Top 10 Best Longboard Slide Gloves

Top 10 Best Longboard Slide Gloves In 2023 (Buying Guide)

Looking for good quality and effective longboard slide gloves for your ultimate cruising adventures? You’ve come to the right place. We know how much hassling it can get to pick out slide gloves for longboarding and skateboarding, especially if you’re new to the whole thing. 

With almost every manufacturer claiming their product as the best one, it’s hard to settle for something that will be effective for you in the long run. Even if you’re a professional, it can still get tough to find the best longboard slide gloves for yourself.

Quick List: Best Longboard Slide Gloves 2023

Luckily, we can help you out of this mess. To make things easier, we’ve categorized 10 of the most suitable longboard gloves that will be the end of all your worries.

Besides, we’ve also discussed all the important key features of each product to help you in making a smart choice.

Following these options will definitely assist you in finding the best product for your use.

10 Best Longboard Sliding Glove Reviews

Now that we’ve discussed longboard slide gloves in short, it’s time to pick the one that will be suitable for you. Here are 10 sliding gloves for longboarding we’ve selected based on their features and quality that you can choose from-

01. Triple Eight Best Heavy-duty Longboard Slider Gloves

41SS9hJp8tL. SL500

Price: Check on Amazon

These gloves are one of the best options you can go with for your longboard.

Multiple Size Options

Unlike most longboard gloves, you don’t have to worry about size and fittings with these Triple 8 slider gloves. These gloves come in three standard sizes which means everyone can have a chance with these.

The XS accommodates 7.0 – 7.5 inches, the S/M fits 7.5 – 9.0 inches, and the L/XL size will fit 9.0 – 10.5 inches, respectively. All you need to do is to take the estimation of the circumference of your hand near the knuckles, and you’re good to go!

Maximum protection

These slide gloves ensure maximum protection when you’re on your longboard journeys and provide flexibility to carry out your turns and twists. With their Kevlar fingertips, these gloves are designed to resist wear and tear.

Overall, you get the satisfaction of being protected on your longboarding adventures at all times.

Easy movement

Apart from providing protection, you also get the benefit of comfortable movement through the reinforced Kevlar fingertips.

These gloves also feature a Sweat-saver thumb pad that does a good job at taking care of the sweat. There is a heavy-duty Velcro wrist strap that ensures easy and convenient movement during longboarding.

Durable Material

With a strong material of high-quality leather, these gloves are known for their maximum durability. The material itself speaks for its tough quality.

With such material, you definitely can’t go wrong with this one.


  • Offers high protection during longboarding
  • Maximum strength and resistance
  • High-quality leather finish
  • Comfortable grip
  • Suitable fit


  • Does not come with puck replacement supplies

02. IMPORX Best Longboard Slide Gloves For Downhill

41QtT8PPSiL. SL500

Price: Check on Amazon

Another good quality product, this one is an amazing find for those who want something for skating as well as longboarding.

Good Fit

If you’re tired of downhill longboarding gloves that do not provide an adjustable fit, you haven’t been looking in the right direction. This one by IMPORX is specially designed with features that offer you the best fit possible.

With a metal buckle and adjustable wrist wrap, this one ensures extra support and a better grip.

Highest protection

Who doesn’t want to enjoy their skating and longboarding activities with complete safety and security? These gloves sure do a great job at keeping your finger joints and the rear part of your hands safe and protected.

It is due to the presence of strong armor and tough quality leather that offers to keep your hands safe at all times.

Breathable Fabric

The best part about these gloves is the presence of a very warm and comfortable fabric embedded in the material of the gloves. These gloves also bear four holes within them so that there is maximum air circulation.

Tough Puck Quality

With longboard gloves, you need to have the best possible quality of the puck as this is the part that will be in close contact with the ground during drifting.

With these gloves, you get removable and replaceable slider pucks that you can adjust and change in however way you want.


