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9 Best Longboard Helmets In 2024 (Ultimate Buying Guide)

Longboarding is one of the most exhilarating ways to move around town and is an amazing sport. It is also highly thrilling when you perform different tricks and moves to bring out the daredevil inside you.

But it is also very dangerous, and only a fool would go longboarding without having the right protective gear. Those usually include knee and elbow pads, correct shoes, and of course, helmets. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you should never go without a helmet.

Quick List: Best Longboard Helmets 2024

However, it can be difficult to choose the best longboard helmet when every product claim to be that. So, we decided to sort out and pick 9 of the highest quality protective headgears that have distinguishable features and attributes. They provide excellent safety without compromising on styles and looks.

We hope with our detailed choices and informative buying guide, you would be able to choose a new helmet and begin your adventures right away. 

9 Best Longboarding Helmet Reviews

Many brands come into mind when choosing longboard helmets. But we have narrowed it down to our top 9 favorites that are definitely worth looking at.

 01. Triple Eight Best Ideal Skate Helmet for Longboarding

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Triple Eight is significantly well known for its longboarding helmets, and the sweat-saver liner is one of their classics. This design is not age-restricted and can be used by children, youths, and adults.

Durable and Impact Withstanding

Crafted with A.B.S. material on the outer shell, the helmet provides the ultimate safety during skateboarding, roller derby, and of course, longboarding, amongst other things. It has a unique rubber coating that feels smooth to the touch. The helmet is slightly heavier in weight to handle stronger impacts or slicing.

Stink-free and cleanable linings

Having sweat-slicked and smelly hair after strenuous activities is one of the most annoying things ever. It is also unavoidable, but Triple Eight’s inner lining tries to remedy this as much as possible. The Terrycloth lining soaks up the moisture and the smell, keeping your hair breezy and fresh.

To avoid bacteria from removing, gently remove the linings after every couple of uses and wash them by hand. Air drying works best and does not ruin the delicate fabric.

Fits All

It comes in six different shapes to fit people of all ages and of different head sizes. The smallest is the X-small which has a circumference of 20.1 to 20.5 inches, while the largest is XX-Large with a circumference of 24-25 inches. You can choose from 12 cool and stylish colors according to what you prefer.


  • Fits people of various ages and head sizes.
  • Soaks up moisture and prevents bacteria from growing to give off a smell.
  • Has enough breathable space to wear glasses.


  • Does not include a national safety standard certification.

02. Retrospec Best High Quality Skate Helmet for Longboarding

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The Retrospect CM-1 is a half-shell helmet with a classic design and provides unwavering protection during the most terrible falls. They can be used by adults as bike helmets besides being protective gear during skateboarding.

Ultra-light and Breezy

The exterior is made with an A.B.S. shell with EPS foam lining to shield your head from traumas. It is covered with a soft, plastic structure for a simulated finish. That is why it feels very light on your head, and you barely notice it when you are having fun.

Due to the ten rectangular vents to facilitate thorough ventilation, you would love how free and unrestricted it feels to wear the helmet and enjoy the air in your face.

Dew Collector Paddings

The paddings used to in-line the helmets are soft and comfortable and wick away sweat, stench, and bacteria making stinky heads a thing of the past.

There are 2 sets for you to use, so you can swap them when it is time for a wash. Now, you can always wear your helmets without constantly worrying about icky germs swarming and festering in your or your child’s hair.

Certified Safety

This multi-sized helmet is US CPSC certified, having various safety seals such as ASTM F1446, and STM F2040-11, along with a few others, including a couple of EN certifications.

Because of the paddings of varying thickness used, it will cushion and absorb any blow without letting it harm your head.


  • Includes multiple safety certifications for assurance.
  • Moisture and stink-wicking padding to absorb sweat.
  • Fully formed A.B.S. shell with internal EPS foam to absorb energy during impacts.
  • Able to handle multiple small impacts and single large impacts easily.


  • The design looks extra-large on the head.

03. J.B.M. Best CPSC ASTM Certified Longboard Helmet

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The J.B.M. helmet is multi-functional and is well-loved by many sports lovers for its versatility. It does everything the beginner longboard helmet must do and is a must-have if you enjoy different outdoor activities and want a helmet to fit them all.

Impact Resistance

J.B.M. has specially designed this helmet to act as the ultimate safety gear for men to use in most head-on sports activities. It has a P.V.C. and P.C. material structure that is tough and durable.

