Top 10 Best Skateboard Backpacks With Buying Guide

Top 10 Best Skateboard Backpacks 2024 With Buying Guide

Pro skateboarders prefer using their skateboards to commute, be it going to school, the grocery shop, or the playground if the distance is short. To carry belongings and necessary items, you must need a backpack. I’m not talking about ordinary backpacks.

Getting the best skateboard backpack allows you to attach the skateboard itself when you don’t use it, and also carry all essential items in it. If you want to get the best value out of your investment in a backpack, I have 10 suggestions for you. 

These backpacks offer great features and convenience for you to feel comfortable and have the right space for your skateboard, whether it’s a smaller or larger one.

Our Top 10 Best Skateboard Backpacks

Whether you need a large or compact backpack while skateboarding, in the list, you will find the right one for your needs.

01. Simbow Water Resistant Skateboard Backpack

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The first one on the list is a multi-purpose skateboard backpack with some advanced features. Made of premium high-density fabric, you can expect the backpack to last for years even if you need to use it 5 days a week.

You can conveniently attach your skateboard to the front side of this backpack. It also features a USB charging port, which allows you to charge your smart devices on the go.

Anti-theft password lock

The anti-theft password lock makes sure your valuable items and accessories are safe. You can change the password according to your preference.

There are both large and small organized pockets to carry your belongings without making a mess. The backpack is large enough to fit your 15 or 17-inch laptop without any struggle.

Human body characteristics

Constructed while keeping human body characteristics in mind, the backpack is comfortable to wear. You will not feel much pressure on your shoulders while carrying it for prolonged hours.

Its adjustable chest strap will make sure you don’t feel uncomfortable carrying loads in it. If you often need to go out during the night, or if you regularly return home after sunset, you will find its night reflective strips to be extremely useful. 

Overall carrying capacity

These will make you visible to the vehicle drivers. The overall carrying capacity of this bag is 30 liters. You can store many items inside it, whether you are out hiking, camping, cycling at school, or at college.

Even if you are about to go on a business trip, the bag will suit you well enough to create a good impression.


  • 30 liters capacity
  • Anti-theft compartment
  • USB charging ports
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Night reflective strip
  • Multi-purpose backpack


  • Doesn’t expand much
  • Poor quality zippers

02. Dakine Mission Skateboard Backpack 25L


Skateboard backpacks are pretty much the regular backpacks with space or arrangement for a skateboard to attach.

So, you get all the features that most backpacks offer. This is no exception to this product as well. Made of durable polyester fabric, it can handle the loads you put inside it without any issue.

With its capacity of 25 liters, 

you can pretty much carry all necessary accessories and items, including your laptop and tablet, in different compartments.

It has enough space that you need for day-to-day commuting or short-distance travel. Even though the capacity isn’t quite much, the backpack is well-organized to keep a lot of things smartly without making it look huge.

Different pockets for shades and goggles

There are different pockets for your shades and goggles to make sure these don’t get scratched while you travel. The backpack cares about every item you carry with you while on the go.

For skateboarding enthusiasts, it got dedicated carrying straps and stow-able waist belts to carry a board without any issue. No matter wherever you go, you can carry your board for having limitless fun anywhere.

Comfortable to carry

There are belt straps that keep the backpack in place while you move. It makes you feel comfortable carrying the loads. In addition, the sternum strap comes very useful in distributing the load equally on your back.


  • Durably made of polyester fabric
  • Dedicated sleeve for laptop and tablet
  • Well-organized pockets
  • Distributes the load equally
  • Available in different colors and patterns


  • Carrying a large board will not be much comfortable

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03. Burton Treble Yell Skateboard Backpack Men’s

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Like for every product lineup, Amazon has some recommendations. When it comes to backpacks, this one is among those recommendations from the site. So, it can be the best choice for you if you are looking for a medium-capacity one.

Made of high-quality polyester, 

this backpack is made to last for years regardless of how much load you regularly put inside it. The product got durable 600D polyester craftsmanship along with PU backing.

So, you have no reason to worry concerning its durability. It’s a 21 liters backpack, yet has enough space for day-to-day travel and commuting needs.

Enough room for accessories

There are enough rooms for your essential gear and accessories, food, water, and supplies. Like most backpacks, it also has easy-to-access mesh pockets for carrying water bottles or other hydration necessities.

If you must carry your laptop wherever you go, it can fit a 16-inch laptop without any issue. Also, there is a separate sleeve for carrying an iPad or a tablet. And, most importantly, the backpack features webbing skateboard carrying straps for your skateboard.

