7 Best Skateboard Launch Ramps (Buying Guide)

7 Best Skateboard Launch Ramps In 2023 (Buying Guide)

Growing up in my neighborhood with only one skatepark made it almost impossible to enjoy skating as the park was virtually full of capacity. Purchasing a skateboard launch ramp for use at home was the ultimate solution.

Quick List: Best Skateboard Launch Ramps

  • Ramptech Ramps – Best Heavy-Duty DIY Portable Launch Ramp Kit ($249-$349)
  • G35 PRO Ramps – Best Wood Portable Launch Ramp Kit Set ($219-$299)
  • Ten-Eighty Ramps – Best Skatepark Launch Ramp Set with Grind Rail ($69-$99)
  • INFIDEZ Ramps – Best Wooden Large Skateboard Ramp for Kids Jumping ($49-$69)
  • OC Ramps Kit – Best Skateboard Launch Ramp with Coping and Wall Ride ($319-$399)

Do you also need a personalized skateboard launch ramp to carry around easily as you make good use of your cameras? Worry not; this article will help you determine your preferred choice that fits your budget, is easily portable, and is quickly assembled.

Moreover, this will feature the 7 best skateboard launch ramps in 2023 and their different aspects to guide you on the best that suits your preference.

7 Best Kicker Skateboard Ramp Reviews

Let’s jump into the unfiltered reviews now!_

1. Ramptech XL Best DIY Portable Skateboard Launch Ramp Kit

Ramptech Kicker XL ramp is one of the best launch ramps for skateboarding in the market. The package includes the following:

  • Instructions booklet
  • Sunken screws and bar handles
  • Pre-cut and drilled plywood pieces
  • ABS plastic ramp surface
  • Caster wheels
51Wg5yaAQgL. SL500

Price: Check on Amazon

The kicker XL is a launch-type ramp for skating from the ground up, giving the thrust for more skating tricks. This ramp measures 40″L x 24″ W x 18″H with a weight of 36 pounds.

With a visual assembling guide, the ramp is quick to assemble. You require a screw gun or drill to fasten the screws. The ramp has caster wheels and handles to facilitate its movement ability hence becoming one of the most highly portable ramps in the market.

Ramptech Kicker XL ramp is designed for heavy tasks and made from durable HDO plywood, steel coping rails, and ABS plastic surface. The material used is weatherproof and waterproof for outdoor and indoor activities.

Ramptech manufactures the kicker XL ramp, and its price ranges between $250 and $300, depending on your supplier. Ramptech products have a limited warranty and disclaimer of implied warranty.


  • Quick to assemble with a visual guide
  • Weatherproof and waterproof
  • Highly durable
  • Easily portable
  • Has steel coping and hardware


  • Height isn’t adjustable
  • May flip over if not well grounded

2. Graw Jump Best Wooden Launch Ramp for Skateboard

The J15 wooden Graw jump ramp is among the lightest and easy to skate on, especially for kids. Graw jump ramps make smooth jump ramps for RC skateboards, scooters, and bikes.

The package comes with –

  • Assembly instructions
  • Sunken screws
  • The Graw Fanzine
  • A set of Graw stickers
  • Rubber pads and metal plate
41yEHZhH6rL. SL500

Price: Check on Amazon

With a weight capacity of up to 200kg, it measures 25.6″L x 15.7″W x 5.9″H making it ideal for kids. The ramp is a lightweight duty design weighing around 3kgs. J15 series has a 5.9″ height facilitating skating tricks and require no assembling.

The ramp is a one-piece curved plywood which is light and easy to relocate. The J15 wooden Graw jump ramp is easily portable and fits in almost every space within your car and indoor facilities.

To ensure strong support, the ramp is made of 100% beech-engineered wood with 15mm of thickness. These kickers have rubber pads to provide maximum stability under any performance environment.

The Graw Jumps Ramps brand with a weatherproof surface manufactures these ramps. It will cost you between $125 and $150 with a lifetime limited warranty.


  • Doesn’t need assembly
  • Lightweight, compact, and strong
  • Easy to relocate and highly portable
  • It has rubber pads for maximum support
  • Highly durable


  • Only suitable for kids below 12 years of age
  • Prone to breakage

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3. G35 PRO Best Graw Jump Ramp For Skateboarding

Here is another Graw Jump Ramp similar to the J15 model. However, the G35 PRO is heavier and more prominent than other series.

