Top 10 Best Skate Waxes (Reviews + Buying Guide)

Top 8 Best Skate Waxes In 2023 (An Ultimate Buying Guide)

Have you been trying to perfect a skating trick, but the results don’t match up to your expectations? Worse of all, all these tries must have damaged your skateboard to the point of no repair! If these cases seem to match up to what you’re experiencing, then it’s time you invested in a proper skate wax.

These waxes are the ultimate solution for both professional skaters and those just getting into the groove of skating. However, when you do purchase one, make sure to buy the best skate wax available.

Because these waxes don’t only improve your performance but also are necessary to keep you safe and rolling.  

Our Top 8 Best Skate Waxes For Skateboard

Even though most skate waxes do the same job initially, they still have a lot of variations available. These variations can span from quality, design, packaging, additional features, and many others.

To find one that suits you the best, we’ve made this compilation of the top 8 products you can choose from.

01. DimeBag Hardware Triple Slick Skateboard Curb Wax

These triangular pieces of wax are the perfect addition to any skater, skating kit. The waxes are both extremely useful and also relatively compact in size. Meaning you can put the piece of wax in your pocket when you go to the skating rink and not have to carry around an extra bag.

With a triangular design that is fair 2’in on each side, the wax block may seem compact; however, it’s packing quite some material.

Each wax block measures 5/8 inches thick, thus giving you a fair bit of useability that’s supposed to last a while. Plus, since each block is individually packed, you don’t have to worry about opening one and ruining the rest.

The wax blocks are made of a special blend of materials; these give the wax a rigid shape and keep it from melting down quickly in the heat. Additionally, the company has also added four exciting flavors to each wax bar; these include Blueberry, Apple, Cherry, and Lemon.

Adding these flavors helps make the wax smell nice and also is an excellent indicator of where the wax has been applied. Lastly, with each pack, you’re getting four individually packed wax bars for a relatively low price.

Since wax bars are one of the highest lost items on a skating rink, losing one doesn’t make much of a difference.


  • Four wax bars included with each pack
  • Triangular design and compact size for secure storage
  • Flavored waxes available
  • Individually packed wax blocks
  • Comes with a free sticker


  • Won’t last as long as other bars
  • Very small making it easy to misplace

02. Shorty’s Curb Candy Wax Stash

Another set of compact skate waxes comes from a brand called Shorty’s Hardware. These waxes have been in the market for quite some time now and are reasonably popular among beginner skaters. You can get these waxes in a convenient combo of four pieces that comes secured in a plastic box.

The plastic storage container that you get with the waxes provides a great storage area, thus, helping you from frequently misplacing each bar. Something to note, even though the bars look relatively large in their image, they’re only 1” long. Thus, you’ll be easily able to stuff one in your pocket as you get ready for the skating rink.

Each bar has been designed carefully using some of the best materials in the market. Thus, making the wax a great purchase even for the professional skater among you looking for a cheap fix. The great bubble gum smell induced into the wax also works as an excellent indicator to figure out where the wax is applied.

Additionally, since each bar of the wax is individually plastic-wrapped, you don’t have to worry about ruining the other by opening the box. The entire box set is a bit more expensive compared to regular wax bars; however, the box is a great addition that’ll come in handy in the long run as well.


  • Come in a handy storage box
  • Induced smell for better indication
  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Variety of vibrant colors
  • High-quality material has been used


  • A bit more expensive than basic waxes
  • Can be used up quite quickly

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03. Spitfire Skateboard Curb Wax

Moving into the more high-quality waxes, the Spitfire is one of the most iconic products you’ll see on the skating rink. Its immense popularity comes from its extremely unique and compact design. The wax is a single-piece product shaped to resemble the spitfire brand’s bighead design.

With dimensions that measure out to only 2.2” x 1.7,” x 0.7.” the piece of skating wax is relatively tiny. Thus, you can have the block snuggly placed in your back pocket; its small size shouldn’t even make you realize it’s there. However, the small size is also a problem, as it makes the block of wax extremely easy to misplace.

Apart from its iconic design, the wax performs extremely well, creating some of the smoothest curbs and ramps on the rink. Thus, the wax can eliminate the grinding and sliding issues, making tricks far simpler and quicker to do. Moreover, the different colors of the wax allow you to keep an eye on where they’ve been applied.

The firey embers of the wax bar are a great way for you to stand out from the rest on the rink. Thus, you can make sure people have their eyes on you even when you’re just waxing the ramp-up for your next trick.

However, the single wax is a fair bit more expensive than most other waxes, but for the quality and design you’re getting, it’s undoubtedly something to try out.


  • Compact size for easy storage
  • Excellent performance
  • Various colors available
  • Unique and eye-catching design
  • High color visibility


  • Relatively more expensive
  • Quite easy to misplace

04. Element Skateboards Nyjah Huston Crown Gold Skate Wax

If you feel like these pocket-sized waxes just aren’t serving your frequent skating needs, then we have the perfect product for you. What makes this product perfect is not only the fact that this is a great product, but also that it is coming from the legendary skater Nyjah Huston himself.

