Top 10 Best Skateboard Wheels for Rough Roads

Top 10 Best Skateboard Wheels for Rough Roads (Updated)

Skateboard wheels are something to buy with extreme care. And even more so, if you want to use the skateboard on rough surfaces. For that purpose, you need the best skateboard wheels for rough roads that have different features from regular ones.

Rough terrain skateboard wheels must have a high rebound and larger than usual sizes. At present, there are plenty of options in the market, ranging from different sizes and different levels of hardness.

So, choosing the wheels that are most appropriate for you, can prove to be quite a difficult task. This buying guide includes a detailed analysis of 10 best skateboard wheels for rough roads, which are pretty popular among the riders and seldom disappoint a buyer.

All things considered, they are distinguishable and represent specific styles of users. We will also guide you through the pros and cons of these top-rated skateboard wheels, in order to help you make a well-informed purchase.

Top 10 Best Rough Road Skateboard Wheels

In this section, we’ll detail the features, pros and cons of our top picks so that it becomes clear to you which one should be your ideal pick.

01. FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels with Bearings 


If not the perfect, the Freedare Skateboard Wheels with Bearings are surely one of the best skateboard wheels for rough roads on the market.

The 60 mm wheels are most appropriate for skating enthusiasts, especially when learning penny board tricks or simply gliding along the street.

Apart from the typical cruising, these specialized skateboard wheels can be used on all kinds of grounds, including but not limited to walkways, pavements, bitumen roads, rough roads and even, grass.

This specific kind of skateboard wheels are designed for the use of rookie skateboarders. 


With a size of 60 mm x 45 mm, the Freedare skateboard wheels are ready to handle all kinds of turns and creases.

Besides its main function of allowing users to cruise around, it also allows users to play games like penny board and learn tricks, thanks to the size of the wheels.


Already attached to the wheels, comes the bearing with a dimension of 22 mm x 8 mm.


Three LED lights come attached with the core, enveloped in 83A PU good quality urethane.


With high-grade quality, the wheels are extremely durable and have a perfect balance. It also lets you glide down hills with the help of its grippy rubber sole.


The wheels perform well, sliding fast and smooth with the perfect balance. While they do great on the streets, they perform seamlessly on skate parks. Oh, and the wheels light up when riding!


With 82A rating, the wheels are soft and ready to roll.

  • Fast and smooth performance
  • Perfect wheels to attempt tricks
  • Very cost-effective 
  • Comes with bearings
  • Perfectly soft wheels
  • None could be found

02. Shark Wheel 60mm 78a Skateboard Wheels


If you’re looking for something different, something out of the ordinary, these remarkable-looking, square-shaped Shark Wheels are worth considering.

Shark Wheel 60mm 78a Skateboard Wheels


Designed specifically for professionals, these wheels are three times faster than regular urethane wheels.

The Shark Wheels are the re-invented wheels. This is an innovative take on traditional longboard wheels. While typical wheels are round-shaped, these are expertly engineered into square shapes.

This is an innovative take on traditional longboard wheels.


However, the size of the best skateboard wheels for rough roads is not the largest. With a diameter of 60 mm, the wheels are average sized but that makes them well suited for professional players.

the size of the best skateboard wheels for rough roads is not the largest.


Made with 78A urethane material, the wheels are good for learning tricks while skating.


It has a superior quality which helps absorb impact and gives long-lasting performance, even on tough terrains.

It has a superior quality which helps absorb impact and gives long-lasting performance


Contrary to what people sometimes think, they are not rocky, nor are they uncomfortable to ride. As a matter of fact, they are lighter than traditional products and three times as fast. In reality, these wheels offer the ultimate all-terrain efficiency.

In reality, these wheels offer the ultimate all-terrain efficiency.


Having been featured on Shark Tank, Discovery Channel, FedEx advertisements, and more, they got the surge. Now, several Fortune 500 businesses are using the Shark Wheels.

Having been featured on Shark Tank, Discovery Channel, FedEx advertisements, and more, they got the surge.


  • Outstanding results on all-terrain
  • Higher quality performance
  • Resistant to humid conditions
  • Thrice the pace and the stability
  • Appropriate size for league players


  • Couldn’t find any

03. Orangatang Caguama 85 mm Longboard Wheels


The second best-rated skateboard wheels for rough roads on the list, the Orangatang Caguama Longboard Wheels, are surely the perfect way to go if you want to experience maximum speed and momentum while riding.

Constructed with a diameter of 85 mm for top speed, the large and polished wheels also cater to comfort and acceleration for longboard travel.

These can also be hooked up to electrical longboards and used to push, boost and carve long distances. Owing to the 56 mm contact pad, you can easily move over concrete structures.

