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Top 10 Best Skateparks In Orange County, CA (All Details)

Skating on the streets is fun but equally dangerous while doing jumps and skating tricks. My skating experience on the streets of Orange made me seek a safe skating park for my siblings and me.

Luckily, Orange has several skateparks safe for beginners and professional skaters. Some of these skating zones have instructors who will see you rise from a beginner to a skating master. Check out some of the skate parks in Orange County, California.

In this article, I have listed the top 10 best skateparks in Orange County based on their suitability to accommodate several activities and a large crowd. Read through the guide for summarized details of each park.

List of The Best Skateparks in Orange County

Here is a summary of the ultimate list of skate parks in Orange County, California, in 2022. Read through the highlighted features if you don’t want to read the whole thing.

01. 4th Avenue Skatepark

4th Avenue skatepark is located in Avocado Heights, California. It is well known for its spacious rubber skating zone. The park was opened in May 2012. It serves as a neighborhood skatepark. This park is free to access but has some cost for special services such as private parking.

If you are in Orange and intend to skate in a park, I would suggest the 4th Avenue skateparks in Orange County.


  • Secure and spacious parking lot. Has both private and public parking. The skate park also has bike parking for bike owners
  • 4th avenue skatepark has several halfpipes, bowls, stairs, and flat rails
  • It is also attached to several parks with playgrounds for kids
  • Improved swing sets and public bathrooms that close at 5 p.m.


The park is restricted to persons with full skating gear. You must have a helmet and knee pads when using the park. The park is closed at 6 pm as it has no lights at night.

However, the security of your belongings is under your care. Available security is for private parking and for members who have registered for the same.


For directions from 4th Avenue, head northwest on E Valley Blvd and turn left onto S 4th Avenue, and it will lead you to the 4th Avenue skatepark. // Skate Parks In Dallas, Texas //

BASIC Information

Location:Avocado Heights, California
Address:599 61953 4th Ave Bassett, CA 91746, USA
Opened:May 2012
Telephone:(626) 968-2666
Website:Not available
Email:Not available
Skate Hours:6 am- 10 pm/ 7 days[1] [2] 
Riding Type:Skateboards, scooters, skates
Instructors:Available in the park
Participants:Unlimited, but not to be overcrowded
Restrictions:Must wear helmet and pads
Surface:Concrete reinforced with steel. Steel rails and ramps.
Size:11,119 square feet
Cost fee:Free
Design/build:Charles H. Strawter Design Inc.

02. Etnies Skatepark, Lake Forest

Etnies skatepark is the largest park in California, approximately 62,000 square feet. The park is owned and managed by the city of Lake Forest. It is located in Lake Forest, California. The park was opened on December 13, 2003. It is the largest park in Orange County and in California after its expansion in 2009.

Lake Forest residents are provided with identification cards as access cards to the park. Non-residents are charged $15 for the identification card.


  • It has several amenities for skating camps, summer camps, movie screenings, and private lessons for skateboarding
  • It also has improved features, such as the bank, an A-frame, bowls, a halfpipe, and a capsule
  • Has extra events such as overnight camps out and holds skateboarding competitions for the National Scholastic Skating League
  • The park sits on a 62, 000 square feet area providing ample area for playing and parking


Even if the park is public, spectators and idlers are restricted from accessing the park. Food and alcoholic drinks are prohibited in the park. Only bottled water is allowed in.

All park users must have completed and signed the waiver and membership form. Only permitted photographers are allowed into the park.


For directions, visit their official website to pick the route according to your location. For example, from 1-5 North toward LA, take exit 92A onto Lake Forest Dr. Turn right onto Lake Forest 4.7 mi destination on your right. // Skate Parks In Albuquerque, New Mexico //

BASIC Information:

Location:Lake Forest, California
Address:20028 Lake Forest Dr, Lake Forest, CA 92630
Telephone:+1 949-916-5870
Riding Type:Skateboarding, roller skating
Skate Hours:Monday-Friday: 12 pm to 7:45 pm and Saturday-Sunday: 10 am to 7:45 pm[3] 
Cost fee:Free IDs for residents and $15 for non-residents of lake forest
Instructors:Available for every session
Participants:For the public, it is unlimited. Ten riders for private sessions
Restrictions:Must have helmets and pads. Spectators and unauthorized photographers are not allowed
Surface:Concrete reinforced with steel and rubber ramps
Size:62,000 square feet
Opened:December 2003
Design/build:SITE design group (A high-quality skatepark constructor)

03. Fullerton Skatepark

This park had been known as one of the dirtiest and most inhabitable parks in CA. It is located at Independence Park at 801 W. Valencia Drive, California. However, it was renovated and upgraded by the Fullerton city and community to become one of the best, clean skateparks. It is now managed by Fullerton City and the community.


