Hand-Tested Bones Bearings Review: Unleashing Insane Speed!

Bones Bearings Review: Bought and Tested Insane Speed!

Suitable and good quality bearings are essential for skateboards for smooth skateboarding. Nowadays, you may find various options for it, and Bones bearings are one of the most familiar among them. These Bones skateboard bearings serve the finest quality bearings to the customers.

Today, you will know the Bones skateboard bearings review by hand. The Bones skateboard bearings are durable, pre-lubricated, and have a removable shield made of Nylon. Additionally, the bearings have a high-speed ball retainer, enabling them to roll faster.

In this article, I will discuss the types of Bones bearings and review each type. Please read till the end to know about it.

The History of Bones Bearing

The owner of the Bones Bearing company is George Powell. He made this brand in 1980. This Bonse-bearing brand is a well-known brand liked by customers. In earlier days, George Powell wanted to make the fastest-bearing skateboard for skateboarders.

Bones REDS Skateboard Bearings

That’s how the brand started its journey. From then, George Powell started making the best quality bearings for skateboarders. He made sure that the bearings are ideal for the skateboarders to give the best performance.

Types of Bones Bearing

Bonse produces various kinds of bearings. My experience with the Bones bearings was worthwhile. The following skateboard bearings are-

I. Reds Skateboard Bearings 

The Reds skateboard bearings are suitable quality skateboard bearings at affordable prices. These skateboard bearings are massively made in China. I have used this skateboard bearing, and the result did not disappoint me. It provides a smooth roll on the ground.

Reds Skateboard Bearings

II. Super Reds Skateboard Bearings

The super red skateboard bearings have been famous on the market recently. This got popularity because these skateboard bearings use best-quality steel races and last longer.

Moreover, this bearing is also pre-lubricated with speed cream. As a result, the maintenance of this bearing becomes easier. Besides, it has a removable shield. So, you can always open the shield to clean the bearings.

Super Reds Skateboard Bearings

III. Big Balls Red Skateboard Bearings

The big balls’ red skateboard bearings have a higher top speed. Also, if you pick these bearings, you can use them for a prolonged period.

One of the perks of this bearing is that this skateboard is also lightweight. Like the other skateboard bearings, this bearing is pre-lubricated and has a removable shield. This bearing provides a smooth and excellent performance with the best quality and price.

Big Balls Red Skateboard Bearings

IV. Swiss Skateboard Bearings

The Swiss skateboard bearings have a removable shield. It is also pre-lubricated with speed cream. That’s why it is also the best-selling skateboard bearings in America.

Manufacturers made this skateboard bearing using high-speed nylon. Additionally, it will give long-lasting performance.

The Swiss skateboard bearings have a removable shield.

V. Swiss Ceramic Skateboard Bearings

The Swiss ceramic skateboard bearings let you roll faster. Therefore, this bearing type is highly suitable for competitive skateboarding races.

It is pre-lubricated, and also it gives you long-lasting performances. Alongside that, It is lightweight and waterproof.

The Swiss ceramic skateboard bearings are also made of nylon balls. I bought this skateboard bearing, which has given me an outstanding performance.

The Swiss ceramic skateboard bearings let you roll faster.

VI. Super Swiss Skateboard Bearings

The super Swiss skateboard bearings are made of high-speed nylon balls. It gives you durable performance.

Also, it creates less friction with the ground. This less friction results in excellent speed while skating.

The super Swiss skateboard bearings are made of high-speed nylon balls.

VII. Super Ceramic Skateboard Bearings

The super ceramic skateboard bearings are lightweight. They provide better acceleration. Also, manufacturers build it in such a way that it can last long. Besides, the super ceramic skateboard bearing is pre-lubricated.

The super ceramic skateboard bearings are lightweight.

VIII. Race Reds Skateboard Bearings

The Race Reds skateboard bearings have removable high-speed nylon balls. They are lubricated with Bone spread cream.

Also, its nonfiction shield lets you do its easy cleaning. Therefore, the maintenance for keeping the bearings in good condition also becomes more manageable.

The Race Reds skateboard bearings have removable high-speed nylon balls.