Quick and convenient access

You can also attach your jacket to it. The front accessory pockets have hanging zippers to access quickly and conveniently. 

There are ergonomic shoulder straps to carry the loads with great comfort and ease. The sternum strap is adjustable, making sure the loads are equally distributed on your shoulders and back.


  • Made of high-quality polyester with PU backing
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Lightweight
  • Different compartments for a laptop and tablet
  • Webbing skateboard carrying straps
  • Convenient easy to access pockets


  • Small capacity

04. Oakley Men’s Skateboard Backpack 30l 2.0


If you haven’t heard of Oakley, it’s a well-reputable brand for manufacturing men’s accessories. This backpack from Oakley is made of durable materials and is built to last longer than you would expect.

How expensive are gadgets to carry?

No matter how expensive gadgets you regularly have to carry, the backpack will take good care of the devices. Among the compartments, you will have one separate room to keep your laptop. Obviously, it’s pretty much unimaginable for a backpack to not have a dedicated laptop sleeve.

In addition to that, you will also have pockets for shades, bottles, and other essential items that require quick access. You can almost bring pretty much everything you got, and pack inside this backpack conveniently.

Worried about how much it weighs? 

Even if you fully pack it, you will not feel uncomfortable on the shoulders. The shoulder straps are padded and comfortable to wear. Regardless of your height, you can easily adjust the shoulder strap length according to your needs.

The entire craft features polyester lining to make it even more durable. Weak lining materials tend to wear and tear before one year of usage.

It offers exterior straps

This is not going to happen with this backpack. For your skateboard, the backpack offers exterior straps so that you can carry it wherever you want. 

Apart from that, you can also use this utilitarian pack to carry larger items with you. You can machine wash this 30l backpack with great convenience — no need to struggle while drying or handwashing it.


  • Made of durable polyester material
  • Separate compartments for laptops, sunglasses, bottles
  • Large straps for skateboard
  • Numbers of pocket
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Padded foam isn’t good for electronic devices

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05. Adidas Kelton Skateboard Backpack


Any Adidas fanboys here?

Adidas’s signature white 3-stripe branding accent with the black background looks absolutely dope for sports enthusiasts. As it got different straps for carrying a skateboard, if you skateboard a lot and want to keep a few accessories and items with you, this can be a considerable deal.

The first and foremost thing to look for while purchasing a backpack is the material that it’s made of. Like most durable backpacks out there, this one is also made of durable 100% polyester fabric to withstand the loads you put in it.

Invest in this backpack, 

and forget about getting another of its kind for years. There are dual bottle pockets to make sure you are well-hydrated during sports activities.

Carry water along with your favorite sports drink, and get easy access to them anytime. Inside the bag, you can carry a 15-inch laptop without much struggle, it got a separate lined pocket for this purpose.

For the rest of the other accessories and items, 

its internal mesh zippered organizer will be more than enough for small and day-to-day carrying needs. Adidas makes accessories while keeping the comfort of the customers in mind. This is no exception to that.

The backpack features comfortable-to-wear foam padded shoulder straps. Its back panel also got foam padding and feels much more comfortable for the back.

You will not experience any physical issues while wearing the backpack.


  • Easy to access front skate straps
  • Dual bottle pockets
  • Comfortable padded shoulder straps
  • Foam back
  • Got quality accessories
  • Separate laptop compartment
  • Durably made with 100% polyester


  • Only holds a skateboard tightly when the backpack is packed
  • Small capacity

06. Eastsoirt New Double Strap Skater Backpack


If you like to have pretty much everything with a camouflage accent and pattern, you might like this backpack as well. For daily commuting purposes, you will get enough space in this one for all your accessories and essential items.

Dual front velcro straps

Of course, it comes with dual front velcro straps to attach your skateboard conveniently. For organizing all your accessories, this backpack has multiple zip pockets.

You can get quick access to your shades, sunglasses, water bottles, and more things. There is a separate tech pocket for a 15-inch laptop. 

Easy access to hydration drinks

The other space is large enough to accommodate the most commonly used accessories with some clothes. You can get easy access to your hydration drinks on its side mesh pockets.

The pockets get elastic around the top, so even if you run, the bottles will not fall out of the pockets. The zippers of this backpack are a bit large and easy to glide.

How easy to zip and unzip the pockets?

Plastic pullers on the zippers make it easier for you to zip and unzip the pockets and compartments. To make you feel comfortable while commuting, it got ergonomic lumbar support padded back.

