Get Bearings Out Of Skate Wheels: How Did I With 5 Steps?

The bearing has a huge role in your skateboard’s performance. It is responsible for the wheels’ speed and smooth roll. However, this part is often beat-up because of intense use.

Much more, dirt, dust, and rust between the gaps will most likely occur, causing its resistance. For sure, these circumstances can decrease the speed of your skateboard, or much worse; they can lead to accidents.

Regular maintenance of the bearing is key for your skateboard’s lasting performance. There is no need to visit your local skate shop to clean or change the bearings. Preserving the skateboard bearing is easy. It starts by removing the bearing from the wheel.

This article will guide you through a step-by-step process of removing the bearings. Read on and learn how to get bearings out of skate wheels in 5 simple steps.

Tools Checklist

Make sure you have all tools necessary before you start so that you can work spontaneously.

Now that you have the tools required, let’s get going!

Step 01: Unbolting the Wheel

Start with your skateboard deck; make sure that it is on its side. The wheel is attached to the axle, so this part has to point upward. Using the skate tool or the wrench, loosen the axle nut and remove the washer or the speed ring. Put the nut and washer aside. You can place it in a small tray for easy organization.

Do this to all four wheels if you need to clean or replace all bearings. But if you already know which one to replace, remove only the nut and speed ring from that particular wheel.

Once the nuts and washers are out, carefully take the wheels out of the axle. Now you will find the bearings visible from both sides of the wheel.

Step 02: Getting Ready to Pry the Bearing

Let's Know, How to Get Bearings Out of Skateboard Wheels

Now that you have the wheels, you can remove the bearings either by hand or with tools. Study the methods on how to remove the bearings by hand or tools and see what suits you best.

·        By Hand
Although a tool is an advantage in detaching the bearing from the wheel, it is not necessary. You can use your hand and the axle of the truck to do it. However, if you opt to use this method, you need to be very careful. Do not apply too much force because this can damage the bearings.
·        By a Hand Tool
If you think using the axle of the truck to remove the bearing is risky, you can use a hand tool instead. A screwdriver can be used to pry the bearings out of the wheel.

You can also use a metal rod in detaching the bearing. Make sure you use a rod that fits perfectly in the bearing.
·        By a Special Tool
Some skate shops use special tools to remove the bearings from the wheel. They use a skateboard bearing puller or skateboard bearing presser to ensure that the bearing will be taken off safely. This is also a faster way to accomplish the task.

Step 3: Yank the Bearings out of the Wheel

Yank the Bearings out of the Wheel

There are a few ways to pull out the bearings from the wheel. Each of these methods is simple to perform. Depending upon your preference or maybe need, either way, will definitely work just fine.

·        Using the Axle of the Truck
To remove the bearing using the axle of the truck, start by placing the wheel back into the axle. When the wheel is halfway in, make sure that the axle tip only touches the inside bearing. Then gently yank the bearing out at an angle. Use the motion like you are opening a bottle of beer.

Sometimes the bearing does not go all out with the first pry. If this happens, do not force the bearing out at the same angle. This can damage the bearings. Instead, try to yank the bearing out from a different position. You can also use a back-and-forth motion until you get the bearings out.

·        Using a Screwdriver
Simply insert the screwdriver into the wheel until the tip is at the edge of the interior bearing. Then slowly yank it off at an angle.
Attempting once might not take the bearings out completely. You can position the pry at a different angle and then try it again. Do this whole process carefully to avoid damaging the bearings.

·        Using a Metal Rod
The metal rod must fit perfectly in the hole of the bearings’ inner ring. Slowly drive the rod in the bearing. Then gently tap the rod using a hammer. Be cautious of this method because it can easily break the bearings apart.

·        Using a Bearing Puller
When using the bearing puller, the wheel must lay flat on a surface. Just plug the metal rod in the bearing then press down the button to drive the rod in the wheel. Once the tip of the rod reaches the trim of the first bearing, it will click. This indicates that the bearing is locked and ready to be pulled out.

·        Using a Skateboard Bearing Presser
At the other end of the skateboard bearing presser, there is a rod with the catch tip. Simply slide the wheel until it reaches the edge of the first bearing. You will know that it is in place because it clicks. Then push the handle down to tug off the bearing.

Step 4: Removing the Spacer

Skateboard wheels have 2 bearings each. These bearings are separated with a spacer. And these bearing spacers are important in making your turns stable and smooth.

When you have removed the first bearing, you may also take out the spacers. Place them in the small tray and ensure that they are not misshapen.

Step 5: Repeat on Reverse

You have taken the first bearing out as well as the spacers. Now, you need to remove the second bearing from the wheel. Do that by flipping the wheel over and following the same process that you did for the first bearing.

It Is Done!

Voila! You’re done. Without a doubt, this guide provides an effortless and stress-free procedure on how to get the bearings out of your skateboard wheel.


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