7 Best Skateboard Bushings (Ultimate Buying Guide)

Top 7 Best Skateboard Bushings 2024: Don’t Miss Out!

An essential part of a skateboard is its bushing. These are rubbery rings fixed around the kingpin of the trucks of your skateboards. The rings are usually made of polyurethane, and its main job is to help you pivot your skateboard smoothly.

Generally, each truck contains two bushings, and hence, a skateboard has four bushings. The top one lies on the kingpin above the hanger and assists the board in taking swift turns. And the bottom ones help the truck to be more agile.

Now, the best skateboard bushings play a massive role in determining the performance of your skateboard. And to find the best ones, you won’t have to search for long. This article has listed down 7 of the best options out there.

Top 7 Best Skateboard Bushings Review

Now that you have a clear idea about how these bushings work and their job, let’s dive into our list of our 7 top picks:

01. Dimebag Skateboard Truck Bushings Washers


The first entry in this list comes from Dimebag Hardware. This is a skateboard bushing kit which is specifically made in the USA. It is compatible and fits with most skateboard trucks and is known for providing smooth and pleasant rides.

Dimebag Skateboard Truck Bushings Washers

One kit comes with four bushings meant to accommodate two trucks. And the best feature of this kit is it contains two types of bushings, soft ones and hard ones.

It contains two types of bushings, soft ones and hard ones.

Great for Light Rides

The soft ones are loose and help riders who like light rides with loose trucks. On the other hand, the stiffer bushings are for those who prefer stable rides and rigid trucks.

The stiffer bushings are for those who prefer stable rides and rigid trucks.

As we have mentioned earlier, a necessary number of bushings are provided to fit the trucks. There are conical top bushings that can be held onto the top of the truck.

There are conical top bushings that can be held onto the top of the truck.

Bottoms Bushings

Besides, there are bottoms bushings which are cylindrical. The kit also comes with pivot cups. Not only this, but the package also includes four cup washers, and the entire set is enough to equip your full skateboard.

Besides, there are bottoms bushings which are cylindrical.
  • Package contains cup washers and pivots
  • There are top bushings and bottom bushings
  • The kit can equip the entire skateboard
  • Both soft and hard bushings included
  • There are enough bushings to fit all the trucks
  • Difficult to fix the nut on the kingpin
  • The tendency to split and blow out if heavy riders ride the skateboard

02. Orangatang Nipples Longboard Skateboard Truck Bushings

If you are looking for some fancy and funky bushings, then look no further. This one looks super trendy and perky. It enables your skateboard to maintain proper balance and move at each carve with adequate energy and rebound.

And these are made with urethane, which is a material that has sliding properties. The overall kit comes in a set of 4 bushings and includes other accessories.

Before You Buy These Bushings, 

you must remember that these are not meant for every type of truck out there. These are mostly compatible with Paris, Tracker Fastracks, and Randals.

Therefore, only go for these bushings if you own any of the mentioned brands.

Also, these bushings are broader and taller than other stock bushings available in the market. Not only this, but these also ensure a safe and comfortable ride without any bumps.

Bottom Bushings

The package contains two bottom bushings and two top bushings along with four thin and strong flat washers.

However, if you prefer challenging rides, you should instead pick another option on this list as this one is more suited for soft rides.

  • Made with urethane
  • Four bushings are provided in the kit, including top and bottom ones
  • Four thin and robust flat washers
  • Made explicitly for soft rides and tight turns
  • Provides flexibility
  • Not compatible with all types of trucks
  • Does not work well if you prefer stiff and rigid rides

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03. Trouble Bushings for Skateboard Trucks Red/Silver


Trouble is a renowned brand when it comes to making cool and trendy skateboards for teens and adults.

They have been in this business for a long time and have mastered the art of preparing the perfect skateboards and their accompanying accessories.

An Esteemed Member

The fourth pick of our list is an esteemed member of their skateboard bushings collection. It comes in two colors – red and silver.

This is a cushion rebuild bushing kit and is available in the specification of medium 96A. Along with this, it is made of ultra-high rebound urethane formula.

Top and Bottom Bushings

This set contains both top and bottom bushings, efficient enough to rebuild two trucks. The package includes a complete set necessary for building the truck as brand new.

And the items included here are two pivot cups, four bushings, four golden washers, eight golden rings, and six golden nuts totaling pieces 24.

