Top 10 Best Skateboard Ramps (Reviewed + Guided)

Top 10 Best Skateboard Ramps Kit 2023 (Buying Guide)

Whether it is to avoid the hustle and bustle of the busy local skate parks, or you are just too conscious about your current skateboarding skills and want to improve them before you go with your friends and skate, if you have a passion for skating, then you need the skateboard ramp.

And you should not opt for just any ramp, as it will not reward you with the experience you want, and let’s not forget to mention that it can be dangerous. That’s why you need the best skateboard ramps in the business. Are you wondering how a mere ramp can be fatal? 

Quick List: Best Skateboard Ramps Kit 2023

Well, a survey by UPMC was done in 2015 which showed that of the 125,000 skateboarder injuries that year, a big number was caused by skating on improper or weak surfaces. Hence, it should be evident to you why you need top-notch ramps. 

10 Best Skateboarding Ramps Kit Reviews

The market contains tons of ramps claiming to be the best, and it would take a long time if you are trying to find a suitable ramp that is both durable and highly functional.

Well, thanks to this section, you don’t have to go through that hassle anymore as here we have explanations of the ten top skateboard ramps.

01. Landwave Best Skateboard Ramp Kit for Home Practice


Price: Check on Amazon

\Why spend money on buying a single ramp, when you can find two exclusive ramps at the same price?

Landwave’s 2-pack is a marvelous ramp package that you can use either as a single unit or make your customized ramp track for the skating thrill of a lifetime in your backyard or driveway.

The deal features two ramps in one, and these are stackable. 

Meaning, you can either use both of these on top of one another and make it a large one, or you could use them separately and have your personal skating course within your vicinity.

One of the key features that make it stand out from other ramps is the fact that you need zero tools to compile this beauty. And you can also use it with other Landwave ramps to make your very own free-access track.

Special ramp for skateboarders

Since it only weighs around 12.7 kilograms modeling and fixing up the slope becomes much more offhand. Furthermore, anyone can use it!

Though its name suggests that it is a special ramp for skateboarders only, we are happy to inform you that everyone can use this, including BMX riders, roller skaters, rollerblade users, etc.

The perfect ramp for all kinds of users

In short, it is the perfect ramp for all kinds of users. And there is a reason for it showcasing such exceptional usability. You see, it has a heavy-duty plastic design, which will allow you to use the product without worrying about its integrity.

Plus, due to its plastic build, it also resists corrosion, scratches, etc.


  • Can be used for all sorts of skating or BMX tricks
  • You will face no issues while installing this
  • Contains a scratch-resistant and rustproof exterior
  • You use them as two individual units or stack them up for a huger ramp


  • Because of the plastic build, it might lack the sturdiness

02. Ten-Eighty Best Micro Flybox Launch Ramp Skatepark Set


Price: Check on Amazon

In the world of skateboarding, it has been said that practice makes you perfect! And, to do that you need a skating course that you can access on a daily basis.

The coolest aspect is its price

Now, this could be a tough deal, but if you have the Ten-Eighty micro Flybox, then you can upgrade your skills in the luxury of your own home. The coolest aspect of this product is its price.

The unit costs 40 to 50 dollars, which is quite affordable when it comes to top-quality ramps. And, due to its excellent weight allowance of around 125 lbs, anyone can use this masterpiece. 

High-impact polymer construction

Apart from its massive usability, there are several other attributes that make it a must-have product. First of all, it contains a high-impact polymer construction, which will enable you to use this unit without any fear.

Plus, the rubber exterior provides the user with extreme traction that ensures a slip-free experience. Moreover, setting up the slope is such an offhand task.

Pick the entire unit and set

It weighs approximately 4 kilograms which permits you to pick the entire unit and set it wherever you want. And, if you are practicing jumps, then its cushioned surface offers you a safe and smooth landing.

Besides, the product’s sizeable dimensions facilitate you with a broad surface area that enables you to take off the ramp with extreme comfort. This prevents you from falling off from the sides of the ramp as well.