The skin on the top provides a stronghold, and the slightly curved edges help the wheels work seamlessly.


Despite not having the largest wheels, the Orangatang Caguama travels at an impressive pace with its 85 mm diameter wheels and skids through bricks, blocks and the rockiest surfaces.


Its basic compound makes the urethane wheels simple, sleek, soft and snug like other best skateboard wheels for rough roads.


Sold in different colors and hardness, blue- 77A rating, orange- 80A rating and purple- 83A rating are the three durometers that are widely popular. 


The only wide and firm, partially transparent 46 mm center, minimizes weight whilst also delivering faster traction and plenty of momentum.


Works fine for any electronic skateboard designed to hold Orangatang Kegels, facilitating a quicker and cleaner cruise.

  • May be a bit too large for some people

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04. IWONDER Cloud Wheel Electric Skateboard Wheels 


If you want to experience the absolute adventure of cruising across rougher terrain, then give these Cloud Wheels a chance.

With one of the largest diameters of 120 mm, the best polyurethane battery-operated skateboard wheels for rough roads can travel on all kinds of terrains - ranging from the most polished floors to the roughest roads.

It has Damping Foam Core Technology, which takes out almost all the vibrations and pressure waves using the core.

The rounded surface on the Cloud Wheels allows the skateboard to efficiently improve the wheel's traction and slip-resistant power while skating at a high velocity.


Designed with a thick wheel core, the wheels perform much better than regular ABEC wheel cores. For higher tolerance to strong impacts, it is constructed with a durable substance that has maximum intensity.


Constructed with 78A translucent urethane material, these wheels have the perfect kind of softness to learn tricks that require you to make sharp turns.


Owing to their spectacular pulley gear, the wheels are functional with several electronic boards and longboards, including but not limited to Boosted, Evolve, Exway, and Ownboard.


The thick core of the wheels helps the boards to ride effortlessly even on grass, gravel and asphalt pavement. 

  • Formed from a durable substance having high intensity
  • Thick core that filters all kinds of pressure waves 
  • Slip and impact resistant 
  • Compatible with most electronic boards and longboards 
  • Could’ve been a bit more affordable

05. Bones Rough Riders Tank Skateboard Wheels


For an excellent ride across the neighborhood, even if it is a rough one, these wheels are worth exploring like other best skateboard wheels for rough roads .

Thanks to the durable construction, these help the riders cruise seamlessly and provide utmost satisfaction.

Despite the moderately sized diameter of 59 mm, the Bones Rough Riders Tank Wheels are quite decent for undergoing turns and tricks.

The dimensions of the wheels are 59 mm x 44 mm. Constructed with heavy-duty material, the package arrives with a set of four wheels.


Thanks to the 80A hardness rating, the wheels are smooth and perfect for all kinds of terrains, including the roughest ones. The wide wheel core also contributes to providing seamless rides.


Made of top-grade urethane, the wheels are intolerant of flat-spots. Constructed with All-Terrain Formula (ATF), the Bones Rough Riders Tank Wheels were prepared for quicker rides in rugged areas.

However, because of the special formula, its softness allows you to ride on all kinds of grounds.


These really lightweight and exceptionally quick skateboard wheels allow you to ride securely, even on the toughest terrains.

Not only that, these wheels also guarantee smoother traction and insane momentum.

  • All-Terrain Formula for a quick and easy ride 
  • Ideal for rugged surfaces and smoother sailing
  • Great sized wheels 
  • Top-grade urethane 
  • Have resistance against flat-spots 
  • Performance has scope for improvement

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06. Ricta Chrome Clouds Skateboard Wheels

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary and the best 52 skateboard wheels for rough roads, this is for you.

Far from the typical skateboard wheels, the Ricta Chrome Clouds Skateboard wheels are ultra-springy and incredibly fast.

Having a wide range of colors, the diameters of the wheels vary between 52 mm and 60 mm. So, you can pick whichever size suits you perfect.

The Ricta Chrome Clouds Skateboard Wheels have two different ratings- 86A and 78A. While the 78A wheels are extremely soft, the 86A have the perfect kind of softness.


These extremely soft and ridiculously fast skateboard wheels let you ride safely on the harshest grounds.


Designed to provide utmost control and stability, its smooth surface has a polished finish in order to give you the ultimate skating experience.


With a contemporary design, the chrome wheels are compact and light in weight, allowing you to glide and cruise across the neighborhood like other best 52 skateboard wheels for rough roads.

  • Comes in several colors 
  • New type with a clean surface and vibrant protective layer 
  • Super slick for providing better grasp and control 
  • Really quick and extremely perky 
  • Variety of diameters and durometers available for riders
  • Comes with assurance for any kind of flaw in fabrication
  • Variety in skateboard wheels
  • Relatively costly

07. MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels


Along with a pretty good diameter of 100 mm, the best MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels for rough roads . give smooth and secure riding experience on all kinds of pathways.

