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Skateboarding Laws And Rules Across Various US States

Ever since it began in the 1940s, skateboarding has been a controversial topic. The activity can be viewed as an extreme sport or a mode of transport, depending on the riding style. Whether practiced as a sport or used for transport, skateboards pose a hazard to both the rider and passers-by. States initially passed skateboarding […]

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Skateboard Injury Statistics According To the Ortho Society

Skateboarding is one of the most popular activities among teenagers and children. However, skateboarding poses a significant risk in case of an accident or a fall. According to the North American orthopedic society, more than 70,000 emergency cases are from skateboarding teenagers. Most injuries are bruises, scratches, broken arm and limb bones, head injuries, and […]

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How To Prevent Skateboard Injuries? 7 Important Tips

Riding on a skateboard is lots of fun, but are you afraid of skateboarding as it is an injury-prone game? If so, then do not worry! Because you aren’t alone. Though skateboarding has always been an exciting and popular activity, hearing about skateboard injuries has become common nowadays. Mind you, due to skateboarding injuries, every […]

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Skateboarding Is Not A Crime: Everything You Need To Know

It is always disappointing to put down most favorite things to you just because federal law doesn’t permit it. Such is the hobby of skateboarding. After the 15th of September in 1978, skateboarding wasn’t the same anymore. It was banned almost everywhere around the globe. But why was skateboarding banned, and is skateboarding a crime? […]

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7 Common Skateboarding Injuries; How To Avoid Safely?

Ever since I started skateboarding, I’ve come home with some kind of injury every day. I can still remember the first injury, I had was an ankle injury. It occurred when I was practicing skating at the park, and my feet slipped all of a sudden. As time passed, I learned different skating tricks. But […]

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