  • Easy to install and you can set it up anywhere in your home
  • The cost of the item is quite reasonable
  • Anyone can use it for different types of skills
  • You can have your own customizable track


  • Shouldn’t be used by a scooter rider

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03. Kryptonics Best Micro Pyramid Ramp for Beginners

41HC48y TUL. SL500

Price: Check on Amazon

The Kryptonics Micro pyramid ramp is probably one of the most unique products the company has to offer. It has a pyramid-like shape which permits users to jump from almost any side they want.

And, it is the perfect product for learner-level riders to teach themselves new skills and tricks. In addition to that, the installation of the product is such a relaxing chore.

No need for any tools or utensils

There is no need for any tools or utensils to bring together the slope. All you have to do is purchase it and set it up anywhere you want. Furthermore, it weighs roughly 14.8 pounds.

This is actually quite light when it comes to a ramp, and you can set it up fairly easily. Now let’s talk about the build of the thing. The unit has a tough and solid structure.

A no-risk factor

Therefore, there is a no-risk factor when you are on the ramp. Also, its surface grants you good traction, which in turn reduces the chances of you slipping.

And the design of the item will present you with efficient and effortless operation. The ramp was made sure to deliver a rider with a comfortable and convenient transition along with a lower elevation that is ideal for novices.

A generous amount of area

When we are talking about convenient and safe transitions, its dimensions need a shout-out, especially the width. In terms of width, it is 16-inches, which provides any user with a generous amount of area.

Thus, stopping them from falling off the sides as they are getting on the ramp. So, all the new BMX and skateboard riders that want to learn new tricks, you need this!


  • Grants you sizeable dimensions and low elevation
  • Quite to set and requires no assembly
  • Durable and tough construction
  • Slip-proof exterior


  • Not a satisfactory ramp for intermediate to advance level skateboarders

04. RampTech Best Heavy-Duty Quarterpipe Skateboard Ramp


Price: Check on Amazon

Finding an almost indestructible skateboard ramp is not a difficult job anymore, and now you don’t have to go through the trouble of creating one for yourself.

Buy the Ram Tech Quarterpipe, 

which will award you with numerous top-quality characteristics and so much more. Why are we saying that it is indestructible?

Well for starters, one of the toughest plastics called ABS plastic is used in its making. 

Due to such sturdy construction, the ramp allows BMX riders, skateboarders, roller skaters, rollerblade users, and scooter users to use this product with ease.

Invincible characteristic

However, the ABS build is not the only thing that bids it that invincible characteristic. It also contains galvanized coping and screws that enhance the strength and longevity of the product by at least two times.

In short, we are confident that no matter what, through this masterpiece, you can handle it. By the way, it is not a pre-assembled product, which means that you will have to assemble it.

The Instruction Manual

Now, all the detailed guidelines and steps are simply provided to you in the instruction manual. Thank this, you do not need to call for an extra pair of hands and can do the setup all by yourself.

Moving on, the broad proportion of the unit awards its users with a sizable area. This reduces the chances of you falling from the sides as you are ascending or descending.

Outstanding friction

Couple this with its rubber surface that assures outstanding friction, thus, we are positive that you will have a fun and tension-free ride.


  • Makes sure you are safe and do not slip
  • Offers you a smooth and efficient transmission
  • You will not be facing any type of complications while assembling or setting it
  • Extremely durable and robust


  • The cost of the product is highly expensive around 300 to 400 dollars

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05. Scooter Best Launch Ramp for Skateboard, BMX, Bike

41Jp6gQP FL

Price: Check on Amazon

Attention to all you skateboarders and BMX riders, we present to you the state-of-the-art Launch ramp. So, if you want one of the best skateboarding launch ramps in the business, then you need this one in your life.

And here is why! 

First of all, it features a slip-proof surface. You see, the exterior is made in such a way that it grabs on the wheels and certifies that you do not slip while using it.

Moreover, the ramp also features a sizably wide ramp (16 inches), which provides you with a greater surface area and permits you to use the unit without fear. 

Heavy-duty design

Since we are already talking about its dimensions let’s talk about its build for a bit. The product contains a heavy-duty design.

And, because of such a reliable and robust build, the unit grants you a weight tolerance of 125-pound. Thus, turning the item into a promising option for all varieties of tricks and stunts, and for all users. 