These sturdy wheels are suitable for off-road tracks, such as asphalt or concrete roads with wide cracks. Designed to roll smoothly on rough and tough surfaces, the MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels have an insanely high bounce.

They let you ride with comfort while still offering great acceleration. As the wheels work tremendously well on surfaces like sidewalks, pavements and even grass, they can be used for rides to and from schools.


With a 100 mm diameter, the MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels may be a bit too large for certain boards. So, check if your deck can accommodate these large wheels because they can cause wheel-bite if proven to be too wide for your deck.


Due to the functionality of the design, these wheels have snug-fitting, especially when riding on slick or swampy surfaces. If you want to get them, first verify they fit your board’s dimensions.


On the streets, you can ride across grooves without experiencing any difference in the consistency of your journey. Rocky terrain often makes cruising unpleasant, but the MBS All-Terrain Wheels will not let you feel any vibrations.


Packed with 78A rating, this extremely bouncy urethane gives you maximum speed.


These are perfectly mountable on most longboards like other best skateboard wheels for rough roads.

  • Compatible with many longboards 
  • Capacity to provide unparalleled speed
  • Capable of providing firm hold over ride
  • Secure and comfortable rides
  • Capable of riding on any surface
  • Prone to wheel-bite if the boards are not big enough 
  • Slightly costly

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08. MOTION Electric Skateboard Wheels


Whether you’re longing for the best skateboard wheels for your longboards or electronic boards, the Motion Electric Skateboard Wheels are worth pursuing.

Owing to the strong construction, these wheels are ready for all kinds of roads. The all-terrain electric skateboard wheels made of polyurethane, have a diameter of 120 mm. 

With its much larger than the normal diameter, the wheels can be used to ride around anywhere in the city, without any restrictions.

With the 78A hardness rating, the wheels are polished and ready for all kinds of off-road terrains. While the softness of the wheels provide a strong rebound and high speed, the width of the wheel core enables seamless rides.


Along with the wheels, there are ABEC 7 bearings. With dimensions of 8 mm x 10 mm, these allow the wheels to rotate freely and smoothly.


The wheels can be used with many longboards and electric boards.


It has patented Damping Core Technology, which provides the wheels with a corrosion-resistant surface. The surface material allows the wheels to eliminate vibrations and ride smoothly. 

  • Diameter perfect for better rides 
  • High durability makes rides smoother 
  • Wheels come with bearings 
  • Designed to work with many Longboards and Electric Boards 
  • Wheel-bite might occur

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09. Sector 9 Top Shelf Wheels

Designed keeping flexibility in mind, the Sector 9 Wheels provide much stronger grasp than standard round wheels. You can ride swiftly and with ease using these wheels on any skateboard.

With a pretty decent diameter of 65 mm, the Sector 9 Longboard Wheels are comfortable to ride, while consistently maintaining proper balance.

Having a hardness rating of 78A, these wheels are in the ideal range. These sturdy wheels give quite a secure riding experience.


Made with top-shelf urethane used in many other top-quality skateboard wheels for rough roads, these Sector 9 wheels give some fantastic rides.


These wheels give a pretty great performance, courtesy of the special design on the wheels. Unlike most skateboard wheels, which are just round, these have a flexible edge around the wheels.

This texture gives a much better grip than regular round wheels, for sure. In addition, the top-shelf urethane offers a time-tested process of additional stability.


As slalom wheels, they operate incredibly well. If you want to move around town, they will help you keep a steady grip. 


In comparison to most skateboard wheels, these have an elastic edge on the surface. There is also a 38 mm contact patch under the compression, which is usually 20 mm on standard wheels.

  • Pretty good performance 
  • Functional design to have control over rides
  • Steady turns and twists, thanks to the flexible edge on the surface 
  • High-quality build
  • Not ideal for all levels of riders 

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10. Ricta Wheels Clouds 92A Skateboard

Contemporary skateboards have fairly small and quite tough wheels that can mostly just be used to ride in skateboard parks. Upgrading to these wheels will allow you to use your skateboard for regular commuting.

As the wheels have a hardness rating of 92A, they can be used to skate on rough surfaces, such as rocky roads, culverts, streams, and even rusty steps.

With diameters ranging from 52 mm to 56 mm, the Ricta Cloud Wheels are not too large or too small. These flexible, all-terrain wheels operate smoothly on streets and seamlessly at skateparks, having the classic wheel shape.

Since these wheels can perform irrespective of the road conditions, many use them as daily commutes. You don't have to worry about skating over rugged surfaces, the turns are super clean with these versatile wheels.


