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Is Converse Good For Skateboarding

Is Converse Good for Skateboarding? Expert Analysis Inside

The converse is one of the most popular shoe brands, known for its casual style and versatility. They have highly durable shoes that provide great comfort, making them suitable for all kinds of usages.

But, Is converse good for skateboarding? Converse shoes are very comfortable. Even though the brand does not specifically manufacture shoes for skateboarding, they are suitable for use. The durability, breathability, grip, and so on ensure that these shoes are a great choice for skateboarders.

In this guide, we will talk about “can you skateboard in converse?” or not in detail. We will also discuss the brand’s value in skateboarding and other relevant topics. So, read on to learn more.

History of Converse Shoes in Skateboarding

Converse shoes have been associated with skateboarding for a long time. Since the 1970s, the Chuck Taylor All-Star sneaker from the brand became a popular choice among several skateboarders.

This is because the shoe is durable and provides a good grip on the skateboard deck. In addition, the simple design and classic styles of the shoes made them a popular choice among skateboarders looking for uniqueness.

To know more about the topic, watch this YouTube Video,

Why Is Converse Good For Skateboarding?

Converse is a top-notch brand and is known for its simple and versatile shoes. The outstanding grip, paired with the comfort and longevity of these shoes, makes them a top choice for skateboarding.

Even though these products are not typically manufactured with skateboarding in mind, they serve the purpose and are often referred to as a fashion statement. The straight answer to the question is, yes, Converse is good enough for skating.

Shoes from Converse are popular among skateboarders for a wide range of reasons. These reasons include durability, affordability, and so on. Let us take a look at these reasons in detail.

Reason 01. Durable

Converse shoes are made with a durable rubber sole and paired with a canvas upper. These make the shoe withstand the wear or tear of skateboarding.

Reason 02. Good Grip

The rubber sole of Converse shoes provides a good grip on the skateboard deck. This minimizes the risk of slipping accidents and injuries.

Reason 03. Comfortable

Converse shoes are known for their simple and classic designs with comfortable material inside. These designs help to provide a comfortable fit for skateboarding.

Reason 04. Personal Preference

Some skaters prefer the classic style and feel of Converse over dedicated Skate shoes.

Reason 05. Affordable

Converse shoes are usually more affordable than some dedicated skate shoe brands. This allows skateboarders to get shoes within a small budget, making them accessible to a wide range of people.

Pros And Cons Of Converse

Converse shoes come with both pros and cons. These advantages and disadvantages will provide you with a better understanding. Take a look at the pros and cons table we have prepared below.

Long-lasting performanceNo impact protection
Reasonable pricingSole wears out very quickly
Ensures good gripBad traction pattern
Provides outstanding comfortLimited Technology
Great styles and designs 
Outstanding popularity 

What Makes a Good Skateboard Shoe?

For efficient and safe skateboarding, wearing a pair of comfortable and good skateboard shoes is a must. In every skateboard shoe, a few factors must be present without any doubt. Let us take a look at some of these factors.

1. Ankle Support

Injuries and accidents during skateboarding are nothing new. However, ankle support from the shoes is a great way of reducing the risk of ankle injuries.

Low tops, high tops, and mid tops will provide a different level of support or protection in different situations. Low tops sneakers provide a flexible fit with minimal coverage around the ankle of the skateboard.

High tops sneakers offer the most coverage, minimizing the risk of injuries significantly. On the other hand, mid tops sneakers ensure stability and provide ankle support at a level between high and low. High tops sneakers are typically the best option for skateboarding.

2. Arch Support

Skateboarding puts significant pressure on your feet. And ensuring comfort is essential to reduce this additional pressure. The arch support of a shoe will ensure comfort and decrease foot fatigue by a notch.

3. Breathability

Keeping the feet dry and cool is a must to ensure proper balance and stability when skateboarding. Less breathability may bring on discomfort by making the feet wet inside.

4. Design/Style

Simplicity works best regarding skateboarding issues. This looks great and gives skateboarders an opportunity to customize and express their individuality.

5. Durability

Skateboarding shoes are available at a significant price, and replacing them frequently is not a solution. The durability ensures that the shoes last for a long time without any trouble.

6. Good Grip

Ensuring proper stability and traction when skateboarding is necessary. Shoes with good grip will not only last longer but will also ensure great support and balance.

7. Impact Protection

Injuries and accidents in this sport are not new. These injuries can often be highly serious and can end the skateboarder’s career.

Shoes with outstanding impact protection are required to reduce the impact of injuries, reducing the danger of critical accidents.

8. Lightweight

Lightweight shoes allow skateboarders to move freely and ensure better control. In addition to that, it allows people to have more control over their landing tricks.

9. Sole Flexibility

Flexibility in the sole of the shoes ensures better movement and freedom on tricks and tracks. Not only that, but it also ensures better protection and a skateboarding experience.

10. Toe-cap

Damage to the toes is quite common in skateboarding. The presence of toe caps in shoes provides an extra layer of protection. This helps protect the toe from severe damage in accidents or improper landings.

What Can I Replace Converse With?

  • Vans
  • DC Shoe Co.
  • Etnies
  • Maranas
  • Nike SB
  • Adidas Skateboarding

Several outstanding brands are operating in the market. All of these brands provide excellent shoes that are suitable for a wide range of purposes, including skateboarding. Let us look at some top brands you can replace Converse with.

Check out some frequently asked questions to clear your confusion!

Which Converse Are The Best Quality?

The Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star is considered one of the best quality Converse shoes. This has been a popular choice for several decades. Conversely, high-quality Converse shoes include the Jack Purcell and the One Star.

How Do You Know If Converse Are Fake?

Inspecting the logo and the stitching, you can tell whether a Converse is fake. Not only that, but factors such as price, packaging, and so on can also tell you about authenticity.

How Long Should Skateboarding Shoes Last?

Generally, skateboarding shoes should last from six months to a year. However, longevity typically depends on the intensity of use and the quality of the materials, grip, and so on.

What Type Of Shoes Are Best For Skateboarding?

Skate shoes are typically the best option for skateboarding. This is because the shoes are specifically designed for this purpose and can provide proper support, durability, and protection.


Before summing up, we hope you got the answer to whether Converse is good for skateboarding. Converse shoes are great for skateboarding as they have all the required features. Undoubtedly they are one of the most efficient shoes for skateboarding and are known for their simplicity.

However, before purchasing a Converse or any skate pair of shoes, make sure to focus on durability, material, grip, comfort, and other relevant considerations. That said, good luck with your venture, and spend wisely!

What Are The Important Factors While Purchasing the Best Longboard Bearings?

01. Size

8 mm bearings are commonly used. This size is perfect for the longboard bearing. You can choose the other sizes if they give you more comfort. But I will recommend you choose the 8mm bearing.

02. Type

You can get both the ball bearing and roller bearing around you. Most of the bearings are ball bearings. Ball bearings run faster and more smoothly than roller bearings. But ball bearings can not handle the load. In that case, the roller bearing performs well.

03. Durability

The bearing should be durable that can last a minimum of one year. You can increase its durability by cleaning regularly and running in dry places. Water and mud decrease their longevity quickly.

04. Performance

The performance of the bearings is the most important fact. If your longboard bearings are rough and run with less spin that will not satisfy you. Also, a smooth and fast bearing with noise will annoy you. So, check before buying if there is any defect in performance.

05. Precision

Precision is the exactness or correctness of the tolerance. The American manufacturers association uses ABEC to define precision. When the precision increases, the permissible range decreases. Precision is independent of bearing clearance. The higher the ABEC number, the tighter the bearing will be. Higher precision helps to move more smoothly and increase efficiency.

06. Lubrication Compatibility

Lubrication is a must before riding on your longboard. To convert your slow bearings into fast longboard bearings you have to clean them regularly and lubricate them. It will give a fast spinning movement.

07. ABEC rating

While buying bearings, you need to check whether it is ABEC-rated longboard bearings or not. ABEC rating stands for dimension. It only rates tolerances. Some ABEC classes are 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11. ABEC rating 9 is tighter than ABEC rating 1. The more the ABEC rating, the more the precision will be.

08. Engraved seals

Engraved seals prevent entering dust and other material inside. It also holds the lubricant inside and prevents friction. Most of the brands use rubber material for easy cleaning and to prevent the entry of water inside. While buying, check all the seals properly.

09. Price

Price is a big factor when buying anything. If you get a bearing with better quality at less price, then that will attract you the most. People mainly buy this type of bearings the most. Also, you should not follow the misconception that more expensive things mean better. Most of the famous brands are budget-friendly and careful about quality.

10. Brand reputation

While buying high-quality longboard bearings, people follow reputed brands. If the reputation is good then people do not hesitate to buy from the brand.

11. Warranty/Guarantee

If the brand provides you with a warranty or guarantee, that will be a plus point for you. You can repair the bearings if any problem arises at no cost within the given time. Also, the refund policy is beneficial for the buyers. You can change the defective set or can return the set with a full refund.

FAQs About Longboard Bearings

These are some commonly asked questions by people about the best bearings for longboards.

Is it worth it to invest in more expensive longboard bearings?

No, it is not worth it to invest in more expensive longboard bearings. More expensive is not equal to best quality. You can get a high-quality bearing within a suitable budget.

How do I know if my longboard bearings need to be replaced?

If the bearings start producing noise and are rough to run after cleaning, then you need to replace your longboard bearings. Also, the bearing will not spin if it is worn out.

What is the difference between ceramic and steel bearings for longboards?

The difference between ceramic and steel bearings for Longboards is durability. Ceramic bearings are more durable, smooth, and corrosion-resistant. At the same time, steel bearings are easily damaged by corrosive substances and are less durable than ceramic ones.

Can I lubricate my longboard bearings myself, or do I need to take them to a professional?

You can lubricate your longboard bearings yourself. )r if you have no previous experience, then you need to take them to a professional. But choose the right lubricant for the bearings.

Can I mix and match different brands of bearings on my longboard?

You should not mix and match different brands of bearings on your longboard as they are different from each other in size, shape, durability, and performance. Mixing different brands is unable to balance your movement.

Can I use the same bearings for both my longboard and my skateboard?

Yes, you can use the same bearing for both your longboard and your skateboard. The only difference appears in the case of wheel size. Otherwise, there is no difference between the bearings. But you should be careful about the dimension of the spacer.


Now it will be easy for you to choose the best Bearings for Longboards. You can compare the bearings and choose according to your comfort. I will recommend you choose the bearings which are performing well and have good customer service. If you still can not choose a perfect one then you can select it by brand reputation.

Also, choosing the brands which are giving warranty is the safest to pick. You can get these ten best bearings within an affordable range. Do not choose the bearings which are rated below ABEC 3. Below 3 ABEC-rated bearings have less tolerance.

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