Bumpy edge

Another point to be added is that, unlike conventional ramps that have a bumpy edge, the designers of this one ensured to give you a smooth transition.

So, you will be enjoying a plane and a smooth transition, which also allows you to do your tricks without worry. Finally, once you are done using it you can stash it anywhere in your home.

Compact dimension

You see, it comes with a compact dimension that enables you to put it anywhere in your garage, driveway, or anyplace. Also, you can take it out whenever you want to use it again.


  • Has a very durable and reliable exterior
  • Due to its lightweight and compact dimensions, you can place it anywhere you want
  • Can be used by anyone who is eight or above
  • Ideal for all kinds of tricks and stunts
  • Quite affordable


  • The item is not a suitable choice for a scooter rider

06. Ten-Eighty Best Launch Ramp for Skateboarders


Price: Check on Amazon

There is no need to look for a small launch ramp for skateboarders as we have the ideal item for you right here. This launch ramp is durable, long-lasting, and assures top-notch workability.


Plus, it is not only compatible with skateboarders only. Even novice-level BMX riders or almost anyone can use this. There is a reason why this can be considered one of the best ramps for skateboarding!

It has a textured surface, which bestows fantastic traction, and hence, the wheels of your skateboard can readily grab onto the surface. Therefore, offering you a clean take-off. 

Heavy-duty plastic construction

Besides, the build of the unit is off the charts! You see, it has a heavy-duty plastic construction with a galvanized layer of steel for reinforcement.

This grants the unit a substantial weight endurance of 250-pounds and delivers you a launch ramp that is good for all situations.

Performance and stability

Furthermore, if you want optimum performance and stability, then you can obtain that by quietly mounting it in your desired place and position.

And, there is no need to worry about additional screws or bolts because mounting will be provided by the company on the day of purchase.

Say bye-bye to the hassle

Also, setting the item up takes a couple of minutes rather than hours. It is a pre-assembled product. You can gladly say bye-bye to the hassle and stress it takes to put everything together.


  • Has a sturdy and long-lasting construction
  • Easy to set up and you can set it up anywhere in your vicinity
  • No need to purchase additional tools to compile or mount the item
  • Due to its featherlike weight, setting it up is a much more offhand task


  • The ramp might slide from place to place when placed on concrete

07. Graw Jump Best Wooden Launch Ramp for Skateboard, BMX

41HzyV0f+BL. SL500

Price: Check on Amazon

We are quite sure that you have never come across a ramp that is as stylish as this one!

So, all you folks out there who thought that ramps always have that mundane look, then this thing should change your point of view immediately.

Wooden construction

The item has a wooden construction, with a smooth and sleek finish that should make even pro-level skaters or tricksters go crazy for the product.

And its innovative design is definitely going to grab the eye of anyone who is not using it. It arrives with steel plating that you can mount onto the unit.

A smooth and pleasant change

Hence, awarding you a smooth and pleasant change. In other words, the item is not an ‘all show no go’ product. If you are a BMX rider, MTB rider, Biker, Inline skater, RC model, or scooter you are free to use this to its wits.

This can handle ANYTHING and ANYONE. Do you want to know the reason behind its capability to withstand anything? Well, the beechwood used in the manufacturing of the product grants you A-grade functionality and longevity.

Ready for all kinds of purposes

This is the reason why we are convinced that you can use the item for all kinds of purposes. And, about mounting the metal plate, all the screws and nuts will be provided on the day of purchase.

On another note, the creators of this masterpiece put a lot of thought into detail.

Don’t worry about getting hurt

It has a rubber bung on the areas that are going to be in contact with the ground, which will prevent it from slipping as you are ascending. Don’t worry about getting hurt. Let’s go and have some fun.


  • Allows you to mount the item anywhere you want
  • No need for any assembly, and you can place it anywhere you want
  • Mounting the metal plate is a straightforward task
  • Elegant looks
  • Multifunctional


  • Might lack in the department of friction

08. Mojo Rail Best Portable Steel Skateboard Sky Ramp

41BHbQ S 6L

Price: Check on Amazon

Look no more for a metal ramp, as we have the most exquisite metal ramp in the market, right here! Why is it such a magnificent ramp?

