Why Is My Skateboard So Slow?

Why Is My Skateboard So Slow? Discover 10 Solutions!

Have you ever faced your skateboard being slowed down? You won’t probably like it when you can’t skate at your desired speed. It’s always irritating and bothering me, I can say.

However, there are many reasons behind the slow skateboards. So, if you are wondering, “why is my skateboard so slow?” the followings are some of the reasons.

Skateboards may become slower over time for a variety of reasons. This can be due to an inappropriate surface or the wrong pushing technique. Other possible reasons are –

  • Rust in the bearings, damaged trucks, small wheels,
  • Flat spots on the wheels, a cheap skateboard, etc.

Whatever the reason, it can be incredibly frustrating. To get rid of this frustration, I will discuss the most common reasons why your skateboard is slow, and what you can do to regain the speed.

10 Solutions for Why Is My Skateboard So Slow

In the year 2021, the total number of injuries in the U.S. caused by skateboards, scooters, and hoverboards will be around 245,177. The following statistical chart from the National Safety Council analysis of the U.S. will give a better insight –

So, you better run your skateboard properly at the right speed to avoid accidents. Yes, there can be thousands of reasons for a slow one. But the following 10 reasons have always seemed guilty of slowing a skateboard. 

1. The surface isn’t suitable

The surface you are riding on mayn’t be suitable, have you ever thought about that? A regular skateboard won’t perform well on rough and uneven pavement. 

If the surface isn’t suitable, the wheels can be too hard to turn, and the trucks won’t be able to grip properly, resulting in slow speed.


There are 2 solutions to this problem. One is changing your current pavement to skate. And the second one is to repair the uneven surface, which can be rather expensive.

2. Axle nuts block wheels

If you are asking yourself why are my skateboard wheels so slow, the axle nuts may be to blame. When the axle nuts are not tightened properly, the wheels can spin freely, but not well enough to generate speed.

When riding, this may also make a clicking sound. This might result from a manufacturing flaw or failure to tighten the nut when assembling the board properly.


Tightening the axle nuts should solve this issue. However, if it continues, it could indicate rust in the bearings or other damage. If so, you might want to consider getting new wheels or having them serviced by a professional.

3. The wheel size is wrong

One of the most common reasons your skateboard is slow is the wrong wheel size. Riding your skateboard with too small wheels will cause a lot of friction. Therefore, it won’t be as fast as it should be.

On the other hand, if your wheels are too big, they won’t spin very well either. You will feel like you are exerting more effort than necessary for the desired speed.


Make sure your skateboard’s wheels are the appropriate size to fix this. You can find new wheels in any skate shop. You can also replace them with old ones.

If you have any doubts, take your board to a professional to measure the diameter or contact a manufacturer to see what size they recommend.

4. Rust in the bearings

A typical reason for a slow skateboard is rust. If your bearings are rusty, this will cause friction. This will reduce the speed of your skateboard. Why are my skateboard wheels slow? This could be an answer.


You can use isopropyl alcohol to remove dirt from the bearings, then lightly oil them. Once that is done, your bearings should return to their original condition.

5. Trucks are damaged

Damaged trucks are another common reason why your skateboard is slow. Trucks connect the deck to the wheels. Any damage can cause them to become loose or out of alignment.

When you ride, clicking sounds may signal that the truck is damaged. This can prevent the wheels from spinning well, making your skateboard slower.


You can tighten the axle nuts to secure them properly to fix this issue. If you hear clicking noises, try lubricating the axles to reduce friction. If you still find that your skateboard is slow, it may be necessary to replace the truck completely.

6. Small wheels

If your skateboard wheels are smaller than 55mm in diameter, they may be the cause of slow speed. Smaller wheels will not only reduce the speed, but they may also cause the wheels not to spin well.


Fortunately, the fix is easy. All you have to do is switch out your current wheels for a larger size, preferably ones with a diameter of 55mm or more.

7. Wheels have flat spots

A flat tire is a sign that the inner surface of the tire has worn down over time. Hence, this will result in an uneven surface. This will prevent the wheel from rolling properly and cause a noticeable decrease in speed.


The good news is that flat spots can be fixed easily by getting new wheels or having your current ones re-surfaced.

8. Your weight

Due to the extra weights, heavier riders can put more pressure on their skateboard wheels and bearings, causing them to roll slower. The bigger the rider, the bigger the impact on the wheels.


To make sure this isn’t an issue, use a quality board that can handle your weight. Additionally, it is always best to replace your wheels and bearings regularly to keep them in good condition.

To further fix this issue, you can also use high-rebound wheels, reducing wheel friction and increasing speed.

9. Cheap skateboard

The components’ quality will determine your skateboard’s speed and performance. If you purchased a cheap skateboard, chances are it is of lower quality.

Low-quality bearings can become loose and cause friction, making it difficult for your skateboard wheels to spin well.

Moreover, cheap wheels tend to be small and thin, making them less effective for gaining speed. These factors, taken together, can explain why are my skateboard wheels slow.


Always go for a premium skateboard with better bearings and wheels. Additionally, look for harder wheels that offer more grip.

10. Wrong pushing technique

Another reason why your skateboard is slow might be the wrong pushing technique. You will never gain the desired speed when something is wrong at the beginning. Worst case scenario, it can damage your skateboard.

If you are asking, “why are my skateboard wheels clicking?” this can gradually happen when you continuously push the skateboard incorrectly. 


The solution is to refine your pushing technique. Start by looking at your pushing technique. Keep your feet at a 90-degree angle when pushing off to ensure a good pushing technique and maintain a fluid motion.

In addition, try to evenly distribute your foot pressure when you push off rather than just using your toes as a shortcut.

Perhaps you can take a look at the following video –


To conclude, I hope that answers why is my skateboard so slow. It is no wonder that a slow skateboard can be incredibly frustrating, especially when you are trying to cruise around or go for a long skate.

However, I assume you can solve the issues on skateboard wheels not spinning well since this blog has made it all clear. So, you shouldn’t have any problem anymore gaining your desired speed.

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