Apart from All This, 

the kit is available with three different hardness levels, such as 100A, 96A, and 90A. These bushings provide enough pivot and responsiveness on the skateboard to make you have a comfortable and thrilling experience.

  • Available in two colors
  • The set comes with various accessories totaling 24 pieces
  • Three different hardness levels are available
  • Sports a trendy look
  • Made of urethane formula
  • Not compatible with all trucks
  • Cannot provide soft riding as well as some other brands

04. Bones (TM) Wheels Hardcore Skateboard Bushings


If you are into gothic things, then these are the bushings you are looking for in your skateboard trucks. Just the name itself gives an eerie feeling, and the packaging also does not disappoint gothic-style lovers.

It is mainly a hardcore bushing specifically meant to satisfy riders who prefer stiff rides that are stable. The turns provided by these bushings are incredibly smooth and positive, and it does not give you a rigid feeling.

High-Quality Urethane

The bushing is made of high-quality urethane that helps to provide swift turning and smooth carving. It adds a positive impact on the performance of the skateboard truck by removing any break-in period.

All you have to do is just put them in, make the necessary adjustments, and you will be good to go.

Equipped with a Hardcore

It is equipped with a hardcore insert that connects the two sides of the bushings. This helps to increase the resistance while turning, which, in turn, allows you to have safe and smooth turns.

  • Has a unique style
  • Provided with hardcore insert
  • Safe and smooth turns
  • Does not have any break-in period
  • Easy to adjust and fix
  • Comes with only a single washer
  • Does not fit longboards well

05. Shorty’s Blue Doh-Doh Skateboard Bushings 88a Soft


Are you fond of bushings that provide soft landings and can make quick and swift turns? Then this set of bushings from the manufacturer Shorty’s is a good choice for you.

It comes as a set of four bushings, two meant for the top of the kingpin of the truck, and the other two suitable for the bottom.


The top bushings are somewhat conical in shape, while the bottom ones are more cylindrical. You can use this product on both skateboards and longboards.

However, it cannot be used on roller skates.


Now, the main material with which these bushings are made is known as urethane. This is a high-quality component that gives these bushings increased durability and sustainability.

Not only this, but the bushings also come with rounded edges that give them an enhanced resistance to chipping.

A Replacement Bushings

If your old bushings have worn out and are no longer fit for use, you can use this set to replace them. These are also a good replacement fit against stock bushings and give a more comfortable and customized feeling to the skateboarding experience.

  • More suitable for soft riding
  • Can fit both skateboards and longboards
  • Comes in a set of four bushings, two for the top and two for the bottom
  • Acts as a good replacement to stock bushings
  • Made of urethane, which provides durability
  • Not suitable for riders who prefer hard and tight bushings
  • Stability is not good enough

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06. INDEPENDENT Medium Hard Skateboard BUSHINGS 92a 


The 6th pick on our list is from the classic producer of skateboards and its related accessories Independent.

No matter how many new bushings crop up the market, Independent has always been consistent in maintaining its outstanding quality and satisfying customer expectations.

Superior Value

Their truck bushings offer superior value to customers and have features that outshine many newer brands.  It basically falls in the range of medium to hard, which gives it a distinct uniqueness as most bushings in the market are either soft to medium or just hard.


This set of bushings comes in cylindrical shapes and provides cushioning to the trucks. It has a hardness level of 92a, which provides good enough consistency for hard riding.

Hardness Level

As we have mentioned in this article before, bushings having a high level of hardness usually are quite tight and provide greater stability.

The kit comes in two pairs, each of which fits with the two trucks of the skateboard.

This set is compatible with most trucks and also fits longboards. On top of this, it also fits some penny board trucks.

  • Bushings provide a unique combination of medium to hard fitting
  • Comes as a set of four bushings
  • Compatible with different types of trucks
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Set does not contain any pivot cups or extra washers
  • Kit is not equipped with accessories that are present in many other sets mentioned on this list

07. Shorty’s Doh-Doh Hard Bushings 100a For Skateboard


Although this is the last pick on our list, it is in no way less than the previous picks mentioned on this list. Manufactured by another well-known brand famous in the skating community, this one is for people who prefer stiffness instead of swift turning while riding a skateboard.

Hardness Level

It provides great stability to the board during the rides due to its extremely high level of hardness. Therefore, this set is also suitable for riders who are new in this field and require more stability to learn to control the skateboard better.