Welded steel construction

Firstly, it contains a welded steel construction that guarantees superior toughness. Rest assured, this will not break you. Plus, all the pieces are firmly welded together, 

which enhances the longevity of the item even further. All you really want is your safety and this will guarantee that. Besides, it has a polypropylene surface.

Surf with a calm min

And because of the surface, the friction between the tires and the ramp’s surface is increased. Since the dimensions are quite big and impressive, you will be able to surf with a calm mind.

All of this decreases the chances of you tripping over to a great extent. Moreover, the powder coating finish of the unit gives it a lucrative outlook and the rider gets to surf in proper style.

No extra money to assemble

Now, you might need to assemble the product, but it is not really as complex as it sounds! All the essential tools and utensils come as a deal with the ramp itself. No extra money is spent.

Anyways, there are several other things that make this such a gem. It is a lightweight unit that allows effortless set-up, and no additional labor is required for that.

Pals will be jealous of you

It weighs around 20 pounds, which is roughly 9.1 kilograms. When all that is paired with its rugged looks, we are quite certain that every one of your skateboarding pals will be jealous of you.


  • All the necessary tools will be provided on the day of purchase
  • Has a cool and attractive look
  • Certifies smooth ascend and comfortable landing
  • No complicated fitting procedure


  • The cost of the item is quite high

09. Ramptech Best Skateboarding Ramps with Caster Wheels


Price: Check on Amazon

When it comes to ramps, not many companies can compete with the behemoth of the ramp world, Ramptech.

Their quarter-pipe ramp is probably the best ramp that you can get your hands on because of its wonderful features that we will be discussing below. Primarily, the build of the item is almost indestructible. 

Heavy-duty product

ABS plastic (used to make it) is a heavy-duty product that can withstand a staggering force. To give you a simple glimpse, for every cubic meter, ABS plastic can withstand around 1.03 grams of weight.

So, if the total dimension of the item is taken into account, then it outputs a hefty amount of weight tolerance, which allows you to use the item without any fear.

But that is not all! 

It has Ext.HDO side panels, galvanized steel coping, exterior, and so much more to improve the sturdiness of the unit.

So, you can say that the manufacturers gave a lot of thought to how they could provide you with an exceptional durability ramp. Your time is precious.

So, you will be happy to know that giving this product shape doesn’t take that long. You see, all the pieces fit together perfectly, and everything is provided to you beforehand.

Since it weighs around 144-pounds, which is around 65 kilograms there is no chance of the item slipping while you are using it. Safety and fun are confirmed! What are you waiting for now?


  • Guarantees exceptional durability and longevity
  • Almost anyone can use this item for all varieties of ticks
  • Has vast dimensions that allow you a comfortable climb
  • You can set it anywhere in your backyard or driveway


  • The cost of the item is quite high

10. Landwave Best 4-Sided Pyramid Skateboard Kit


Price: Check on Amazon

A weak ramp can be dangerous, especially when your son’s or daughter’s health is at stake. This is the reason why you should look for the best kid skateboard ramp.

Where else should you look other than this very section? 

Landwave’s ramp is just not something that is promising for kids only. Even an adult can enjoy these as much as they want. Now, this is a four-way ramp that allows everyone to use the unit from all directions.

Also, it has a height of around 9-inches that is suitable for kids to hone their skills to perfection and even permits an intermediate or advanced level rider or skater to do several types of tricks. 

Trustworthy and strong construction

Keeping its multifunctional attribute aside, the item has a trustworthy and strong construction, which is ideal for someone who is trying to learn how to skate up and down a ramp.

Another feature of this is that you won’t need much effort for the setup. The screws, connecting pieces, and everything else come along with the ramp.

You don’t have to pay an extra

This is why you do not have to pay a single penny more to have all the necessary tools to compile this item. The instruction manual just makes your life easier.

Most importantly, the 28.2-inch width of the ramp confirms that you will have a sizable surface area. So, any lingering doubts about your child’s safety should be eliminated completely from your head.


