://www.phoenix.gov/
  • Riding Type: Skateboard, Rollerblade, BMX, Scooter
  • Skate Hours: Daily 8:00 am-9:00 pm
  • Cost fee: free
  • Surface: Concrete
  • Size: 6000 square feet.
  • Lights: yes
  • Opened: 1999
  • Design / Build: Pillar Design Studios

3. Paradise Valley Skate Park

To encourage more young people to get into skateboarding as a way of life and a disciplined activity, Paradise Valley was designed. The skate parks in the Phoenix area teach individuals of all ages how to skateboard is still a very good way of having fun.

It’s a terrific spot, with a solid flow and several excellent spined bowls. If you’re in this region, you should check out this skatepark because it has some great rails and cool stair sets.

Features of the park

  • Features spine bowls, snake bowls, kidney bowls, a street plaza, a banked alley, flat bars, pump bumps, sloped ramps, and a funbox
  • A vast sunken space is the centerpiece of the park, which also features sloped ramps, banks, pes, sloped ramps, and hips for seating and exploring
  • About 26,000 square feet of concrete space are devoted to its four attractions


  • Safety gear must be worn at all times
  • Before you get on the ice, make sure the rink is free of debris that could cause falls, such as trash
  • Skating should be limited to ramps, bowls, and other structures built for that purpose
  • Not a place for motorized vehicles, bicycles, go-peds, rollerskates, or any other wheeled equipment

Static Information

  • Address: 17642 N 40th St, Phoenix, AZ 85032, United States
  • Telephone: 6022626696
  • Email: receptionist.pks@phoenix.gov.
  • Website: https://www.phoenix.gov/
  • Riding Type: Skateboard, Rollerblade, BMX, Scooter
  • Skate Hours: Monday – Saturday | 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 am & 5:00 pm – 8:00 p.m. Closed on Sundays
  • Cost Fee: Free
  • Surface: Concrete
  • Size: 26,000 sq. ft.
  • Lights: Yes
  • Opened: 2001
  • Design / Build: SITE Design Group, Inc.

4. Pecos Skate Park

Skaters of all skill levels can enjoy the park’s intermediate and beginner obstacles. Younger skateboarders who prefer skating in the street would appreciate this. absence of stress on bowls. Family groups with young children are also allowed to enjoy.

This has become a huge park in the wealthy area on the town’s far southern fringes. It’s got free Wi-Fi and a skatepark that’s been around for a while. Moreover, there’s no need to bring pads.

Features of the park

  • It features flat bars, a street plaza,  pump bumps, grinding, sloped ramps, ledges, and blocks, and bowls, among other attractions.
  • All the structures in the neighborhood are above ground and made of steel.
  • Have access to Wi-Fi


  • Due to skateboarding carrying the risk of severe damage, even death, one should always wear a top-quality helmet made for skateboarding
  • Before one step on the field, make sure the rink is clear of debris and any other obstacles that could compromise your safety
  • Skate parks are not to have any additional ramps, jumps, or obstacles added to them. Both the skate floor and the features may not be altered in any way
  • Please only skate on the designated skate features
  • Skate parks are not places for bicycles, motorized vehicles, rollerskates, go-peds, or anything else that rolls on wheels

Directions and Routes:

Get on I-10 heading east out of California. Get off at the Chandler Blvd. exit. Take the route to the right. If you head south on 48th Street, you can take a left turn and wind yourself at a dead end. No further action is required. There is a skatepark nearby. // Skate Parks In Asheville, North Carolina //

Static Information

  • Address: 17010 S 48th St, Phoenix, AZ 85048, USA
  • Telephone: 602-534-5252
  • Email: receptionist.pks@phoenix.gov.
  • Website: https://www.phoenix.gov/
  • Riding Type: Skateboard, Rollerblade, BMX, Scooter
  • Skate Hours: Everyday 7 am to 10:45 pm
  • Cost fee: free
  • Surface: Concrete
  • Size: 30000 square feet
  • Lights: yes
  • Design / Build: Site Design Group

5. Ramps and Rails Mobile Skate  Park

This is Arizonas first mobile skatepark. It features BMX, skateboard, skateroller, and scooter for the skaters. Aside from skating, the park allows birthday parties and any other type of public gathering.

This mobile skatepark opened in 2014 free of cost for the recreational purposes of the local skaters. By the way, anyone can take the advantage of the skate park.

However, the park restricts extra vehicles, and you must wear a helmet for skating.

Features of the park

  • BMX riders, skateboarders, and scooter riders are all welcome to use the movable skate parks that are offered by Ramps and Rails
  • Church events, Birthday parties, and other types of gatherings can be hosted
  • Exposing children to a variety of athletic disciplines while keeping them entertained


Static Information

  • Address: 2315 E La Salle St Phoenix, AZ 85040, United States
  • Telephone: 4802820052
  • Riding Type:  BMX, scooters, and skateboarders
  • Skate Hours: Mon-Fri: 9 am – 6 pm,  Sat and Sun: 6 AM-9 PM
  • Cost fee: free
  • Surface: Concrete
  • Lights: yes 
  • Opened: 2014
  • Design / Build:


At long last, this article has brought you an ultimate list of skate parks in Phoenix, Arizona. So in your opinion, which you think is the best?

