Orangatang Skateboard Wheels Review: Is It Worth It?

In the world of skateboarding, your wheels and boards would determine how you roll. Your board and your wheels might say you are more of a chilled person who enjoys being a daredevil, or it could say that speed is your life. Well, these statements are not facts but simple speculations made by fellow boarders.

Nevertheless, whether you are a speedster or a trickster, there is a high chance that you have not come across a wheelset that is this unique. So, if you are a fan of funky styles, this might actually be a good choice for you. 

In the Orangatang skateboard wheels review, you shall find everything you wanted. Plus, there are loads of other features that make this item such a wonder.

Let us check them out!

Let’s Review Orangatang Skateboard Wheels

01. Downhills Wheels

When you are skateboarding, often you would want to go down in speed. Now, if you want to go in speed, you need something that is capable of not giving up on you when you need it the most.

By that we mean, wheels that are durable and reliable enough to withstand extreme stress. So, in order to make sure that the product is capable of withstanding extreme pressure, you need to check the design.

Orangatang Skateboard Wheels Review

Luckily, with this one, there is no need for you to worry about anything. You see, the wheels were engineered to ensure optimum traction and also smooth plus efficient mobility. 

Thus, allowing you to reach those insane speeds freely and making taking those turns as easy as ABC.

02. Roll Over Anything

Another noteworthy trait of the wheels is their hefty dimensions. You see, height-wise, it is approximately 80-mm or 3.15-inches. So, it is safe to say that the board will be roughly 80-mm or 3.15-inches higher than the ground. Such a clearance is extremely useful when it comes to skateboarding.

You see, due to this, you can cruise over any variety of roads without any problem. Are you wondering why? High ground clearance means nothing would be touching your board, which authorizes you to move the product in any way you want.

Also, the bigger wheel dimensions bestow you with another perk. That perk is speed! You see, using the diameter, you can figure out the overall circumference of the wheels. If you know the circumference, then you can estimate the speed that you can reach. 

Now, this might not seem like crucial information, but keep this in mind, the higher the circumference, the higher the speed the board will reach.

In short, due to its mighty diameter, the board can reach staggering speed.

03. Maximum Traction

If you want to swoop down a hill at speed or cruise through urban areas, traction is necessary. Fortunately, the traction of this product is just excellent. It has a urethane construction, which is durable as well as flexible.

Also, it contains rough and edgy lips that ensure maximum friction. Due to this construction, the wheels can grab onto the roads and let us zoom through any surface.

04. Happy Thane

Oragantang is a superb choice if you desire a wheel that is perfect for heavy-duty skateboarding. It contains a urethane formula, which ensures that the wheels are going to last for a long time without needing any replacement.

Therefore, if you are a rough user, then this product is the ideal option. Also, because of its urethane build, the item is capable of providing users with exceptional friction, which is why you can ride your board with exceptional control.

There are several other perks that its urethane construction will provide. No wonder oragantang calls this design happy thane. 

05. Supportive Core

Generally, skating wheels come with a small center. Having a small core is a bad thing when it comes to skateboards. You see, because of the petite core, the weight of the entire board is not distributed evenly.

Therefore, allowing you to control the board more efficiently. Besides, it permits you to make sharper turns. By the way, the heftier 49-mm center authorizes the product to withstand extreme weights.

Hence, if you are more on the heavier end of the spectrum, then you don’t have to worry about the integrity of your board. The gist is, with the help of these wheels, almost anyone can use your skateboard regardless of their weight.

FAQs Regarding Orangatang Skateboard Wheels

Are Orangatang Kegel Wheels Right for You?

Yes, of course! Kiger comes with a huge arsenal of beneficial perks and functionalities, which lets you enjoy a fun ride with your friends. The wheels have a durable and long-lived construction that ensures the product is going to last much longer.

They also have optimum traction as well as a more sizeable core. Plus, the wheels have a very attractive look. It has this shiny orange color, which is going to look good on almost all types of boards.

If you want to make your board look cool and attractive, then just change to these wheels, and your friends will not be able to take their eyes off it.

How easy to install Kegel Wheels?

Installing the unit is a very straightforward task. It comes with a design that enables you to fix the wheels without any issues. And, on the day of purchase, you will be provided four of these top-notch wheels.

How Do Orangatang Wheels Ride?

By the way, did we mention that riding your board whiles using these is a completely different experience? Yes, you heard that right. Along with superb traction, long-lasting feature, and endurance, the merchandise assures smoothness like never before.

Its surface is smooth and has a very flexible formation, which is why the wheels wound deform and reform depending on the surface. Thus, ensuring a smooth ride!


Do you want the best wheels for skateboarding?

Well, this is it! And, if you are still confused about why you should get these, then reading the Orangatang skateboard wheels review should tell you exactly why you need these bad boys in your life.

Plus, you can enjoy all of these at affordable pricing! 


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