Also, its adjustable shoulder straps don’t hurt the shoulders even when the backpack is fully packed. Made of durable polyester material, it will easily last you a few years.


  • Crafted with polyester
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Dedicated pocket for laptop
  • Quality accessories


  • Straps for skateboards aren’t adjustable
  • Loop and straps aren’t much durable

07. Eastsport Multi-Compartment Skater Backpack


With durable craftsmanship, ergonomic design, lots of space for carrying accessories and supplies, and dedicated skateboard carrying straps, Eastsport presents you with this multi-compartment backpack with a smart price tag.

Made of polyester materials

Most durable backpacks are made of polyester materials. This isn’t an exception as well. Polyester made along with zipper closure makes it a backpack to rely on regardless of the purpose of use. 

Its main zip compartment has a separate sleeve for your 15-inch laptop. There are also several front pockets to keep things that you need to access quickly and frequently. 

Hydration side pockets

Mesh hydration side pockets are for holding water bottles and energy sports drinks. Most of the pockets have easy-to-glide zippers with plastic pullers for your convenience.

For carrying your skateboard, this one has dual Velcro straps that hold the board vertically. The backpack makes no compromise when it comes to your comfort and physical well-being.

Ultra-padded shoulder straps

Its ultra-padded shoulder straps feel soft and comfortable on the shoulders regardless of the weight inside the bag. If you prefer carrying the bag in a hand from time to time, you will find its rubberized top handle to be quite useful.


  • Very comfortable to carry the backpack
  • Numbers of pockets
  • Separate pocket for a laptop
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Quality accessories
  • Durable polyester craftsmanship


  • Velcro straps don’t hold a skateboard tightly
  • Low chest strap

08. Burton Kilo 2.0 Skateboard Backpack Men’s


With this 27 liters backpack, you will get plenty of space for your devices, accessories, everyday commuting, and travel needs. Weighing only 1.3 lbs. when it’s empty, you will not feel uncomfortable to carry even when it’s fully packed.

Made with 600D polyester

The backpack is durably made with 600D polyester along with sturdy PU backing. Even if you travel frequently with the backpack, you will not notice any durability issues whatsoever. It will easily last for years.

Inside the large compartment, there are different sleeves for a laptop and an iPad or tablet. Also, the space is large enough to pack other accessories, supplies, and clothes.

Water bottle pockets are on each side, 

both have zipper expansion for your convenience. The accessory pocket is fleece-lined to make sure there is no wear and tear regardless of usage.

The internal mesh pocket got a zipper along with a key clip to keep things easy and simple. The backpack also cares for your physical well-being.

How many loads do you put inside the backpack?

Its ergonomically designed shoulder straps will not cause your shoulders to have pain no matter how much load you put inside the backpack.

Also, the sternum strap is adjustable, you can make sure the weight is properly distributed.

I almost forgot! 

You can also carry your skateboard in its stow-able straps easily. Also, carrying your jacket or other similar items will be much more convenient once you get this.


  • Made of premium quality polyester material
  • Separate sleeves for laptop and tablet
  • Multiple compartments
  • Quality accessories 
  • Ergonomically designed for comfort
  • Webbing skateboard carrying straps


  • Cannot fit a large-sized skateboard well when fully packed

09. Volcom Young Men’s Substrate Skateboard Backpack


All the backpacks on this best skateboard backpack detail can also be used for traveling purposes. This is no exception to the substrate backpack.

From school to camping, if you want to have one backpack for all your accessories and devices, this is the one to consider. The overall quality of this backpack is pretty sturdy.

For enduring the rough and tough state

Specially made for enduring the rough and tough state of teenagers and also adult sports persons. Due to its durable material, you can easily expect it to last for longer than usual.

There are adjustable Velcro straps for carrying your skateboard. The placement of the bottom strap is just perfect to carry a larger-sized skateboard without any trouble.

When you don’t need to carry the skateboard, 

you can carry other items such as a sleeping bag, yoga mat, and other camping gear. To keep your devices protected and safe, the backpack got padded sleeves for both laptops and tablets.

The entire construction is ergonomically built, keeping both you and your accessories in mind. There are storage pockets for smaller accessories. You can keep them well-organized without making a mess inside the compartment.

Pockets for water bottles

Also, on both sides, there are pockets for water bottles to keep you hydrated all the time. Even if you take a few books when the bag is packed, the books will be in good shape.