A softer formulation of Hi-Energy urethane used in the construction of these Cloud Series wheels enables them to move over rough surfaces such as ridges and ditches so effortlessly.


While these sleek wheels roll over the riding ground with a polished layer, it may initially appear grippy but will quickly fade away.

Being part of the Cloud Series wheels, they will allow you to skate on all kinds of rough terrain without compromising on performance.

  • Perfect replacement for smaller, harder wheels
  • Proper size provides excellent street efficiency and flawless skatepark performance
  • Not only rideable on most roads but also strong and flexible enough to do trick
  • Will last long
  • Relatively pricey

Factors To Consider While Purchasing The Best Wheels For Rough Roads

Two essential features- softness and large diameters- are required for wheels to perfectly tread across rough terrain.

01. Softness

Regular skateboard wheels tend to be between 90A and 100A in softness. However, it is wise to get softer wheels for rough roads, between 80A and 90A softness level.

Here, softness does not literally mean soft wheels. It means wheels which are more elastic in nature. This is crucial because flexible wheels have a fantastic rebound, which absorbs the roughness and distortions of the rocky path.

It also makes the ride feel super smooth by strengthening the wheel’s grasp on the surface.

It is wise to get softer wheels for rough roads, between 80A and 90A softness level.

02. Diameter

Wheels with larger diameters give smoother rides. This is because bigger wheels move over the distortions easily and provide greater speed.

The standard range of diameters is between 50 mm and 60 mm. But, wheels greater than 54 mm in diameters are viewed as larger. 

So, if you want to tread across rugged roads, opt for bigger sized wheels. They will help you move across poor and uneven roads without having to face difficulties.

The best skateboard wheels for rough roads must have the aforementioned features.

The best skateboard wheels for rough roads must have the aforementioned features.

FAQs About Skateboard Wheels

These are some commonly asked questions by people about rough road skateboard wheels.

Are Soft Wheels Better for Rough Roads?

Soft wheels tend to be more grippy, but they also come with a trade-off: less speed and acceleration. That’s because soft wheels have less inertia than hard wheels, which means they stop turning more easily when you slow down or stop.

If you’re riding on rough roads and tend to slow down or stop frequently, soft wheels may not be your best choice.

Are Soft Wheels Better for Rough Roads?

Can We Skate on Rough Road?

We are often asked if we can skateboard on rough roads, and the answer is yes, but with a few precautions. If you are skating in an urban environment and the ground is uneven or bumpy, it’s essential to ensure your board is correctly adjusted for your weight, size, and skill level.

The key to avoiding injury when skating on these surfaces is ensuring your trucks are tight and that your wheels are properly aligned. If they’re not aligned correctly, they will bounce around as you skate and could cause damage to the bearings. If you have ever tried ice skating before, you know that it takes some practice before you can get good at it!

Skateboarding is similar in this respect because it’s not something everyone can pick up immediately. Learning how to roll smoothly over bumps in the road may take some time without losing control of your board or falling off.

Are 99A Wheels Good on Rough Surfaces?

If you are looking for a skateboard wheel that offers grip and comfort, then the 99A wheel is the best choice. This wheel is considered to be soft and has an average hardness rating. The softness of this wheel makes it ideal for riding on rough surfaces because it absorbs vibrations and impacts well.

Most beginners prefer to use these wheels as they provide more stability while riding. Hard wheels do not absorb vibration as well as soft ones.

So if you want to ride fast on rough surfaces like concrete or asphalt, you need a hard wheel with high rebound capabilities such as 95A or 85A (hardness rating).

Can You Ride 52MM Skateboard Wheels on a Road?

If you’re looking to get the most out of the smooth ride with big wheels, then yes, you can ride 52mm skateboard wheels on the road! The larger diameter of these wheels makes them more stable and easier to maneuver around turns and obstacles in your path.

This also means that they don’t have as much grip as smaller wheels — which is why they’re better suited for off-roading — so if you plan on driving fast on paved surfaces, it might be best to stick with smaller sizes instead.

Final Words

You need to find the right skateboarding wheels if you really want to savor your skateboarding experience. With so many choices out there, though, you can't just pick up any wheel without finding out which one can perfect match your needs.

If you just want to skate around concrete roads and pavements, you can use pretty much most wheels with great rebound. However, if you want to tread across rough and uneven roads, you have to look for wheels designed specifically for that.

After extensive research, we have covered all the best skateboard wheels for rough roads in this article. We have made sure to recommend the genuinely good ones with proper sized wheels and perfect flexibility, so that you don’t end up investing your money on the wrong product.

Rest assured, if you choose from the list above, you can't go wrong!

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