  • Comfortable and good quality fabric
  • Thick leather for best protection
  • Adjustable slider pucks
  • Firm support and adjustable grip
  • Additional support to the joints of the fingers


  • Has a clunky design

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03. Triple Eight Best Longboard Slide Gloves for Downhill

512G4spcwIL. SL500

Price: Check on Amazon

Another one by Triple Eight, this one also comes with some unique features for being the best downhill longboard gloves.

Perfect Sizes and Fitting

The Triple Eight gloves have always been renowned for their perfect size options. Their size ranges from XS, S/M to L/XL, and will fit almost everyone without a doubt.

Besides, the Velcro wrist strap included with the gloves offers you to adjust to your own convenience so that you can enjoy a perfect fit.

Additional Support

The Triple Eight gloves have an amazing feature of Kevlar fingertips, which are designed to build protection during skating and longboarding. They keep the hands protected from any kind of friction, tear, and accidents.

Besides, these fingertips support the fingers and keep them comfortable as well.

Comfortable grip

A number of features included within the gloves work together to deliver the best possible grip to your hands. These features include slider pucks, knuckle pads, and thumb pads.

The slider pucks are capable of being replaced according to necessity, while the thumb pads help in removing the sweat.

An adjustable wrist strap is built with an additional connector that makes it easy to control with convenience. All these features do an excellent job of providing you with a relaxed and comfortable grip.

High-strength material

These gloves are built with thick and long-lasting leather that offers the highest strength to the gloves. With a powerful leather material, your gloves will surely last you a lifetime.


  • Ensures maximum safety
  • Resists against friction, wear and tear
  • Built to last long
  • Secured and adjustable fitting
  • Convenient and comfortable grip


  • There is no puck replacement kit included, and it must be purchased separately
  • Design is not so fashionable

04. Rayne Best Grain Leather Slide Gloves for Longboarding

41NPi304e7L. SL500

Price: Check on Amazon

This is a great product to get for your longboarding adventures to slide downhill.

Unique Design

Unlike those solid and plain longboarding gloves, these ones actually help you stand out in the crowd. With a unique design and color combination, you can definitely grab the attention when you’re out skating and longboarding.

Highest protection

With slide gloves, you definitely don’t need to worry about security during longboarding. These gloves are designed to offer the best, especially when you’re doing your turns and are in fear of getting into bad accidents.

The gloves will protect you from all kinds of friction, damage, and tear. They also come with reinforced seams that ensure additional protection for your knuckles.


These gloves are built with Neoprene cuff folds that contribute to the adjustable fitting of the gloves. You also get Velcro wrist straps with gloves that can be worn according to your comfort and convenience. Adjustability with longboarding totally makes a huge difference in comfort and design.

Strong Material

These gloves are designed with 100% Delrin pucks, which is a great quality material to incorporate in gloves. Especially with longboarding gloves, this material will definitely last you a long time and offer you the best resilience and strength.


  • Smart and attractive design
  • Good quality slider pucks
  • Adjustable straps according to comfort
  • Strong protection
  • Added security for the knuckles


  • Picks up dirt easily
  • Difficult to clean

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05. Nordik Best Longboard Freeride Slide Gloves for Long Lasting

41mDUyEEEKL. SL500

Price: Check on Amazon

These gloves from NordiK are not only exceptional in quality but also provide users with comfort as the best sliding gloves.

Solid material

The material of longboarding gloves plays a vital role in determining the overall quality of the product. Here at Nordik, you get what you’re paying for.

With superior quality Delrin pucks and Neoprene as a primary material, these gloves are designed to last long. Such solid construction will definitely live up to your expectations.

Permeable fabric

These gloves feature a breathable mesh fabric that does a good job of taking care of sweat. The terry cloth fingertips are perfectly suitable for wiping away any perspiration so that you can feel comfortable.

There are holes within the fabric to help with airflow and prevent any build-up of internal temperature. Besides, an additional foam cushion makes it very helpful for extra support to the palms.

