Longboard Vs Skateboard; Everything You Need To Know

Longboard vs Skateboard: Discover a Comprehensive Guide

When compared closely, skateboarding and longboarding appear identical to the untrained eye but are extremely distinct.

Longboards and skateboards are very unique in their ways, each providing a different experience. So much so that there has always been a longboard vs skateboard debate going on among the enthusiasts or even the newcomers.

To choose between a longboard or a skateboard, the similarities and differences, as well as the benefits and drawbacks unique to each, should be looked into. That is exactly what I am going to go through in this article. So, without further ado let us skate into the world of longboards and skateboards.

A Brief Of History

Skateboarding was invented in the 1950s in California. Skateboards were the result of wheels attached to boards by surfers. Surfers who wanted to make the most out of the flat days: days where the waves were low.

Skateboards were undoubtedly very different at the beginning from what they are now, but with time, they were refined into the designs we are familiar with today.

The urethane wheels, in contrast to the creaky old metal or wooden wheels, made it much easier to ride on imperfect terrain. Nevertheless, skateboards could never truly capture the surfing experience since their design was so unlike a surfboard. As a result, longboards were invented.

A Brief Of History Longboard vs skateboard

Longboarding culture took off in the 1990s, and this was no passing craze. To achieve the surfing experience on land, snowboarders and sea surfers teamed together at this time.

The longboards as we know them today were gradually developed by these individuals when they began mounting roller-skate wheels on their boards. To replicate the sensation of surfing the waves, flexible, soft wheels were added while maintaining the surfboard’s original form.

Now that we have a taste of its history, let’s finally break down and compare all the components of skateboards and longboards. So that you can ultimately settle the debate of skateboard vs longboard.

What Are the Differences between a Skateboard and a Longboard?

Despite having very similar goals, they yet differ in a number of significant factors. Let’s quickly review their backgrounds and how they compare to one another.

01. Decks’ Shape and Size

Talking about shapes and sizes, I couldn’t keep myself away from talking a little about the longboard vs shortboard skateboard, in general.

Typically a longboard has a bigger board than average, the nose and tail are not the same forms, and/or the edges of the wheels are flat. Whereas, skateboards are very good for people who want to swiftly move through traffic in the city streets. This is possible due to its small form factor.

Decks’ Shape and Size


A traditional longboard and a skateboard have a similar shape, they are just different in size


Longboards are usually 35–60 inches long and 9–10 inches wide, while skateboards are usually 28–34 inches long and 7–10 inches wide. The larger size of the longboards makes them more stable, whereas the smaller size of the skateboards makes them more agile.

Skateboards are distinct, curving upwards at both ends while longboards usually have no curving at either end.

Longboard decks come in many shapes whereas skateboard decks have a traditional popsicle shape

02. Wheels

In general, harder wheels move more quickly whereas softer wheels move more slowly but with better traction. For smooth surfaces, harder wheels are preferred, while soft wheels seem ideal for skating on the street.


The wheels of both the longboard and the skateboard are made out of polyurethane.


Longboards have bigger (60-70mm) and softer wheels, while skateboards usually have smaller (52-58mm) and harder wheels.

The bigger and softer wheels of longboards make them very comfortable on long rides and rough roads. On the other hand, skateboard’s smaller wheels make them perfect for tricks and balance, but they are quickly destabilized by road obstructions.

03. Bearings

A longboard or a skateboard is incomplete without bearings. The bearings enable the wheels to rotate on a fixed truck axle. Having a high-quality longboard bearing will undoubtedly improve your riding.

Longboard bearings and skateboard bearings are the same. The bearings are the same size regardless of the size of your wheels or the sort of skating you undertake, such as longboarding or street skating.The bearing spacers’ dimensions are the only different thing.

04. Trucks

Trucks are the axle of your board. They are in charge of converting your actions into the movements of your skateboard, controlling how you turn, ollie, and grind. The right size is crucial since they serve as a bridge between your deck and your wheels.

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Both of the trucks are usually constructed of aluminum.Skateboard trucks are more rigid, making them exceptionally good for stunts, whereas longboard trucks are more flexible. Longboard trucks are wider, contributing to their stability, while skateboard trucks are narrower. Skateboard trucks have a traditional kingpin, whilst longboards have a reverse kingpin.

05. Speed

Gaining speed on a longboard for beginners can be quite hard, considering the size and the weight of the longboard. However, once you get used to riding one, longboards can be ridden at much higher speeds than skateboards.

