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Tanzanite Skatepark: Discover the Gem of Skating

Tanzanite Skatepark: Discover the Gem of Skateboarding

Tanzanite skatepark has excellent features, which contain bowls with vert and a great street section. Skaters of all skill levels can enjoy this park. If you are a very newbie, you might have little difficulty skating here. Also, if you are a pro skater, you may find this park quite dull.

But if you are someone who already knows how to skate and is trying to improve your skills, this park will be an excellent choice for you to practice and learn new tricks.

All Details of Tanzanite Skatepark


  • Street area
  • Mini-clover bowl with
  • Large combi-bowl
  • Amoeba bowl


  • Smoking is restricted within 20 feet of the skatepark surrounding
  • Any type of bike is not allowed inside the skate zone
  • Wear safety gear like top-quality helmets, knee pads, and hand gloves to prevent any type of injury.

Directions and Routes:

From Downtown Sacramento, it’s an 11-minute drive to the park via L St, West Side Fwy, and Dwight D. Eisenhower Hwy. Take a Left turn onto Truxel Rd, and enter the Natomas Cross Dr with a left turn. Finally, take a left turn onto Bilsted Way, and the park is straight to Tanzanite Ave.

Static Information

Location:Tanzanite park
Address:2220 Tanzanite Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95834, United States
Riding Type:Skateboards
Skate Hours:Saturday-Friday: 8 am-9 pm
Cost fee:Free
Participants:Up to 80 at a time
Size:16000 square feet
Opened:In 2006
Type of skatepark:Outdoor

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About the author

Kyle Spinks is a skating enthusiast from Montana. He has been passionate about the sport for over a decade and loves to share his experiences and knowledge with others through his blog, skateupdates.com.

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