Fullerton skatepark has unique features for street and indoor skating, such as snipe, hip, stairs, flat rails, bowls, and half pipe.

It has pyramids and a playground for kids and for adults. Thus, it has ample free parking with improved security.


Several restrictions have been in place;

  • No urinating in the park
  • No drawing graffiti
  • No accessing the park while in possession of weapons
  • Must have protective gear such as a helmet, and knee pads


From Fullerton, head west on E Commonwealth Avenue toward S Harbor Blvd, turn right onto Highland Avenue, turn right onto W Valencia Dr., and finally turn right to Fullerton Skatepark. // Skate Parks In Daytona Beach, Florida //

BASIC Information:

Location:Independence Park at 801 W. Valencia Drive, California
Address:801 W Valencia Dr, Fullerton, CA 92832
Website:Not available
Riding Type:Skating, ramp riding, and scooters
Skate Hours:Monday– Saturday: 7 am – 7 pm. Sunday: 24 hours[4] 
Cost fee:A gate pass is required, and a $50 -$100 fee for unregistered members
Instructors:Park guides and instructors are available.
Participants:Unrestricted. Open to the public
Restrictions:No weapons allowed. No graffiti drawings on the walls and bowls
Surface:Steel racks and frames, rubber ramps, and concrete surface
Size:10,000 square feet
Opened:Reopened June 16, 2012
Design/build:Fullerton city

04. Harvard Skate Park

Harvard skate park is located in the Harvard community park along Harvard Avenue in California. The park is ideal for kids and adults, with social amenities in every corner of the park. So you can consider skating at Harvard Skatepark.


It has several features, such as the spine, flat rail, two half pipes (one is a mini pipe), half and full bowls, and skating racks.

The park has 10000 square feet of skating ground.

It also has lights for skating at night with ease.


  • Skating adjacent to the skatepark is restricted
  • Spectators are not allowed into the skate park
  • No skating during rain or wet conditions
  • Drugs, tobacco, and alcohol are prohibited in the park

The park has a set of rules and a code of conduct under which they operate. Visit their official website for restrictions, rules, and regulations.


From Harvard Monor, turn left onto Harvard Comm Athi park and then turn to the right onto Harvard Comm Athi and go for 459 ft into Harvard skatepark. // Skate Parks In Lancaster, Pennsylvania //

BASIC Information:

Location:Harvard Avenue, California
Address:14701 Harvard Ave Irvine, CA 92606
Telephone:(949) 337-6577
Riding Type:Skating, scooter skating, and biking
Skate Hours:Monday-Friday: 2 pm to 8 pm, Saturday: 10 am to 9 pm[5], and Sunday: 12 pm to 8 pm
Cost fee:Public skatepark with a municipal fee only
Instructors:Personal trainers and field guides
Participants:Unrestricted but in an orderly manner
Restrictions:No parking near soccer and softball fields
Surface:Concrete, rubber rails, and steel racks and frames.
Size:10, 000 sq feet
Design/build:Harvard School

05. Logan Wells Memorial Skate Park

Logan Wells Memorial skate park is one of the largest parks occupying 4,500 sq feet. It is named after Logan Well, who was hit by a vehicle in 2014 when skating in the park. The park is made of concrete and is located in Anaheim, California.

It is designed with a street plus transition terrain for comfortable skateboarding. Likewise, it operates daily from sunrise to sunset. The skate park sits on a 4,500 square feet surface with several amenities for skaters.


For a better skating experience, it is packed with street features such as;

  • Capsules
  • Double skating bowls
  • Extensions, hips, and small quarter pipes imitate a natural park
  • The park also has ledges, banks, flat rails, and A-frame with rails


Restrictions include the use of helmets and pads while accessing the park, and only bottled water is allowed in the park.

The skate park is closed at sunset since there are no lights in the park.


From Canyon Rd. go for 0.2 miles and turn right onto E Santa Ana Canyon Rd. and then head for 0.4 miles straight into the park. For more directions and routes, visit their map on the website. // Skate Parks In Austin, Texas //

BASIC Information:

Location:Anaheim, California
Address:8165 E Santa Ana Canyon Rd, Anaheim, CA 92808
Telephone:(714) 765-3960
Riding Type:Skateboards, scooters, skates
Skate Hours:Dawn to dusk
Cost fee:Free to the public
Restrictions:Must have helmet and pads while in the park
Surface:Concrete covered with rubber
Size:4500 square feet
Design/build:Spohn Ranch Skateparks

06. Miraloma Park & Family Resource Center

Miraloma Park & Family Resource Center is one of the FRCs operated and maintained by the city of Anaheim. It serves public, private, and family groups in skating and other sporting activities. The resource center is located at Miraloma Way, Anaheim, California.