Speed is not a factor for an enjoyable ride on either of the boards, as both boards can easily achieve a good speed.Easier to accelerate or gain speed quickly on a skateboard than on a longboard because it requires less force and is lighter weight. Longboards can reach a higher top speed than a skateboard.

06. Cruising

Longboards are exceptionally good at cruising mainly because they can dampen out the imperfections on the road. The flexible trucks accompanied by the softer wheels are a very enjoyable experience when advancing through roads.

Longboards are exceptionally good at cruising

Talking about cruising, if that is what you are really into then it would be helpful to look into the cruiser skateboard vs longboard debate. We already know that a longboard is very good at cruising as discussed earlier but is it better than a cruiser skateboard?

When talking about cruises of medium lengths, a cruiser skateboard is the best. It is designed for high maneuverability and city riding. The cruiser skateboard is longer than a regular skateboard and shorter than a longboard, making them a sweet spot for a number of people.

Nevertheless, when talking about long-distance cruising, the longboards still keep the crown.

To conclude,

Cruising on either of them is no problem when skating on a smooth road.Cruising on a longboard is more relaxing and enjoyable as it cancels out the imperfections on the road.

07. Balance

If you want to learn and perfect new tricks but have never skateboarded before, start with a longboard. They are easier to balance since they are larger and more stable. When you feel more comfortable riding a longboard, switch to a skateboard and practice your balance on a smaller board.

To condense,

Balancing is no problem for either of them once the rider had enough practice.Balancing on a longboard for beginners is much easier than on a skateboard mainly because of the size of the longboard.

08. Tricks

Skateboards undoubtedly dominate when it comes to doing tricks. The small form factor as well as the rigid trucks make it very ideal to perform stunts. It is usually said that the sky’s the limit when it comes to the number of tricks that can be performed with a skateboard.

From grinding rails, skating mini ramps, and kickflipping to performing ollies, and more, all can be done on a skateboard.

Longboards are limited when it comes to tricks due to their sheer size and weight. But I believe that zooming down windy mountain roads and cruising at very high speeds are still as cool as the tricks performed on skateboards.

To summarize

Both the longboard and the skateboard can be used to perform tricksMore tricks can be performed on a skateboard than on a longboard.

Now that we have an insight into the components of a skateboard and a longboard, you might still have a few questions that I can try to shed some light on. Some of the frequently asked questions and their answers are as follows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Skateboard vs longboard: What is easier?

I believe that skateboarding is more difficult than longboarding. Longboards are significantly simpler to balance on since they are broader, longer, and have softer wheels. Skateboards have harder wheels and smaller sizes, making them more difficult to ride.

Is a longboard better than a skateboard?

I firmly believe that one is not simply better than the other. It all depends upon the purpose. If high speed, a comfortable cruise, and good stability are what you take into consideration then a longboard is better than a skateboard.

However, if agility, quick turns, city riding, and stunts are what you wish to perform, then a skateboard is better than a longboard.

Why get a longboard instead of a skateboard?

If you are into long-distance cruises or downhill races, you should most certainly get a longboard over a skateboard. The truck on longboards is more flexible, resulting in a smoother ride. In addition, a larger surface area with softer wheels on longboards ensures higher stability during high speeds.

Is a longboard safer than a skateboard?

This is a tough one to answer and depends from person to person. Some people believe longboards are safer because of their high stability and ease of balance. On the contrary, studies show that longboarding results in more serious injuries when compared to skateboarding.

Is a longboard good for beginners?

The debate of skateboard vs longboard for beginners is an ongoing debate with both sides having their fair statements. There is no doubt that you can learn to skate on either of the boards. However, I firmly believe that longboards are great for beginners in several ways.

Wrapping Up

Longboarding and skateboarding both make strong cases for themselves and promise tons of fun. You should simply think about what you require from a board. Do you prefer a more relaxed cruising ride? Or do you prefer to perform stunts and skate on ramps?

Longboarding is still the better choice if you’re just starting since it’s easier to learn. The boards’ dimensions and forms make it simpler to adjust to them, discover your balance, and master your initial movements.

Moreover, longboards are less nimble than skateboards, yet flipping, ramping, and barrel rolls are all doable with the appropriate technique.

I hope this post helped you with some of your questions about longboard vs skateboard. So, what will it be? A longboard or a skateboard?

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