the best skateboard wheels for cruising

Top 10 Best Skateboard Wheels For Cruising (Buying Guide)

Your skateboard needs a completely new makeover when you switch to freeriding in the streets from power sliding around the skate park. That said, you need good quality wheels for a safe and fun cruising experience.

Skateboarding, although an inexpensive sport, really triggers our stress levels when it comes to choosing the best skateboard wheels for cruising. Since tricks make up the better part of skateboarding, you need the perfect set of wheels to get started. 

The question isn’t what type of wheel your skateboard needs because, with the right spacers and bearings, your skateboard can accommodate all sorts of wheels. Rather the question is what you’re going to do with your skateboard and what type of wheels are appropriate for that. 

If you’re at sixes and sevens choosing a set of wheels to head out with your skateboard, you have indeed come to the right place! In this write-up, we have 10 of the top-explained skateboard and longboard wheels in store for you.

Our Top 10 Best Cruising Skateboard Wheels

Settling on a set of skateboard wheels is definitely not as easy as it seems. For your convenience, we have explained 10 top skateboard wheels for cruising. Give it a read!

01. Shark Wheel California Roll Skateboard Wheels


If you’re not in the mood for thinking about what riser pads you need to fit chunky longboard wheels, check this one out!

Small diameter for more versatile

A small diameter on the best skateboard wheels for cruising makes your skateboard more versatile for not only nailing tricks at the skatepark but also heading out for a challenging freeride.

Keeping that in mind, settling for these sleek, 60mm Shark Wheels will give you the perfect bang for the buck!

An extraordinary performance

Moreover, these wheels give no less of an extraordinary performance when it comes down to all-terrain cruising. Having a hard time putting your trust in these amazing wheels?

Then you’ll be happy to know that they were seen on FedEx commercials and all the way to the mighty Discovery Channel. A durometer of 78A means that the wheels fall on the softer side.

It’s a plus point when the nature of your commute will have you stop frequently. Soft wheels slow the skateboard down much faster.

Good Urethane Formula

Not only that, but it will also be easy for you to control soft longboard wheels at fast speeds. Their grip on the tracks is also worthy of praise. The urethane formula protects them on uneven terrains like sand, gravel, and even thin grass!

Last but not the least, you have no reason to think that just because the wheels are grippy, they won’t be comfortable for rolling and sliding. Rather they are highly versatile wheels that put your mind at ease while giving you a smooth ride.


  • Ideal for uneven terrains
  • Unique look
  • Delivers a smooth sliding experience
  • High-quality core


02. FREEDARE 58mm Skateboard Wheels


Being the very best for cruiser skateboards and longboards, these wheels are not only easy to install but also comfortable for a long ride on bumpy roads!

Diameter and hardness

The mistake we make while choosing skateboard wheels is that we don’t pay attention to their diameter and hardness, which is why rolling them on a certain kind of terrain affects your cruising experience a great deal.

So, if you’re looking for a good set of skateboard wheels that can tackle all sorts of gravelly or pebbly grounds, this is the one. The 58mm wheels are an excellent option for cruising with your buddies.

Great Balance and Stability

You won’t have to think about the jolting or losing control of your skateboard on rugged pavements when you’re rolling on these wheels. They are soft and durable enough to keep your feet on the board.

The wheels come assembled with spacers and bearings, so they’re ready to be used straight away out of the box. They might be a bit too wide for landing tricks or small skateboards, but they’re made for cruising, and you will get the best of that!


  • Easy to install as other best skateboard wheels for cruising
  • Comes with spacers and bearings
  • Ideal for riding on rugged ground
  • Rolls smoothly on skateparks


  • Average quality bearings

03. Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels


This is another one best skateboard wheels for cruising on our list. Go off the curbs and drop softly on the skate park with a set of 4 Spitfire wheels.

A smooth-riding experience

Nobody ever went wrong with Spitfire when a smooth-riding experience is in question! You get to choose from two options. The skateboard tool and bearings will be a great addition for riding right away.

Moreover, the wheels have a cool artsy print that goes well with their Spitfire name.

Also, street skating is now easier than ever with this set of 4 best hard skateboard wheels for cruising, thanks to their big range of wheel diameter options that start from 48mm and go all the way up to 63mm. 

Wheel diameters that fall in this specific range make your skateboard a smooth cruiser.

All-Terrain Performance

The wheels also grip nicely on smoother terrains. So, when you’re doing wall or sideways skating, they will deliver a good performance compared to other skateboard wheels.

This is not a set of wheels that you take lightly. They are solely made for regular, aggressive skateboarding. Moreover, they are a bit softer than street wheels since street wheels have a diameter of 50mm to 60mm.