During severe collisions, the material disperses the force evenly and may become structurally compromised, but it keeps most of the force away from the head. So much that you can walk away without a scratch.

Comfortable Fit

During skateboarding, you want your helmet to become a part of you without ruining your body balance. The helmets are lightweight and do not exert any form of pressure on your head. Moreover, they do not restrict your head’s movement and do not slide around when you perform different stunts.

You can also remove the Velcro chin strap to find an additional strap length to adjust to a longer head.


Skateboarding helmets need to be slightly heavier than bike helmets to resist the impact caused by higher momentum. However, the J.B.M. is crafted to have the best of both, with multiple vents, a special aerodynamic design, and breathable foam to reduce your body temperature when needed.


  • Certified for multiple sports and provides the right protection.
  • Adjustable knobs and straps to fit the helmet as per your comfort
  • Fits adult heads comfortably
  • Comes with a drawstring bag for storage


  • Can be a little big for children and even youths.

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04. OutdoorMaster Best Multi-Sports Longboard Helmet

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Available in different colors, the OutdoorMaster helmets are affordable helmets with a classic low-profile design that is loved by many. You might initially find it a little awkward on your head, but once you realize your head is safe from cracking open like a melon, you will love its other features.

Removable Lining

Playing or riding around all day is more than likely to make you perspire. That is why it is super important to keep your helmet because putting on a helmet with dried sweat is as disgusting as it sounds. Fortunately, this helmet has a removable inner liner and proper ventilation to remedy this problem.

Safe and Secure

The materials used for this helmet can handle the toughest situations and come out unharmed. They have several high-impact strengths and absorb most of the shock without letting it reverberate to your skull.

Here, the EPS lining on the inside is about 0.7 inches, which is low profile to feel barely noticeable but thick enough to cushion your head during accidents. You can expect a few scratches but hopefully no foam deformation.

Free Air Circulation

Despite the tight fight, the helmet’s adjustable straps and design do not make it feel that way. In fact, there is even room to caps during winter, even if you have a large head. The ventilation system, like we said before, is amazing, and you have 12 properly placed vents to ensure many hours of comfortable riding.


  • Quick and adjust within seconds.
  • Good ventilation which is perfect for aerobic activities.
  • Foam does not deform during impact and keeps your head safe.
  • Fits large heads with breathable room still left


  • Can be slightly expensive

 05. Flybar Best Dual Certified CPSC Helmet for Longboarding

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Price: Check on Amazon

Flybar has a great reputation when it comes to its safety helmets. You can easily trust them to have the best of every feature you could possibly ask for in a helmet. And they are extremely affordable too.

Durable and Tough

Do not let the lightweight feel and look for you. Durability is no joke when it comes to Flybar Skateboard helmets. They are made with a combination of the toughest A.B.S. shell and high-density EPS to always keep your noggin safe and secure.

Attractive Designs 

Flybar ensures that you can portray your unique sense of style when you wear your safety gears. You can choose your favorite patterns from 9 cool designs and simple matte-colored choices. Even the 12 vents to keep your head cool are placed strategically while keeping the design and style intact.

Comfortable Fit

While the helmets are designed to fit three head sizes, you can still adjust them further. There is a spin dial located on the back of your helmet, which you can twist until you find the perfect fit. The chin strap is also adjustable and sits nicely against your skin without irritating or cutting it.


  • Rugged design and strongly built for added durability
  • Sweat-resistant despite prolonged use
  • Can choose from different designs or colors
  • Unquestionable quality and safety certifications


  • The chin strap, while comfortable, is not sturdy.

06. MONATA Best Longboarding Helmet for Youth, Adults, Teens

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Price: Check on Amazon

MONATA helmets are perfect for everyday outdoor activities. Kids will love using this helmet for snowboarding, skateboarding, or tubing. With this helmet protecting your child’s noggin, they can finally practice the stunts they have been putting off.

Added Adjustability

With most helmets, you can adjust the straps to position your helmets without being uncomfortable. This MONATA helmet has that as well alongside an accessible wheel on the back for a customizable fitting. You cannot but help appreciate this security feature.

Sweat-free Forehead

It is also equipped with a microfibre lining near the forehead. This moisture-wicking fabric soaks up sweat and prevents it from dripping down your face and into your eyes, keeping your visibility and clarity intact while you are on the road.