The packaging includes:

  • Assembly instructions
  • Sunken screws
  • Metal plate
  • Rubber pads
  • The Graw Fanzine
  • A set of Graw stickers
516g6kbRL4L. SL500

Price: Check on Amazon

It is mainly used by professional skaters or in major skate parks by skilled adults. This ramp is a heavy-duty design weighing around 26.4 pounds when assembled with dimensions of 44.5 inches x 19.6 inches and a height of 14 inches.

G35 PRO Graw jump is quick to assemble – you only need to fix the metal plate on the lower edge using sunken screws, fasten it with a screwdriver, and attach the rubber pads. The jump ramp is heavy and hence not easily portable.

It is made from 100% engineered beech plywood with a 0.79″ thickness. The plywood is a pile-up of 12 layers, offering much-needed strength and flexibility since wood is elastic.

This Graw Jump Ramps brand product is weatherproof and waterproof. From the local stores, it will cost you between $200 and $250 with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Durable and strong
  • Offers an actual height of 14″ for professionals
  • Weatherproof
  • Quick to assemble
  • Made of flexible beech wood


  • Heavy to transport
  • Expensive

4. Ten-Eighty Best Skate Park Launch Ramp Set with Grind Rail

The ten-Eighty skatepark launch pad is a new design incorporating the ramps and rails together for a better skating experience, especially for kids.

The package includes the following:

  • Three skate ramps and a top landing surface
  • A 40″ square rail set
  • Visual instruction booklet
  • Screws
  • Set of Ten-Eighty stickers
4132ZgARWGL. SL500

Price: Check on Amazon

It weighs 12.07 kg when packed with ‎dimensions of 28.5 x 16.5 x 12.5 inches. The set has a deck length of 40 inches with a load capacity of 175 pounds.

The ten-Eighty skatepark launch ramp is quickly assembled by joining the three skate ramps and the top surface. When completed, it is a big, heavy-duty design, and relocating it to that state may prove challenging.

These ramps are made of black ABS plastic material, providing a weatherproof and waterproof effect for indoor and outdoor performances. The rail set is made of hardened steel to withstand the punishment and jumps.

This launch ramp is a Ten-Eighty brand manufactured with a 90-day manufacturer warranty. Its price ranges between $160 and $200, depending on your place of purchase.


  • Quick to assemble
  • Safe and strong for kids and beginners
  • Weatherproof and waterproof
  • Versatile with multiple uses


  • Less sturdy
  • Less portable

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5. INFIDEZ Best Wooden Large Skateboard Ramp For Kids

INFIDEZ wooden ramp is one of the best skateboarding launch ramps for jumping with heavy weights, as it has a capacity of 400 lbs. The package includes the following:

  • Pre-cut wooden parts
  • 3 side panels
  • Sunken screws
  • INFIDEZ stickers
  • A visual instructions booklet
51L3ppz4PfL. SL500

Price: Check on Amazon

This ramp supports skateboards, scooters, bikes, and RC car ramps and jumps for kids and adults. With a carrying capacity of 400lbs, you can use it with motorbikes too.

The ramp weighs 12 pounds and measures 25.2″Lx23.26″ Wx7.28″H offering a wide skating surface with an average height for most skating experiences. INFIDEZ wooden ramp is a heavy-duty design made of thick solid wood to assure skaters of stability and the ability to play hard without breaking.

It is one of the most accessible ramps to assemble with the help of a visual guide packed in the box. With a back rope, you can easily carry it on your back to your preferred destination. The wooden surface is covered with a non-slipping rubber surface that is weatherproof and waterproof.

The INFIDEZ brand manufactures INFIDEZ wooden skating ramps, and its price ranges between $75 and $110 with a 90 days warranty from the manufacturer.


  • Strong and flexible
  • Quick to assemble with four easy steps
  • It has a wide skating surface
  • Highly durable


  • Heavy to transport

6. Ramptech Best Skatepark Set Grind Box, 4 Quarter Pipes, Bench, And Gap Ramp

Ramptech skatepark set completes your skating experience by offering significant skating accessories at your disposal. The package box includes the following:

  • Four quarter pipe ramps (2″ tall x 4″ wide)
  • Bench
  • Launch gap ramp
  • A frame grind box
21g5BdbskDL. SL500

Price: Check on Amazon

Being a versatile multipurpose set of skateboard accessories, they serve several purposes, including skating, roller skaters, BMX bikes, and scooters. And these are considered the best launch ramps for skateboarding.

They can be used by all ages and every skill level with minimal danger of hurting oneself. The 2″ tall and 4″ wide ramps offer enough space for tricks and jumps.