The set contains two packs. Each pack in the set comes with a top and a bottom bushing. There is a total of four bushings, and each pair goes to the two trucks of the boards.

Rock Category Bushings 

These bushings fall in the category of rock hard and have a hardness level of 100a. This is by far the highest stability level that we have mentioned on this list.

On top of this, the bushings are made of the highest quality urethane. Therefore, the manufacturers haven’t compromised in terms of its quality.

  • Fits like a good set of replacements against stock bushings
  • Made of highest quality urethane
  • Has rounded edges that make it resistant to chipping
  • Provides maximum stability
  • Boasts a hardness level of 100a
  • Not good with providing swift turns
  • Tendency to crack after prolonged use

What brand of bushings is best?

Several brands of bushings exist in the market. However, some brands outshine the rest in terms of their quality and performance. Some of the best are:

What brand of bushings is best?

#1. Independent Bushings

First of all, Independent is a well-known and trusted brand that has been manufacturing skateboard-related accessories for quite some time.

They have a range of bushings available in different colors with distinct features. Each model is suited for specific users depending on their preference for loose or stiff bushings.

This article contains several of their products, including the INDEPENDENT TRUCK BUSHINGS 92a Skateboard and Independent Standard White Skateboard Bushings.

#2. Bones Bushings

When you read this article further and explore the picks of the right standard skateboard bushings list, you will see that Bones have manufactured several of the products.

This brand has been included in this list due to its consistent performance in quality and is a high degree of versatility.

Available in different colors and hardness levels, this is one of the popular skateboard bushings brand out there. Some of their noteworthy productions are the Wheels Hardcore Bushings and the Wheels Hardcore Black / Blue Skateboard Bushings.

Apart from these brands, the other brands mentioned on this list also produce high-quality bushings. You will get to know in detail about them in the next sections.

FAQs About Skateboard Bushings

Here are some commonly asked questions by people about skateboard bushings.

FAQs About Skateboard Bushings

Do I need bushings on a skateboard?

Yes, bushings are a must-have item on a skateboard. Without these, a skateboard will be incomplete and will not pivot smoothly.

How Does a Skateboard Bushing Work?

Skateboard bushings are crucial components that determine the performance of the skateboard. As we have mentioned earlier, these are rings made of rubber fixed around the skateboard trucks. Their main job is to help the skateboard make turns smoothly. It also assists the board to pivot. Since they are made of polyurethane, they help in maintaining the stability of the truck.

When should I replace my bushings?

Bushings should be replaced every couple of months. The best way to understand this is to ride the skateboards and check the smoothness of performance. If you feel that the board is not performing the way it did when the bushings were new and are extremely stiff and non-responsive, then it is an indication that the bushings need to be replaced.

How many bushings are on a skateboard?

There are four bushings on a skateboard. The top ones allow the skateboard to make smooth turns. On the other hand, the bottom ones–positioned between the hanger and the baseplate–help the board be responsive and swift. You can quickly tighten or loosen the bottom bushings in accordance with your preference. 

What is the Right Size of Skateboard Bushings?

All the bushings come in the same size and are capable of fitting any type of skateboard. Its tightness entirely depends on the user’s preference. 

Tighter or Looser: Which Bushing is Better?

In general, the tighter the bushing is, the more resistant the board becomes. This helps while performing different types of tricky moves. On the other hand, for comfortable and casual movements, a looser bushing is preferable.

You can easily adjust the tightness whenever you like to suit your needs. Therefore, bushings are essential when it comes to helping the navigation of the skateboard go smoothly.

Can you use skateboard bushings on a longboard?

Yes, most skateboard bushings are well-compatible with longboards as well. But you should check its specifications first to see if it’s large enough to fit longboards before making your purchase.

How long do skateboard bushings last?

The usual life of the bushings ranges between the time needed to ride about 90,000 and 100,000 miles. However, if you use your boards roughly and go over potholes or broken roads, they may wear out faster.

Final Words

Although skateboard bushings are quite small and don’t seem like much of a big deal at first glance, these are one of the most crucial parts of a skateboard.

They play a huge role in determining the performance of the skateboard. Depending on its hardness, you can choose whether the skateboard should be more stable or have better responses to turns and carves.

We hope this article regarding the 7 best skateboard bushings was helpful for you, and choosing any of our top picks won’t leave you disappointed.

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