Extremely Protective

Like you would expect from the best electric longboard helmet, this MONATA helmet is also made with the highly trusted and preferred A.B.S. outer shell and EPS foam lining. They are CPSC certified for skating and rollerblading which may help eliminate any doubts you might have.

Furthermore, it also comes with a magnetic sun visor to shield your eyes against sun glares, rain, or dust flying around.

  • Breathable with room to wear caps and hats in winter
  • Adjustable strap on the back to add more protection
  • Sun visors included protecting the front of your face and eyes
  • Can withstand a large impact without getting crushed
  • Straps under the chin are slightly uncomfortable

07. TurboSke Best Multi-Sport Helmet for Longboarding

41niIMiUDpL. SL500

Price: Check on Amazon

The TurboSke BMX helmet is a multi-sport helmet credited to provide certified safety and superior protection. It is great for aggressive sports like longboarding, trick skateboarding, cycling, roller skating, etc.

Uni-sex Protective Gears

The helmet is available in different colors and three sizes for people to choose what they want. Due to the use of an A.B.S. shell, EPS foam glued inside with other safety features, this one completely adheres to the 16 C.F.R. part 1203 and CE EN 1078 safety standards.

In addition, there are not just one but two reinforced layers to provide the ultimate protection from the inside out, as any downhill longboard helmet should.

Fresh Air Channels

Feeling the fresh air blowing on your face while you zoom through is one of the best things about skateboarding. So, the helmet has been designed to maintain air channels that pull in the fresh air and force out the stale air. Each of the air vents ensures proper ventilation while you have fun.

Convertible Dial

You can use this helmet regardless of your head circumference. Just choose the nearest measurements from any of the three selections, and you can use the adjustment knob to further loosen or tighten it. It is situated at the back and is easily accessible.


  • Children with both small and large heads can wear it.
  • Lightweight and comfy to wear and does not irritate at all.
  • Multiple color varieties to choose from.
  • The accessible adjustment knob on the back for more secure fitting


  • The outer coating gets scratched easily.

 08. Bell Sanction Adult Full-Face Skate Helmet

41I3mtYPEeL. SL500

Price: Check on Amazon

The best choice, in our opinion, is the Bell Sanction adult Bike Helmet. They come in different sleek colors and designs that look great with a dirt bike.

Full Face Protection

As you would expect, the helmet protects not only the front, back, and sides of your brain but also your jaw too. The A.B.S. shell is tough to crack and provides a smaller size and profile without a robust design to those who ask for them.

It also comes with an adjustable visor that blocks away dirt and dust from your eyes when you are pulling off stunts or riding through the wind.

Lightweight and Durable

Most full face is way heavier, and holding the Sanction may feel a little puzzling at first. But this helmet is good at what it does, especially for the price. You may expect it to crack due to the plastic shell, but you would be surprised how well it holds during impact.

Strapped On

The Sanction is not fully padded at the front, with the cheek pads ending right at the molar regions. But you can adjust the chin straps to push in on the ‘mandibles. This way, your helmet stays on even when you are performing air flips.


  • Lighter in weight than other full-face helmets, which makes it easier to use while longboarding
  • Slides in perfectly to form a perfect fit if you have the right size
  • Can withstand significant impact without showing major damage
  • The padding is thick and protective


  • Does not provide full protection along the jaw

09. Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet for Skating

Price: Check on Amazon

These cutting-edge safety helmets are perfect not only for longboarding but also for skating, cycling, and other similar activities. It will be an excellent choice if you are looking for something affordable and durable.

Comfortable Inner Padding

This helmet is catered more towards teenagers and young adults, but the ergonomically designed inner padding ensures it fits snugly on children’s heads too. The padding is soft and comfortable, and it absorbs sweat and moisture easily. You also get additional padding to add on as layers for a tighter fitting.

The extra paddings also make cleaning the helmet easier. You can swap and wash them without worrying if they would dry in time.


This helmet is perfect to wear on sunny days. It has 17 vents to keep your head always cool. They are placed on the top, rear, and sides for optimized air ventilation. This ensures that your head stays fresh after a ride without giving off a sweaty smell.

Stays on your Head

It does not matter what type of activity you are performing because the helmet always stays on. The secure buckle on the strap can be adjusted according to the length of your head without digging into your skin. With the side-release buckles, you can strap on and take off your helmet within a couple of seconds.


  • Comes in different colors for children to enjoy.
  • Fits some adults and can be used by parents.
  • Versatile and can be worn for different activities.
  • Comfortable and breathable and leaves no traces of sweat after use.