Adjustable straps

With longboarding gloves, adjustability is an important factor. These ones by Nordik bear Velcro wrist straps that can be adjusted as per convenience. You also get pull-on loops that can be used to fix the wrist strap according to your ease.

Attractive Design

If you’re not a fan of plain old colors, you can definitely give these gloves a go. The artistic navy blue and brilliant blue colors on these gloves will look stylish and steal the show in your longboarding adventures.


  • Smart and stylish design
  • Comfortable fabric quality
  • Additional palm support
  • Velcro straps for adjustability
  • Perspiration control


  • Does not provide a lot of protection

06. Sector 9 Best Longboard Skateboard Slide Gloves for Youth 

51QO8FsUU8L. SL500

Price: Check on Amazon

Sector 9 has always been known for its smart and unique design of good slide gloves. This one is no exception.

Multiple Color Options

Bright and vivid colors are always attractive when it comes to longboarding and skateboard slide gloves. These gloves from Sector 9 come in unique designs with green, yellow, and grey colors that look chic and stylish during riding.

Anti-vibration Technology

A unique feature of this product is the presence of anti-vibration technology which allows you to have more precise control over your slides. Anti-vibration technology also provides enough support and protection to your palms in a more sophisticated way.

High-quality fabric

These gloves comprise neoprene panels that allow maximum comfort to the fingers and joints. The high-quality terry fabric makes these gloves durable, sweat-resistant, and long-lasting.

There is an added cuff for ensuring ease of movement. Besides, you also get Kevlar fingertips to add solid protection.

Added protection

It’s always a great idea to go with skateboard gloves that provide some additional support and protection. With these Sector 9 gloves, you’re getting a neoprene knuckle panel for ensuring secured joints, anti-vibration technology for maximum palm protection, and Kevlar tips to give overall safety to your fingers.


  • Extra protection for joints and fingers
  • High-strength build
  • Colorful and attractive design
  • Sweat control fabric
  • Durable and long-lasting construction


  • Pucks are not so good in quality

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07. Sector 9 Best Longboard Skateboard Gloves for Adult

Price: Check on Amazon

Another addition to the Sector 9 family, these gloves do a good job of providing comfort and safety.

Attractive Design

The best thing about these slide gloves is the attractive color scheme which will make anyone stand out in the crowd. There are two main color variations noticeable in these gloves- the yellow-blue color tone and the red-black one.

Usually, when you’re a beginner to slide gloves, color choices can make a huge difference, and these gloves will definitely grab the attention.

High-thickness grasp

An important feature when it comes to the best skateboard gloves is how effective it is to ensure a firm and solid grip. These gloves from Sector 9 will surely not disappoint you in this area. They are equipped with strong pucks and high strength that will provide you with a powerful grip.

Anti-vibration foam

Sector 9 gloves bear this amazing anti-vibration foam of around 3 mm to offer a good deal of protection. It also allows you to obtain optimal control over your slides. This foam provides a great sense of palm protection so that you can stay free from all kinds of dangers during skating.

Breathable material

Most slider gloves come in average-quality fabric that might not last you in the long run. However, these sector 9 slider gloves comprise durable Kevlar fabric and a terry thumb panel. The Kevlar fabric offers comfort and protection, while the terry panel helps to take care of perspiration.


  • Stunning color variations
  • Firm and strong grip
  • Protective Kevlar fabric
  • Sweat controlling terry’s panel
  • Anti-vibration foam protection


  • May not provide a good fit for everyone

08. Loaded Boards Best Advanced Freeride Longboard Slide Glove

51eZCw1qj0L. SL500

Price: Check on Amazon

Loaded Boards has always been one step ahead when it comes to safety, durability, and convenient design.

Supreme Protection

If you’re looking for longboard sliding gloves that will provide you with the best kind of protection, this is the one you should go for. Whether you’re talking about friction, heat, or even a maximum speed level, these gloves will protect you from them all.

