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The Best Skate Parks In Lancaster, Pennsylvania

The Best Skate Parks In Lancaster, Pennsylvania (Updated)

People of young ages are inclined to thrilling games like skateboarding nowadays. I even saw many kids and younger people skating in the walkways and roads of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, instead of the designated skating area.

Fortunately, there are a few skate parks in Lancaster PA. I will suggest you practice your skateboarding in one of those parks. Those parks follow a few safety rules which assist with the safety of skaters and common people.

To make this task easy, I made a list of Lancaster skate parks. In this article, I will provide you with essential information about those skateparks. Thus, keep reading.

In Details of The Best Skate Parks In Lancaster

1. Lancaster County Skate Park

It will be the first choice when you are searching for skate parks in Lancaster PA. This is a concrete-surface skating park of a .25-acre area. If you also love to bowl often, you can practice your skating here. However, transitions are a little bit rough here. Thus, it won’t be easy to ride if you are just a beginner.

Features of the park

  • A full pipe
  • 200 feet long snake run
  • A mini ramp, ledges, and a couple of big bowls

That snake run and big bowls are helpful for transition purposes.


Directions and Routes

Enter Chestnut St of 150 N Queen Street. Take a left from there to Yeates Ct, which will take about a 7-minute drive.

Basic Information

  • Address: 99 Yeates Ct, Lancaster, PA 17602, United States
  • Telephone: 717-295-3605
  • Website: https://www.co.lancaster.pa.us/
  • Riding Type: Skateboards, and rollerblades only
  • Skate Hours: Saturday-Friday: Sunrise to sunset
  • Cost fee: Free
  • Instructors: No
  • Size: 13500 square feet
  • Lights: No
  • Opened: 2000
  • Designed: Lancaster design community
  • Type of Skatepark: Outdoor

2. Overlook Skate Park

Overlook skate park is a small concrete-surface park. If you are a newbie in this game, this park will be your best choice. Moreover, this park provides a variety of obstacles, and you can practice skating according to your skill level.

Features of the park

  • Rails such as round rails, box rails, and handrails
  • Ledges, manual pad
  • Half pipe, pyramid, and vert quarter


Directions and Routes:

If you start from the Lancaster General Health Downtown Pavilion, it’s an 8-minute drive to the park to the north via N Lime St and E Liberty St. Take a right turn onto N Duke St and go through the Lititz Pike straight.

Take a left turn onto the Golf Dr, and the park will be on your right corner of the Golf Dr a few meters ahead.

Basic Information

  • Address: Lancaster, PA 17601, United States
  • Telephone: +1-717-290-7180
  • Website: https://www.manheimtownship.org/
  •  Riding Type: All skill-level
  • Skate Hours: Saturday-Friday: 7 am until dusk
  • Cost fee: Free
  • Instructors: No
  • Size:  21000 square feet
  • Lights: No
  • Opened: in the ’50s
  • Designed: Sam Keiser Sr.
  • Type of Skatepark: Outdoor


Both of those skateparks in Lancaster, PA, are unsupervised. That’s why you need to be extra careful about your safety. Thus, make sure you are wearing a strapped helmet and proper safety pads while skating.

Also, before skating on obstacles, always consider your skill level. As a beginner, you shouldn’t try difficult obstacles and tricks without a proper guide.

About the author

This is Kyle Spinks from Butte MT, USA. A skateboarding expert and lover since 2019. skateupdates.com is my blog where I share my skateboarding life experience daily or weekly. If you're a beginner skater, I'll advise you to follow my blog daily.

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