  • Contains a durable and sturdy build
  • Setting up the unit is such an offhand task
  • All the necessary tools will be provided on the day of purchase
  • Highly recommended for novice-level skateboarders because of the wide surface area
  • Can be used by all kinds of tricksters


  • The price of the item is quite high

What are The Different Types of Skateboard Ramps?

When you are planning to buy a ramp, it is necessary to have all the essential information. That way, you will know exactly the type of ramp that is well suited for the task at hand, and you will not be wasting your time.

What are the different types of skateboard ramps?

Now, there are around ten types of ramps in the market but, these are the ones that you should keep in mind.

1. Wedge Ramps

Well, this is probably the only ramp that you will not be used for skateboarding purposes. These ramps are quite shallow and have a rubber exterior that is used for medical purposes.

And, by this we mean, strollers, wheelchairs, and similar transport vehicles. Apart from this, you can use them for skateboarding as well.

Wedge Ramps For Skateboarding

Nevertheless, the elevation they provide is almost close to nothing, and we recommend that you stay away from this genre of ramps. Here, you will find a full chart of some of the best-wedge ramps available.

2. Skateboard Fun Box

Another name for these ramps is box jumps, and why have one kicker ramp, when you can have two or even three? These ramps generally have two or three launch ramps attached by a flat surface.

One of the biggest reasons why these are so much favored by many pro-level to noob-level skaters is because they have a smooth transition. They might not be as short as the wedge ramps, but they are also quite small compared to the others in this list.

3. Launch Ramps

Now, they can be considered one of the most orthodox and highly used ramps. They generally offer you moderate to extreme airtime, depending on the height of the ramps.

However, there is another key factor that determines your jump, and that is the gradient of the ramp. Well, you can also call it the steepness of the slope, and usually, for launch ramps, it varies from 12% to 15% (7 degrees to 8.5-degrees).

Anything above this might prove dangerous to you and anyone else who is using the ramp.

4. Quarter Pipe Ramps

As the name suggests, these are one-fourth of a circle, which is an exceptional option for a skater who desires superior airtime.

Quarter Pipe Ramps

Now, they have a curved surface, which allows you that upgrade airtime. And if you are worried whether its steepness is dangerous or not, we are glad to inform you that they don’t have a steepness that crosses 15%.

When compared to all the other ramps that we have stated here, these are presumably the most beloved (after the halfpipe), and every trickster wants to skate and show off their skill in this type of ramp.

5. Halfpipe Ramps

The name quarter pipe suggests a ram that is a quarter of a circle. So, half a pipe represents a ram that is half a circle. And, in the skating community, these are the most wanted of all the types of ramps that you would come across.

Remember, seeing famous skateboarders going back and forth and doing these absurd tricks? They did those on this kind of ramp.

How Does a Skateboard Ramp Work?

How Does a Skateboard Ramp Work?

Skateboard ramps work on a simple principle of physics. Remember the term, what comes up must come down. That perfectly defines how skateboarders’ ramps work.

Are you having a hard time picturing how that is the case? Well, we shall be helping you with that! Just keep reading forward. For instance, let us draw out two scenarios for you.

The first one will be with kicker ramps. In order to move towards the ramps, the first thing that you need to do is propel the board.

When do you propel it with the foot?

When you propel it with your foot the board will obviously move forward, and it is your task to gauge how much momentum you need to overcome the friction by the ramp and make the jump (which you will learn eventually).
Now, as you have a higher momentum, which is greater than the ramp’s friction, you will surely go up.

How are slopes designed?

The slopes are designed in such a way that you are projected into the air. If the ramp is curved, then there is a higher chance that you will be projected directly above the slope. And this is where our second example comes into play.

If the ramp is a half-pipe, then you go up and then you come down. And as you come down, you hold the momentum that you initially had which you can use to go up the second ramp and do this process back and forth.

Final Verdict

Having the best skateboard ramps is essential if you want to ensure a smooth and pleasant skating experience. And, thanks to our article, you can finally have the ramp that you have always wished for.

Plus, there is numerous other helpful information here, that should help you through the entire screening process.

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