This facility also offers a platform for local residents and private and public organizations to plan and discuss services that promote Anaheim families’ good health, safety, and growth.


Has features such as half and full pipes, bowls, banks, an A-frame, and flat rails. Other features include;

  • Children’s Play Area
  • Family Resource Center
  • Fitness Zone
  • Picnic Tables
  • Restrooms
  • Skate Facility
  • Splash Pads


Weapons and any glass bottles are restricted in the park. Always wear your helmet and pads while in the park.


To access the park from E Terrace St, Anaheim, head east towards N Lawrence Ave, turn right, then immediately turn left onto E Miraloma Way and arrive at the park. // Skate Parks In Saint Petersburg, Florida //

BASIC Information:

Location:Miraloma Way Anaheim, California
Address:2600 E. Miraloma Way Anaheim, CA 92806
Website:Miraloma Park
Riding Type:Skateboarding, biking, and scooter boarding.
Skate Hours:9:00 am – 7:00 pm Monday – Friday
Cost fee:Gate pass for community members. From $50 for non-residents
Instructors:Bilingual facilitators are available.
Restrictions:Must wear the best skateboard helmets and pads while in the park
Surface:Concrete reinforced with steel
Size:4300 square feet
Opened:April 11, 2015
Design/build:Ruth Rowe

07. Morales Skateboarding Company

Morales Skateboarding Company is a private entity and one of the best Orange County skate parks with improved safety features for the young and the old. The skate park is located at 700 S Van Buren Unit B, California.

It was opened in 2016 and had a 10, 000 square feet surface for skating. The skate park is managed and run by the Morales, who work in assistance with their skilled trainers. Consider booking a training session in this high-quality facility.

The company is more of a private training and riding park with varying charges for different age groups. They allow group bookings at a reduced cost.


Morales skateboarding company doesn’t offer street skating but trains in ramp riding. They have features such as half pipes, bowls, rails, and ramps of different sizes. Instructors are available to guide you through the basics and then allow you to train on your own.

They also offer private half-pipe and bowl riding lessons.


The park is restricted to only bowl and halfpipe training, for the other activities, one can train on one’s own. There are no free sessions, and the park is a private company.


To access the park from S Van Buren St, turn left onto Sierra Madre Cir. and go for 138 ft., then turn left and go straight for 207 ft. to the company. // Skate Parks In Phoenix, Arizona //

BASIC Information:

Location:700 S Van Buren Unit B, California
Address:700 S Van Buren Unit B Placentia, Ca. 92870
Telephone:(714) 203- 1580
Website:Morales Skateboarding Company
Riding Type:Skateboarding and ramp riding
Skate Hours:4 pm-9 pm Monday- Friday, and 9 am – 7 pm on Saturday and Sunday.
Cost fee:$120 for 2hrs sessions consisting of 6 riders, $20 for each additional rider. One rider private lesson at $80 and $300 for a group of 4 riders for 1 hour.
Instructors:Available for private and public sessions (Fred being the best)
Participants:6 riders per public session and 4 in private sessions.
Restrictions:A prepaid session is applied for each guest rider. All sessions are by appointment.
Surface:Concrete with some rubber ramps and steel rails
Size:10,000 square feet
Design/build:Morales company

08. Sendero Field

Sendero Field is a skating park and a playground for all ages. This field is located in San Juan Capistrano, California, along the Ortega Hwy and Antonio Pkwy San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675.

The park is nature-inspired, with long grasses aside from blue pathways giving the skate park a green field feeling. Thus, the environment is calm, with lots of rest grounds and a cool atmosphere. You can enjoy the natural environment as you walk along the sidewalks or on the natural biking paths.


It has baseball fields and pickleball courts with extra amenities such as clean washrooms and green resting grounds. Other features include capsules, bowls, flat rails, halfpipes, handrails, and the ledge.

The park resembles a natural park with many bushes, streets, and biological structures. Suitable for every age group with field tour guides. On the playground, kids can enjoy the following;

  • Baby and bench swings
  • Rock climbing
  • Balance beams
  • Spider web rope ladders


Restrict yourself from sitting on the steel structures under the hot sun, and be careful of ants on the floor. The park is also out of bounds at night.