A Quick Comparision For All Of The Above

Let’s see a few similarities and differences among the above-mentioned bearings:

NameColorBall MaterialLubricationRubber Shield
Reds skateboard-bearingsBlackSteelYesYes
Super Reds skateboard-bearingsRedAlloy steelYesYes
Big Balls Reds skateboard-bearingsMultiStainless steelYesYes
Swiss skateboard-bearingsMultiNylon/metalYesYes
Swiss Ceramic skateboard-bearingsMultiNylon, ceramic, metalYesYes
Super Swiss skateboard-bearingsBlueNylon, alloy steelYesYes
Super Ceramic skateboard-bearingsBlueSilicone, ceramicYesYes
Race Reds skateboard-bearingsMultiSteelYesYes

Let’s Get Down For Review of the Bearings

Let’s break down all these bearings from Bones. Consequently, you will get an overall idea of their performance, durability, tolerance, and many more.

Let's Get Down For Review of the Bearings

01. Bearing Dimensions

The wider bearing dimensions allow the skateboard to have good stability. In this case, the dimensions of those bearings won’t create complexity in your decision.

The reason is the bearing dimensions of almost all the skateboards are similar.  The dimensions are 8mm (core), 22mm (outer diameter), and 7mm.

Bearing Dimensions

02. Bearing Weight

As I mentioned, all skateboard bearings have the same size. The weights of the bearing are to differ due to their material. But, interestingly, the weight of all of them is around 0.2 lbs.

The bearing weight is relatively light. So it helps you to roll faster with the skateboard.

Bearing Weight

03. Bearing Material

Many materials exist among the various types. Swiss Ceramic and Reds skateboard bearings are made of Nylon and Steel, respectively. Besides, Super Ceramic skateboard bearings are made of Silicone.

Among them, I recommend you go with the steel one. It has more extended durability than the other ones. So, Reds, Supper Reds, Big Ball Reds, and Race Reds skateboard bearings will be suitable for better durability.

Bearing Material

04. Bearing Tolerances

The Bones Skateboard bearings can withstand the turning load and high impact during any hard landing. Also,  these bearings will cope with the extent of the dirty skating environment. Instead of the dirty conditions, it can provide relatively high speed than any other Skateboard bearing brands in the market.

Bearing Tolerances

05. Bearing Performance

The bearing performance of the Bones skateboard is praiseworthy.  Let’s know about their performance in details:

A. Reds Skateboard Bearings

These bearings provide good roll and speed. If you want a fast bearing for your skateboard, then this bearing can be ideal for you.

Reds Skateboard Bearings

B. Super Red Skateboard Bearings

This product has grade balls. If you want a bearing that gives a smoother ride, then you can consider buying this skateboard bearing.

 Super Red Skateboard Bearings

C. Big Balls Reds Skateboard Bearings

The Big Balls Reds skateboard bearings are durable and give more speed to your ride. For more speed, consider buying this bearing.

 Big Balls Reds Skateboard Bearings

D. Swiss Skateboard Bearings

This model of bearings will give the best performance due to the high-speed Nylon balls. You can buy this one if you want a more durable bearing with the best performance.

Swiss Skateboard Bearings

E. Swiss Ceramic Skateboard Bearings

Swiss Ceramic skateboard bearings is ideal for racers. It gives a high-speed performance. Moreover, as the bearing is lightweight, you can have a smoother ride on a skateboard with this bearing.

Swiss Ceramic Skateboard Bearings

F. Super Swiss Skateboard Bearings

Super Swiss skateboard bearings give good speed. The retainer is made of Nylon balls that provide great strength to the bearings.

Super Swiss skateboard bearings give good speed.

G. Super Ceramic Skateboard Bearing

Super Ceramic skateboard bearings are lightweight. These skateboards provide you with the fastest acceleration. If you want the fastest bearing for your skateboard, you can go for this one.

 Super Ceramic Skateboard Bearing

H. Race Reds Skateboard Bearings

The high-speed Nylon ball retainers make the bearing strong. They are also cheap. So, if you want a good quality bearing at a cheap cost, you can buy this skateboard.

The high-speed Nylon ball retainers make the bearing strong.

06. Bearing Durability

All types of skateboard bearings are durable and built to last long. Generally, the bearings made with steel material are more durable than others.