Ramptech skatepark set is heavy-duty and designed with weatherproof and waterproof material. The sides are made of HDO plywood and high-friction ABS plastic surfaces. It also has steel coping and hardware guaranteeing strength and flexibility.

The set is easy to transport on its portability as it is made of lightweight materials and is ready to relocate. Thus, this set is quick to assemble as the kit has the plywood and hardware pre-cut and drilled. I recommend you make use of the given manual guide while assembling.

This set is a product of the Ramptech brand with a price range of between $3,000 and $3,300 for the whole bunch. Ramptech brand gives a limited lifetime warranty for the set and individual pieces.


  • Provides the basic skating accessory requirements as a set
  • Durable and built for strength and flexibility
  • Quick to assemble
  • Versatile and multipurpose in its functions


  • Quite expensive
  • Cumbersome to relocate

7. OC Ramps Best Skateboard Launch Ramp With steel Coping And Wall Ride

For more skating tricks, OC ramps launch WR is the best skateboarding launch ramps, offering vast skating areas with coping and wall rides. The package consists of the following:

  • Galvanized coping steel
  • Wall rides
  • Sunken screws
  • Pre-cut and drilled plywood pieces
  • OC Ramps stickers
31Kacjf8qDL. SL500

Price: Check on Amazon

OC ramps launch WR are multipurpose and can be used by kids and adults, beginners, and professionals for skateboarding, scooters, bikes, and roller skates.

While assembled, the unit weighs 30 lbs and measures 52″ L by 24″ W by 15″ H which is ideal for most skating tricks and jumps. Assembling is easy but takes a long time to assemble. It’s less portable due to its bigger size.

However, it is made of quality lumber and HDO plywood with galvanized steel rail. It also has a unique launch ramp with a coping and wall ride to improve the skating experience. The top skating surface is engineered to provide a weatherproof cover.

This OC ramps launch WR is a product of the OC Ramps brand company, costing between $340 and $370 for a complete kit. The manufacturer gives a limited lifetime warranty for the OC Ramp products,


  • Suitable for all ages and levels of skills
  • Highly durable
  • Large skating surface
  • Non-slipping rubber covering


  • Takes time to assemble

FAQs Regarding Skateboard Launch Ramps

Below are questions frequently asked about the best skateboarding launch ramps in 2023.

How Much Do Skateboard Launch Ramps Cost?

Skateboarding launch ramp prices vary from one brand to another. However, most ramps’ fees range between $150 and $3,500, depending on the package and size.

Can You Build Your Own Skateboard Launch Ramp?

Yes. Using available material to cut the purchase cost, you can build your skateboard launch ramp. You require power drills, a cutting saw, and measuring tape to simplify your work.

Depending on your preferred material, you also need materials such as plywood or ABS plastic. You also need screws to fasten the pieces together.

What Materials Are Skateboard Launch Ramps Made Of?

Skateboarding launch ramps are made of wood, ABS plastic, lumber exterior, and HDO plywood, with other parts made of steel, such as the rails coping and hardware.

Wood is preferred due to its elasticity, which provides much-needed strength and flexibility.

How Do I Properly Use A Skateboard Launch Ramp?

A skateboard will last longer, depending on how properly it is used. Avoid applying excess weight beyond the load capacity of the ramp. Ensure the ramp is stored under a roof away from rain and direct sunlight.

Use the ramp for its intended purpose; if it’s meant for scooters and skating, avoid using bikes and heavy machinery. Use ramps on leveled grounds for sturdiness.

Can I Use A Skateboard Launch Ramp Indoors, Or Is It Only Suitable For Outdoor Use?

You can use a skateboard launch ramp for indoor use if the ramp fits in the available space. Most ramps are suitable for indoor and outdoor performances.

Avoid using large ramps with rails indoors, as they consume a lot of space.

Are There Any Size Or Height Limitations For Skateboard Launch Ramps?

There are no specific height or size limitations for skateboarding launch ramps. However, the standard height for launch ramps ranges between 4″ and 14″ for most manufactured ramps.

For homemade ramps, one can design their preferred size and height.


Skateboard ramps are essential accessories for a better-personalized skating experience. They help provide a little air off than most skateparks’ usual slope. Most of these ramps can be used for indoor and outdoor activities with varying heights to offer smooth skating for different age groups.

In this article, we have reviewed the seven best launch ramps for skateboarding in 2023 to help you purchase one that fits your budget and preference. While purchasing a launch ramp, consider its portability and ease of assembly.

Always ensure your launch ramp is stable enough on level ground for stability and wear skating protective gear in case of accidents.

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