Expert Insights: The Top 7 Skateboarding Forums for Asking

Expert Insights: The Top 7 Skateboarding Forums for Asking

Though skateboarding is a practical skill, you need to discuss a lot of things with your fellows and experienced skateboarders. Asking questions and getting help from the right person isn’t always easy. This is when skateboarding forums come in handy, where you can ask anything related to skateboarding and get prompt help.

I am connected to many skate forums and ask for help whenever I am not sure about something or want to learn something. Check out the top 7 list of skateboarding forums where you can get help from experienced skateboarders.

The List of 7 Active Skateboarding Forums

Here are the top forums I commonly use.

The List of 7 Active Skateboarding Forums

1. Skate One Forum

This skateboarding forum has a simple user interface, where you will see the latest and most viewed topics listed throughout the page. You can pick a topic from there and start following the discussion.

Skate One Forum

It also has a search feature, where you can search for the desired topic before asking a question. If there is no relevant discussion, you can ask questions, and people can answer them in the comment. But you need to register on the forum to be able to ask questions.

2. UK Skate Forum

As we know, UK Skate Forum is a popular discussion forum. you can ask for help regarding skateboarding here. Searching for your desired topic is quite easy because the forum has a drop-down menu. You can select the right category to find all the related questions and answers.

UK Skate Forum

And there are multiple tabs to find the latest posts in the forum. You need to log in to the forum to ask questions. It doesn’t only help in getting technical answers or tips but also helps you find the right gear easily.

3. Skateboard-City Forum

This is one of the skate forums I most commonly use to find answers to my queries. It has an organized interface where you can easily pick a topic and see how many threads or posts related to the topic are available on the forum. You can also check when was the last post on this topic.

Skateboard-City Forum

Moreover, you can ask off-topic questions here, which is a great benefit for beginners. Registering for the forum is a must to ask questions. There are multiple sub-forums inside the forum, and you can view various metrics, like how many people have viewed your questions. Don’t forget to check the FAQs before asking questions.

4. ESK8.News Forums

Finding available categories or the latest topics is very easy on this forum, as it has different buttons. Also, there are drop-down menus to help you find your desired topic. Another benefit of this forum is seeing how many people are online. So, you can expect prompt help from the forum.

ESK8.News Forums

You can also check other metrics, like the latest activity on a thread or how many replies there are. Each thread has one or more tags to help you find the necessary topics. Sign up on the skateboard forum to ask questions and get help.

5. Skateboard Forum

This online community was created to discuss various things about skateboarding. This Facebook page currently has 3,544 followers. You can directly send questions to the page inbox, and the admin team will come up with answers to help you.

Skateboard Forum

But the amount of posts on the page is too low. So, it might take some time to get help from this community. You can also visit the website of this community, which is mentioned on the page. Following the page will help you get updates about the latest happenings in the skateboarding world.

6. E-Surfer Forum

Though this skate forum is named E-Surfer, you will find a lot of helpful threads about regular skateboards, electric skateboards, and other accessories. It has a friendly user interface, so finding the answer to your questions is quite easy. You can use filter buttons or drop-down menus to search topics.

E-Surfer Forum

And the forum shows views, replies, and activities side-by-side so that you can find topics with the highest engagement. I use this forum sometimes to check out cool electric skateboards. Getting responses from the forum is pretty quick, as there are a lot of registered users in the forum.

7. Forum

Though it is an Australian forum, you can get help from the discussions regardless of location. The topics are neatly organized, with all the necessary details in various columns. Clicking on each topic will give you access to the discussion, provided that you have signed up for the forum. Forum

Besides seeking help, you can also collect information about skateparks, skate gear, and other aspects. I find the forum very helpful mainly because of the friendly behavior of the members.


When you are stuck with a technique or want to know about skate gear in detail, skateboarding forums can greatly help. This is because forum members are primarily interested in skateboarding, and you can use their expertise to find answers to your questions.

I often use the forums listed above to ask questions and answer others’ queries. These are great places to bond with fellow skateboarders. So, you check them out if needed regarding skating.

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