Comfortable Cruising

Anything greater than 60mm wheels is good for cruising. That said, the Spitfire wheels are simply magnificent on bumpy grounds, rugged streets, and sideways.

They have the diameter of cruise wheels and the 99A hardness of street wheels. This speed and grip combination adds versatility to your skateboarding, making them a classic choice of skateboard wheels!


  • Great cruising wheels
  • Suitable for doing walls
  • Lands softly after a trick
  • Made of durable materials


  • Slightly wider than regular street wheels

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Skateboard Wheels for Cruising.

When you think about getting a set of skateboard wheels, you need to consider the key aspects that make them the very perfect for cruising. We are highlighting some of them so that you can make a worthy purchase!

Factors to Consider When Purchase the Best Skateboard Wheels for Cruising.

Wheel Diameter

A diameter of 50mm to 60mm would mean that the wheels are suited for skatepark fun. A ride around the streets is also fine.

On the other hand, 54mm to 65mm wheels are called soft skateboard wheels. They are the perfect skateboard wheels for cruising.

Wheels having a 60mm to 75mm diameter are usually longboard wheels. They roll perfectly on rough and rocky terrains. Downhill racing feels perfect on large wheels.

Wheel Hardness

The durometer is the unit of wheel hardness. Wheels with a durometer of 78A to 90A are the soft ones. Soft wheels grip nicely on the ground for doing corners and keeping steady.

90A to 98A fall in the middle range; that said, they are perfect on not only skateparks but also the streets for freeriding.

Wheels with more than 99A hardness are solely made for doing tricks at the park or dashing through the streets. They roll fast, slide easily, and they’re perfectly fitted for technical tricks.

Contact Patch

The contact patch is the area of the wheels that come in contact with the ground. A narrow contact patch helps the wheels speed up faster around a skate park while a wide one helps them stay steady on a mad downhill.

Street skaters benefit a lot from a narrow contact patch. Wide wheels work perfectly on skating bowls and commutes.

Comfort and Versatility

The wheels’ profile has a lot to do with making you’re cruising a comfortable one. Pay attention to the grip, weight, edge, and urethane quality. Wheels with a rounded edge slide smoothly.

On the other hand, wheels with sharp edges grip the ground firmly on all terrains, in the rain, and they also slip less.

Can I Use a Normal Skateboard to Cruise?

What Hardness Should a Cruising Wheel Be?

78a is generally considered the best hardness for cruising, but it depends on personal preference. The harder the wheel, the faster it will roll, but it’s also more likely to be damaged if you hit something. If you’re looking for an excellent middle ground between cruising and freeriding, try out some 80a or 83a wheels.

Can I Use a Normal Skateboard to Cruise?

You might be able to use a normal skateboard as a cruiser, but it’s not recommended. First, the wheels on your average skateboard are usually made for speed and agility, not stability. This means they’re less likely to roll over curbs and other obstacles than the wheels on a cruiser board.

Secondly, the kicktails (the small tails at the back of a board) on most skateboards aren’t designed for pushing or grinding against surfaces like curbs and railings. If you try to use one as a cruiser, chances are good that it will break off or get damaged quickly.

Even if you can find a skateboard with the right shape and size wheels for cruising, there’s still another problem: most skateboard trucks don’t have enough room under them to mount these wheels properly.

You’ll need to buy new trucks specifically designed for cruisers instead of using ones from an existing board.

Are Ricta Clouds 78A Good?

Yes! The Ricta Cloud wheels are an excellent choice for cruising because they have a soft durometer (78a), making them fast and grippy while still being durable enough to last a while (especially with regular maintenance). They’re also relatively cheap compared to many other brands of cruisers.

Are Wider Skateboards Better for Cruising?

Wider decks are generally better suited to cruising than narrower ones because there’s more room to move your feet around. This makes them easier to balance and allows you to place your feet wider apart without fear of falling over.

However, it can be difficult to maintain an even pace over long distances if you’re riding down a steep hill or a bumpy road. The wider surface area will cause the board’s momentum to slow down more quickly when it hits an obstacle.

Final Words

This was our rundown on 10 skateboard wheels at the top of their game! Once you know the status of your commute and the tricks you’re going to flaunt with your skateboard, narrowing down the perfect wheels is child’s play.

That said, you no longer should have any difficulty choosing the proper wheels and reaching new heights. The thane lines you’re going to leave on the tracks will sing songs of your skateboarding glory, and you’ll be the new cool kid in town.

This is what the best skateboard wheels for cruising do to you. On top of that, you get to try out some awesome tricks you never thought of performing outside your dreams. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a set of wheels right away and let the skateboarding begin!

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