It bears Poron XRD pads that ensure the best possible protection from any kind of damage.

High-quality Material

These gloves from Loaded Boards comprise Kevlar and Suede panels on their outer coverings, which offers additional support to the fingertips.

Besides, they also bear Spandex as well as Ethylene Vinyl Acetate external panels to provide comfort and breathability. The gloves are made up of high-quality materials capable of resisting any kind of abrasion. Its interior is supported with Coolmax lining to reduce the internal temperature.

Strong pucks

Pucks can make a huge difference in the overall performance of longboard gloves, and these ones from Loaded Boards are a good example. Unlike traditional gloves, these bear polyethylene pucks that are capable of offering maximum resistance to impact.

Athletic Support

Any longboard gloves need ample support to keep them stable during slides and cruising. These gloves also bear such support in the form of an elastic wrist strap. The straps are adjustable and can be fixed according to ease of movement.


  • Additional protective features
  • Breathable padded fabric
  • Resistance to impact and friction
  • Long-lasting construction
  • Supportive external panels


  • More on the costly side

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09. LOSENKA Best Longboard Sliding Gloves for Downhill

41PJd+3b8sL. SL500

Price: Check on Amazon

These gloves from Losenka are effective sliding gloves for downhill longboarding if you want something simple, effective, and protective.

Strong Material

These skateboard gloves are built to last long, and this is why they are incorporated with such strong and high-quality material. The presence of extremely durable microfiber leather builds the resistance of the gloves to impact, fast speeds, tough braking, etc.

Shock Absorption

The rear portion of the gloves features strong silicone material that does a great job at the absorption of friction, vibrations, and any other impact. So, you can be fearless when it comes to taking slides with precise control.

Protective straps

These gloves also comprise elastic and adjustable wrist straps that offer maximum protection while taking slides. The straps help to keep your wrists firm and resist the gloves from escaping during high rides.

Good ventilation

The skateboard slide gloves from Losenka come with granular fabric that helps in easy air transportation through the gloves, thus securing adequate ventilation.

With proper ventilation, the palms feel light and relaxed instead of feeling stuffy. So, you can find maximum comfort in these.


  • Tough and sturdy leather material
  • Supporting straps for extra protection
  • High-impact resistant build
  • Ventilation is ample and sufficient
  • Friction resistance


  • Pucks are not so high in quality

10. Loaded Boards Leather Downhill Race Slide Glove

51ZEZPF9o8L. SL500

Price: Check on Amazon

Another one from Loaded Boards, this one will be a good pick for both beginners and advanced users.

Excellent Material

This longboard slide glove is exceptionally popular for its high-quality goatskin cowhide material. Compared to leather material, this one does an excellent job of maintaining the durability and longevity of the gloves. The goatskin cowhide is also a good and sturdy alternative to leather material.

Strong protection

Compared to traditional gloves, you get the benefit of added protection in these gloves. These gloves are equipped with carbon knuckles to offer maximum protection to the joints. Besides, finger defenders play a big role in securing fingers during sliding.

High-strength Pucks

These Loaded Boards slide gloves comprise circular pucks that contribute to safety and comfort. Both the palm and thumb pucks are made with high molecular weight material that does an excellent job at resisting tear, impact, etc.

Comfortable and Unique Design

These gloves bear breathable mesh fabric with Coolmax lining that supports the ventilation inside the gloves. So, these gloves appear comfortable and do not create any stuffy feeling in the palms even after doing heavy slides.

The design is also stylish and attractive and draws the attention of other longboarders.


  • Goatskin cowhide material
  • Added layers of protection
  • Strong ventilation support
  • Attractive and eye-catching design and color
  • Withstands heavy impact


  • Sizes come quite small

How Do I Choose A Perfect Slide Glove For Longboard?