  • Does not include a fit adjustment crank for the helmet.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Helmet for Longboarding

You should never compromise on choosing the best quality headgear with the right features when the price might be a little expensive. Fortunately for us, there are many excellent products available that do not cost an arm and a leg. Here are some of the factors you should look for.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Helmet for Longboarding

I. Solid Construction

Helmets are usually built with either a hard shell or a soft-shell exterior. Hard-shell helmets are more durable, having an Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (A.B.S.) material on the outside with an EPS in the lining. These shells can withstand heavier impacts and are better at dispersing the force.

Soft-shelled helmets do not offer the same level of protection. Their exterior layers are more flexible and their interiors softer, which reduces their effectiveness during accidents.

As we said before, some helmets can handle single large or multiple small impacts. Some, however, do not make it after one single hit. Check the manufacturer’s description to see the withstanding abilities before you buy.

II. Correct Design

The half-shell helmets are bucket-shaped and have straps to stay secure. While they protect the top, back, and front of your skull, your eyes, jaws, and nose remain exposed to possible injuries. Some even have ear paddings to keep you warm during winter.

Full-face helmets, on the other hand, cover your entire head. They have variously tinted, removable visors to shield away from the sun, rain, dust, dirt, and bugs. The visors also have an anti-fogging touch to keep your visibility intact on the road.

But all kinds of helmets are available in different styles and colors, and you should choose one that fits your taste and personality.

III. Full Fitted-helmet

Even if helmets are there to act as safety gear, they should fit your head perfectly without feeling chunky or heavyweight. Measure the circumference of your head by holding the starting tip of a measuring tape on the center of your forehead and looping it around.

It should be snug but breathable and have the right weight too.

IV. Breathable Helmet

To prevent your head from sweating too much, choose a breathable design as well. These helmets come with multiple vents, going as high as 25 vents in a few cases.

Breathable Helmet

They allow free air circulation and keep your head cool during the warmest days. However, these many vents are unnecessary if you live in colder climates.

V. Interchangeable Paddings

While vents may somewhat keep you cool, you would still sweat a lot. That is why a lot of helmets have swappable sweat liners that can be washed after use. Sweat liners provide the perfect atmosphere for bacteria to breed and should be replaced/washed often.

VI. ASTM Certified Helmet

Different countries have different associations to ensure the safety regulations are being met.

Check to see if the helmets have the best certifications, and if not, they should at least have the weakest certification, which is the ASTM 1492. The ASTM certifications are applied in the U.S., while AS/NZS and European nations have their respective standards.

VII. Helmet Perfection

The perfect longboarding helmet should have a combination of the right features. It may be different for everybody depending on what discipline you do, your tastes, and where you live.

Why Do I Need An Effective Helmet?

Helmets are protective gears you wear while performing tasks that are prone to accidents, especially the ones that could cause head injuries. Many skateboarders dislike wearing a helmet as they find it to be very stuffy and that it takes away their freedom.

Longboarding is even more dangerous than skateboarding as they produce greater momentum, with higher risks of traumatic brain injury, intracranial hemorrhaging, etc.

However, the right longboard helmets can be lifesaving and are there to ensure you walk from even the most terrible accidents with little to no injuries.

How Is Longboard Helmet Made?

They are made with a hard, plastic shell on the outside with a thick padding lining on the inside. When you slam against hard asphalt, the materials absorb the energy of the impact and dissipate the force, reducing the pressure from your skull. Different skateboarding disciplines require different forms of helmets to be used. 

There are usually two types of helmets: half-shell and full-face helmets. While the former is less expensive and is generally used for cruising, freestyle, street skateboarding, and similar activities, the latter is more protective and is recommended for downhill skateboarding.

How Much Does A Helmet Impact?

The impact capacity of helmets may also vary. Some become structurally compromised after one hit, while others can handle multiple low impacts before needing to be replaced. You should always ensure your helmets are in top shape when you use them. 

Final Words

There you have it – your tips and tricks and our favorite top choices for the best longboard helmet. It is easy to get overwhelmed and lost when you have so many options. If you have already bought a helmet and are regretting it, trust me, you are not alone.

So, we really hope our little buying guide can help you in making the right choice. The process will seem so much easier once you get the hang of it, and pretty soon, you will have your new helmet in your hands.

Even if it takes time, never attempt to ride or longboard without wearing protective gear. As people often say, “Bones may heal, but brains do not.”

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