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Top 10 Best Longboard Trucks In 2022 (UPDATED PICKS)

Longboarding is an astoundingly fun sport and nothing can compare with the satisfaction you get from pulling off those amazing tricks. No matter how skilled you are, you won’t be able to put on a thrilling performance without the right equipment. As such, your abilities will be greatly limited if the trucks aren’t up to […]

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Top 10 Best Shoes For Longboarding (Buying Guide 2022)

Folks in urban areas seldom have the opportunity to partake in team sports and field games. Therefore, many prefer extreme sports to satisfy their weekly adrenaline rush or exercise requirements. Among the many variations in this game genre, one of the most popular ones happens to be longboarding. The rush of wind when plowing down […]

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Top 10 Best Longboard Slide Gloves (UPDATED 2022)

Looking for good quality and effective longboard slide gloves for your ultimate cruising adventures? You’ve come to the right place. We know how much hassling it can get to pick out slide gloves for longboarding and skateboarding, especially if you’re new to the whole thing.  With almost every manufacturer claiming their product as the best […]

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9 Best Longboard Helmets In 2022 (Reviews + Buying Guide)

Longboarding is one of the most exhilarating ways to move around town and is an amazing sport. It is also highly thrilling when you perform different tricks and moves to bring out the daredevil inside you. But it is also very dangerous, and only a fool would go longboarding without having the right protective gear. […]

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7 Best Longboard Wheels In 2022 (Reviews + Buying Guide)

Longboards are typically better for riding around towns because they are built for larger wheels, making them quicker and a more convenient mode of transportation. In order to ride around smoothly, you need appropriate wheels for them. Whether you want to slide across your campus, attempt new tricks, or crouse through mountains, finding the right […]

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7 Best Longboard Grip Tapes In 2022 (Reviews And Guide)

Looking for a good quality grip tape to accompany your already existing longboard or one that you’ve bought recently? You’ve clicked on the right link then. We know how necessary a grip tape can be to pro skaters. A grip tape not only helps in maintaining balance during skating but also helps you to hold […]

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Top 10 Best Longboard Decks 2022 (Reviewed And Guided)

When it comes to longboarding, there’s plenty of footwork in action. You also need to practice at a skate plaza and work your way through the challenging ramps. A quality deck can give your urban cruising a new name and show a fellow skateboarder who’s in charge here! The best longboard decks aren’t necessarily the […]

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