Bearing Durability

07. Certification

There are no ABEC ratings on the George Powells skateboards. He thinks that ABEC ratings are meaningless. Because this rating ignores the impact resistance, side loading, lubricant ion sufficiency, and material grade of the bearings. So he named his skateboard tolerances skate-rated.

The bearings of Bones skateboard is undoubtedly the best brand bearing. For many customers, including me, it has worked fantastic. I loved it. You can choose any type that suits you and buy it.

Bonse Bearing Parts Review

Let’s go deeper with the discussion of the parts of the Bones bearings. You will get into the insight of them precisely.

Bearing Shield

The bearing shield of Bones skateboard bearings is made of rubber. This shield will reduce the risk of the bearing getting clogged with dirt. Also, it will keep the lubrication intact. You can remove the shield anytime to clean it.

Bones bearings are the most smooth longboard bearings.

Bearing Inner Race

The Bones bearing’s inner race is made with bearing steel. This rolling component will ease the friction while moving. Also, as it is made of steel, it will be durable and pose less risk of getting damaged.

Bearing Inner Race

Bearing Ball

The bearing balls of Bones Skateboard bearings are made of Nylon, Ceramic, Metal, Steel, and Alloy Steel. They are also made of high-speed ball retainers. You can have a better speed performance with this bearing ball.

Bearing Ball

Bearing Retainer

The ball retainer gives the skateboard greater strength and speed. If you land hard while racing, this retainer will distribute the load evenly around the raceway. Thus, the bearing balls will be able to bear the heavier load and any sudden impact.

Bearing Retainer

Bearing Outer Race

This outer race generally functions to protect the inner parts of the bearings. That’s why this race needs to be strong enough to act as an exterior ring.

Bearing Outer Race

Luckily, the Bones Skateboard bearings’ outer brace is also steel-made. This material is less prone to quick breakage. // Check “Kyle’s Gallery” to see all my shots. //

Included Components

Bones bearings provide two additional components for additional needs. They are spacers and washers.


The spacers on Bones skateboard bearings help the wheels to function correctly.  Generally, this small metal component reduces the friction of bearings. Thus, it makes the wheel rotate freely and makes it easy to ride a skateboard.

If the axle is too tight, your skateboard’s bearing won’t spin. This spacer will sit between the bearings. Besides, it will also spread the load to make the ride smoother.


The washers of the skateboard bearings keep the wheel firm and reduce friction. As this washer stabilizes the skateboard, you can perform skateboard tricks with less difficulty.

Besides, this washer also prevents the risk of the wheels getting stuck. Though it’s not a mandatory component of the skateboard, it will increase skateboarding performance to an extent. // Spitfire skateboard longboard bearings Review //

FAQs About Bones Bearings

Here, I have added a few answers to some most frequently asked questions. Please check it out –

Bones® REDS® Skateboard Longboard Bearings

Is Bones Skateboard Bearings Customizable?

Is Bones Skateboard Bearings Customizable?

Yes. Bones skateboard bearings are customizable.

Is Bones Skateboard Bearings Assembly Required?

Is Bones Skateboard Bearings Assembly Required?

No. You do not need to assemble the Bones skateboard bearings.

Are Bones Skateboard Bearings Pre-lubricated? 

Are Bones Skateboard Bearings Pre-lubricated? 

Yes. Bonse Skateboard is pre-lubricated with Bonse spread cream.

How To Maintain Bones Skateboard Bearings?

How To Maintain Bones Skateboard Bearings?

Though the Skateboard bearings are pre-lubricated with speed cream, you need to lubricate the bearings every time after using them. If you lubricate them from time to time, it will ensure that the bearings will last long and stay dirt-free.

Final Verdict

The Bones Skateboard bearings will surely give the best performance. As you have read the whole article, you know that all Bones Skateboard bearings are of fine quality. If you are struggling to choose one, I will recommend Reds skateboard bearings and Super Swiss skateboard bearings.

These two skateboards provide extremely good rolls and let you have a fun ride on skateboards. Here, I have given the Bones skateboard review by hand. And you can take your pick from all types and choose your preferred one. I hope this article helps you to choose the best Bones skateboard bearings!

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