The manufacturer made the shoulder straps out of padded foam to make sure your shoulders don’t get tired while wearing the backpack for a long time.


  • Velcro straps for longer skateboard
  • Sturdy built
  • Padded sleeves for laptop and tablet
  • Ergonomically made for comfort
  • Lots of pockets inside the compartment
  • Padded shoulder straps


  • Capacity isn’t quite much

10. GoRide Electric Longboard Skateboard Backpack


Willing to pay more to get an electric skateboard backpack? Take a look at this product from GoRide. It got a great-looking design, versatility, as well as great durability to tackle the loads that you need to carry with you.

The backpack has enough room for a skateboard or longboard regardless of the size. If your board is 10 inches wide, 40 inches long, and weighs not more than 20 lbs.

Purchase without giving a second thought

You can finalize the purchase without giving it a second thought. The dual Velcro straps will make sure the board is tight while you move. Ideal for larger-sized laptops, you can put your 17-inch laptop inside this backpack without any struggle.

Likewise, in most quality backpacks, this one also has two easy-to-access bottle holders. The main compartment is quite large and roomy to accommodate all your accessories and supplies.

Deep side pockets

There are also deep side pockets to carry batteries with great caution. If you prefer carrying a GoPro camera and a few tripods, this backpack has spaces for such purposes too.

You are assured about the comfortability while carrying the bag on your shoulders. The shoulder straps and sternum straps are adjustable to get a firm fit according to what your body requires.

A hip belt to make sure the weight

Also, it got a hip belt to make sure the weight is equally distributed. The entire construction got comfortable padding and breathable mesh materials.


  • Great looking and stylish backpack
  • Holds electric and regular skateboard/longboard
  • Large compartments, separate space for a large laptop
  • Feels comfortable to wear and carry
  • Made of durable materials


  • A bit pricey
  • The accessories aren’t of good quality

Factors to Consider When You Purchase A Perfect Skateboard Backpack

Similar to regular backpacks, a skateboard backpack gets you all the benefits, and also allows you to carry the skateboard wherever you go with great convenience. You can also use the same backpack for going to school or college, camping, traveling, and whatnot.

Factors to Consider When Purchase A Perfect Skateboard Backpack

Addressing one particular skateboard backpack to be the best is difficult. There are several characteristics that would determine an ideal backpack for your needs.

1. Size

When you are to get a skateboard backpack, be sure to keep the size as low as possible, yet large enough to meet your needs. A backpack over 30 liters of volume capacity is considered larger; you better stick to the size below it.

3. Multiple Uses

You can actually use the same backpack for attending classes, going on outdoor adventures, traveling, and sports purposes if you invest in the right backpack. Make sure the backpack is versatile and has different compartments for your devices, clothes, bottles, and other accessories and supplies.

4. Water-Resistant

This is another measurement that tells you about the quality of the backpack. The sturdier and more durable material will also protect the stuff inside the backpack from rain and water splash. 

5. Quality Accessories

Whether it’s zippers, stitching, liners, straps, etc. a good quality backpack will have quality accessories that don’t make things complicated. 

6. Comfort

Your skateboard backpack should have padded shoulder straps and sternum straps that make it easier to carry the loads. Back made of mesh material will allow better breathability. Waist and chest straps are optional, but it would be convenient to have them.

7. Versatility

When you are going to classes, there is a space for your laptop. Going camping? The compartments have enough space for clothes and essential items that you will need at the campsite. Even if you regularly commute, you can still use the backpack for versatile purposes.

8. Organized Compartments and Pockets

These backpacks come with several compartments to organize things properly. So, inside, there is less mess, which allows you to find the right item quickly when you need it. Also, the front pockets and pouches provide you quick access to essential stuff such as shades or sunglasses, water bottles, etc.

Inside the compartments, most backpacks have padded sleeves to protect precious electronic devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc. No matter how roughly you go, you can rest assured about the protection of your devices.

9. Weather Protection

Some materials of skateboard backpacks provide great protection against rain and water. Thus, even when the climate isn’t favorable, the backpack gets everything covered.

10. Lightweight and Comfortable

Unlike thicker and bulkier backpacks, these are lightweight and much more comfortable to carry. If you are a skilled skateboarder, you can even skateboard while wearing the back without any issues.

Final Words

As you have made it this far, you should have found the best skateboard backpack for your needs. The key here is to give preference to quality and comfort over a cheap price tag. You don’t want to spend money on another backpack after a few months.

Invest in the right one, and use it seamlessly year after year.

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