As far as I would recommend, Desert West Skateboard Plaza is where you need to go if you want to skate. This location was selected because it is one of the largest and most feature-rich skateparks in Phoenix. The section of concrete street and it’s buttery smooth and packed with a lot of challenges.

I’ve concluded that the Desert West Skateboard Plaza is the greatest option. There are a variety of options available, but not all people do have the same choice. That being said, it’s acceptable if you find some other park other than those listed above to be your favorite.

What Are The Important Factors While Purchasing the Best Longboard Bearings?

01. Size

8 mm bearings are commonly used. This size is perfect for the longboard bearing. You can choose the other sizes if they give you more comfort. But I will recommend you choose the 8mm bearing.

02. Type

You can get both the ball bearing and roller bearing around you. Most of the bearings are ball bearings. Ball bearings run faster and more smoothly than roller bearings. But ball bearings can not handle the load. In that case, the roller bearing performs well.

03. Durability

The bearing should be durable that can last a minimum of one year. You can increase its durability by cleaning regularly and running in dry places. Water and mud decrease their longevity quickly.

04. Performance

The performance of the bearings is the most important fact. If your longboard bearings are rough and run with less spin that will not satisfy you. Also, a smooth and fast bearing with noise will annoy you. So, check before buying if there is any defect in performance.

05. Precision

Precision is the exactness or correctness of the tolerance. The American manufacturers association uses ABEC to define precision. When the precision increases, the permissible range decreases. Precision is independent of bearing clearance. The higher the ABEC number, the tighter the bearing will be. Higher precision helps to move more smoothly and increase efficiency.

06. Lubrication Compatibility

Lubrication is a must before riding on your longboard. To convert your slow bearings into fast longboard bearings you have to clean them regularly and lubricate them. It will give a fast spinning movement.

07. ABEC rating

While buying bearings, you need to check whether it is ABEC-rated longboard bearings or not. ABEC rating stands for dimension. It only rates tolerances. Some ABEC classes are 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11. ABEC rating 9 is tighter than ABEC rating 1. The more the ABEC rating, the more the precision will be.

08. Engraved seals

Engraved seals prevent entering dust and other material inside. It also holds the lubricant inside and prevents friction. Most of the brands use rubber material for easy cleaning and to prevent the entry of water inside. While buying, check all the seals properly.

09. Price

Price is a big factor when buying anything. If you get a bearing with better quality at less price, then that will attract you the most. People mainly buy this type of bearings the most. Also, you should not follow the misconception that more expensive things mean better. Most of the famous brands are budget-friendly and careful about quality.

10. Brand reputation

While buying high-quality longboard bearings, people follow reputed brands. If the reputation is good then people do not hesitate to buy from the brand.

11. Warranty/Guarantee

If the brand provides you with a warranty or guarantee, that will be a plus point for you. You can repair the bearings if any problem arises at no cost within the given time. Also, the refund policy is beneficial for the buyers. You can change the defective set or can return the set with a full refund.

FAQs About Longboard Bearings

These are some commonly asked questions by people about the best bearings for longboards.

Is it worth it to invest in more expensive longboard bearings?

No, it is not worth it to invest in more expensive longboard bearings. More expensive is not equal to best quality. You can get a high-quality bearing within a suitable budget.

How do I know if my longboard bearings need to be replaced?

If the bearings start producing noise and are rough to run after cleaning, then you need to replace your longboard bearings. Also, the bearing will not spin if it is worn out.

What is the difference between ceramic and steel bearings for longboards?

The difference between ceramic and steel bearings for Longboards is durability. Ceramic bearings are more durable, smooth, and corrosion-resistant. At the same time, steel bearings are easily damaged by corrosive substances and are less durable than ceramic ones.

Can I lubricate my longboard bearings myself, or do I need to take them to a professional?

You can lubricate your longboard bearings yourself. )r if you have no previous experience, then you need to take them to a professional. But choose the right lubricant for the bearings.

Can I mix and match different brands of bearings on my longboard?

You should not mix and match different brands of bearings on your longboard as they are different from each other in size, shape, durability, and performance. Mixing different brands is unable to balance your movement.

Can I use the same bearings for both my longboard and my skateboard?

Yes, you can use the same bearing for both your longboard and your skateboard. The only difference appears in the case of wheel size. Otherwise, there is no difference between the bearings. But you should be careful about the dimension of the spacer.


Now it will be easy for you to choose the best Bearings for Longboards. You can compare the bearings and choose according to your comfort. I will recommend you choose the bearings which are performing well and have good customer service. If you still can not choose a perfect one then you can select it by brand reputation.

Also, choosing the brands which are giving warranty is the safest to pick. You can get these ten best bearings within an affordable range. Do not choose the bearings which are rated below ABEC 3. Below 3 ABEC-rated bearings have less tolerance.

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