To access the field from San Juan Capistrano town, use the Ortega Hwy and head south for a few miles. Turn right at Ortega Ave and head straight to Sendero Fields. // Skate Parks In Kansas City, Missouri //

BASIC Information:

Location:San Juan Capistrano, California.
Address:Ortega Hwy and Antonio Pkwy San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
Email:Not available
Telephone:Get them on their website
Website:Not available
Riding Type:Roller skating/blading,
Skate Hours:Dawn to dusk
Cost fee:Open to the public
Restrictions:Closed at night
Surface:Concrete grounds and steel racks
Size:15-acre park

09. Vans Off the Wall Skatepark

This skate park, operated by Jack and Vans, was opened in 2014 in partnership with the City of Huntington Beach, California. Vans Off the Wall is one of the best skate parks in Orange County, with high-quality social amenities.

It is located at Huntington Beach, California, 7471 Center Avenue, Huntington Beach, CA, 92647 Street. The skate park is an indoor facility with other amenities inside the park. These include shopping malls and stores.


  • Has various features such as handrails, halfpipes, extensions, and bowls
  • It also has the world-famous Combi bowl
  • The excellent indoor location in Outlook Mall gives people a good view of the skaters as they go by their business
  • It occupies a surface area of 35,000 square feet for ample parking, playground, and skating surface


  • No skating on Wednesday, strictly for BMX bikes
  • Must wear a helmet and the best knee and elbow pads
  • No drugs, alcohol, or tobacco are allowed in the park
  • Adhere to all the athlete regulations while skating
  • Skating is restricted to seven days a week from 9 am to 8 pm, excluding Wednesdays for biking


To access the park from Huntington Beach, head northwest on Orange Ave towards Main St, then turn further right. Finally, turn left onto Gothard St., straight to the park. // Skate Parks In Columbus, Ohio //

BASIC Information:

Location:Huntington Beach, California
Address:7471 Center Avenue, Huntington Beach, CA 92647
Telephone:(714) 379-6666
Riding Type:Skating and biking
Skate Hours:Monday-Friday: 11 am to 8 pm, Saturday: 10 am to 9 pm, Sunday: 12 pm [6] to 6 pm
Cost fee:Free
Instructors:Field guides and personal trainees
Participants:Rarely gets overcrowded, hence no restriction on the number
Restrictions:No skating on Wednesday, strictly for BMX bikes
Surface:Concrete, rubber, and steel rails and frames
Size:35000 square feet
Opened:March 22, 2014
Design/build:Vans Company and Giant Marc Jacobs

10. Vans SkatePark

Vans skate park is one of the best skateparks in Orange, located in the West Bldg. Avenue in California. It was started in 1999 as a community park till 2015 when California Skateparks renovated and opened it as the Vans skatepark.

The park is a private entity originally wood/masonite with scheduled sessions. It is an indoor facility with high-quality equipment. It has been run by Vans company since 2015 and offers world-class experiences at a small fee.


The park is restricted to the public, and one has to pay the gate fee to access the park. You must have a helmet and pad before being allowed into the park. You can have your trainer or be your trainer.

Besides, one must sign a waiver to be allowed to skate. BMX riders are restricted to special sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. and Sundays from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.


It has all the latest street features, such as

  • Rails
  • Half Pipes and snipes
  • Frames and skating bowls
  • Has extra sessions for BMX riders


To access the park, visit their website and use google Maps and fill in your location with the destination as vans skatepark. From E Central Ave, head south towards Mill St to Church St, then turn left to Nixon Dr. straight to the park. // Skate Parks In Asheville, North Carolina //

BASIC Information:

Location:West Bldg. A – Ste. 2, Orange, California
Address:20 City Blvd. West Bldg. A – Ste. 2, Orange, CA, 92868
Riding Type:Skating, scooting
Skate Hours:Monday to Thursday: 11 am to 8 pm; Friday and Saturday: 10 am to 9 pm; Sunday: 12 pm to 6 pm[7] 
Cost fee:$100 per session, and sports gear hired at a price
Instructors:Field instructors, personal trainer
Participants:Just enough to not overcrowd the park
Restrictions:Must use the best longboard helmets and pads
Surface:Concrete and steel frames and rails
Size:46, 000 square feet
Opened:In 1999, then refurbished in 2015
Design/build:California skateparks designs


If you reside in Orange or wish to visit the place, you do not need to worry about where to spend time skating and other sporting activities. Orange is well known for its vast choice of skateparks, public and private.

The above listed are the best skate parks in Orange County, California. You can select one that has amenities and activities that suit your preference.

And don’t forget to wear a helmet and pads for safety while skating in the parks.

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