Now that you know how important the best longboarding gloves are- let’s jump to the discussion where we talk about all the factors you need to consider before settling for a longboard slide glove. When you’re shopping for slide gloves, it can get confusing about which feature to give more priority to.

Since there are so many brands with different features that guarantee the best service, the struggle gets more real. Here are the most important factors you should pay attention to before picking a slide glove-

How Do I Choose the Best Longboard Slide Glove?

I. Purpose

Slide gloves are one of the most important things to carry with you on your long trails of cruising and skateboarding. These gloves are capable of providing protection during slides and falls.

They not only keep you safe during these slides but also do a remarkable job of keeping your hands protected even from small impacts.

II. What qualities do you need?

Before picking out an ideal longboard slide glove, it’s always necessary to figure out what qualities you need in a longboard slide glove. If you’re new to these gloves, it’s always a good idea to start from the basics and then move forward.

Longboard slide gloves are the ones that have a strong material, will last you a long time, and provide you with the best kind of protection but still feel comfortable.

III. Quality Material

Just like any other product, the material is also vital in the case of longboard slide gloves. When looking for a good quality slide glove, try to look for premium quality leather material.

What Are Longboard Slide Gloves

Leather and cowhide materials are quite long-lasting and do a remarkable job of protecting your hands. The best option is selecting one with microfiber leather material, as this kind of material feels lightweight yet provides the protection your hands need.

Besides, the material also plays an important role in offering maximum resistance when it comes to heavy impact, friction and damage. So pick the best material for your gloves as they will affect the quality and performance of the gloves.

IV. Comfortable Gloves

Since these gloves are going to be your companions for heavy slides and falls, the most important factor you should look for is comfort. If the gloves are not comfortable and feel stuffy when your palms sweat, then it might be more of a disadvantage to you.

Look for the best longboard gloves that come with breathable mesh fabric, with holes for airflow or internal lining to support maximum ventilation. Gloves that comprise such a robust ventilation system actually keep your hands warm and relaxed despite heavy exercises.

V. Quality Pucks

Pucks play a major role in providing protection during slides, so it’s essential to choose good-quality pucks in gloves.

It is recommended to settle for the gloves that come with the thumb, finger as well as palm pucks. Also, it provides a wider distribution of protection and does a good job of securing the knuckles and joints of your hands.

Pucks play a major role in providing protection during slides

Try to go for pucks that come with high molecular weight material as well as long-chain polymers. These kinds of pucks help to keep the fingers secured and provide a strong sense of attachment during slides.

VI. Hard-fitted Size

Last but not least, size also plays a big role when it comes to slide gloves. Just like any other garment, it’s important to get gloves of the right size.

If the gloves are too small, they might adhere tightly to the fingers producing a sense of uncomfortable feeling. Tight gloves also produce a stuffy feeling and, as a result, are useless when it comes to longboarding.

On the other hand, large gloves tend to fall off during slides and are of no help at all. So, to ensure a good skateboarding/longboarding activity, try to go for the slide gloves that fit you best.

VII. Branded gloves

Brands like Sector 9, and Triple 8 make some of the most suitable longboard slide gloves since they emphasize a lot on the quality and build of the gloves. With strong material, they also do a good job at making longboard slide gloves that provide supreme protection and security. 

Final Verdict

If you’re a beginner and have no experience with longboard gloves, it might be a difficult task to settle for something smart and effective. Especially since there are so many brands of such gloves, it’s normal to get confused about which one to go for.

Longboard gloves can differ a lot depending on their quality, material, and build. The struggle can get real if you lack basic knowledge about slide gloves. So, to find the best longboard slide glovesit’s important to acquire information regarding all the features and necessary specifications of each product.

Our choices of 10 of the ideal longboard slide gloves, as well as the informative buying guide, will be of great help to you if you don’t know where to start. From our detailed discussion, you can select the longboard gloves that meet your requirements and get an idea of what you’re actually paying for.

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