This huge gold piece of wax is designed explicitly, keeping the pro skaters in mind. Nyjah Huston designed the product himself to make sure it provides the most convenient usability available on any skate wax in the market.

Moreover, the unique crown design of the wax includes special grooves built to easily slide onto the edges of rails and ramps for effective waxing.

The large size of the wax, coming in at dimensions of 4” x 4” x 1.125.” provides you with a wax that’s meant to last months on end. Thus, saving you a repeated trip from the hardware store to pick up a bar of wax. Furthermore, the golden color of the wax is also a stunning and vibrant color that shows up even on the darkest of ramps.

This signature wax from Nyjah has been made using only the best products available on the market, so you can undoubtedly expect a high price. However, even being higher in price, the bar can tackle this by providing long-term value. The longer and easier usage style of the wax makes the bar a perfect one-time investment.


  • Signature product from Nyjah Huston himself
  • Makes waxing easier and less time-consuming
  • Excellent and very unique design
  • Large size provides longevity
  • Best quality material is used


  • The large bar is not easy to carry
  • Quite expensive

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05. Santa Cruz Skate Screaming Hand Curb Wax

The screaming hand from Santa Cruz is one of the best-rated skate wax you’ll find in the market. It’s not only the wax; the screaming hand is one of the best-recognized names in the skating industry, with over 30 years of experience. The screaming hand is an iconic one that speaks quality and trust, unlike any other skating brand there is.

With years of experience in the skating industry, Santa Cruz knows what the skaters’ needs are and have built up the wax accordingly. The wax made with the highest grade materials available can ensure extremely smooth and lasting surfaces. Thus, providing you with ramps and rails that allow you to perform tricks and stunts with ease.

Added to the wax is Santa Cruz’s signature Bubble Gum flavor, which gives that wax a beautiful smell. The smell makes detecting which regions have been waxed much more straightforward, thus acting as a warning to other skaters using the same ramps.

Added to the wax, you’re also getting the iconic screaming hand sticker free, something to put onto your board.

The wax is relatively large in size, with a dimension of  4 x 2 x 4 inches; you’re getting enough wax to last you quite a while.

There’s also the added benefit of the wax’s unique design, and the hand-like shape has the right curves required to cover the corners of ramps and curbs easily. Thus, you can wax more efficiently, giving you more time to skate.


  • Large wax bar
  • Unique and easy-to-use design
  • High-grade material has been used
  • Bubble Gum flavor included
  • Comes with a sticker


  • Makes it difficult to carry around
  • The unique shape of the wax may break with use

06. CCS Skateboard Wax

If you’re looking for something more simple, a wax that is good enough to get the job done, then the CCS wax comes highly recommended. The piece of wax is available in a simple soap-bar-like shape. This block-like shape of the bar makes it a universal, easy applicator for any form of curb or ramp.

Furthermore, the wax bar is a fairly hefty piece compared to most of the other bars we’ve explained until now. Weighing in at a good four ounces should give you enough wax to last quite a few months of regular usage. However, the product’s fairly big size does make it a bit of a hassle when it comes to taking it to the skating rink.

What you are getting, however, is four ounces of the finest quality wax available on the market. This wax wasn’t treated with any additional flavoring; instead, CCS focused on the performance of the product. Thus, making the wax superb when it came to filling up even the tiniest imperfections on the curb surfaces.

A completely waxed-up surface would help provide a frictionless platform for your skates to glide or rub on easily. For safety purposes, the wax includes a blue dye to indicate the places where it has been applied, keeping other skaters safe. Coming at such a low price makes this decent block of wax completely worth the price.


  • Large soap-like design of the wax bar
  • Blue dye included for increased safety
  • Uses best-grade material
  • Four ounces of wax should last a while
  • Easy applicator


  • Doesn’t provide flavors

07. World Industries Skateboard Wax Wet Willy Curb Ledge

For the fun little kid in you, the Wax Wet Willy is one of the unique skate waxes available on the market. Designed as a 3D making of the NOS symbol in a more comical and cute way, makes this wax is significantly popular.

Its small and friendly design envisioned to provide speed is one that can get a few heads to turn on the skating rink.

Moreover, this little trinket is also a great collector’s item, so if you spot one, make sure to get it. But in reality, this isn’t a product meant to sit in a collector’s cabinet for years gathering dust. Instead, the product is designed to provide the ultimate staking experience, allowing even beginners to get fluent with their tricks. 

The entire wax figure is fairly large in size and weighs around three ounces. This large size of wax makes sure that you have enough material to last on the skating rink for a month or two, depending on usage.

Plus, you have its blue-pigmented color, which makes it easy to spot when applied, making curb waxing safer.

One issue with the large size and the awkward design of the wax is its carry ability since it is limited from fitting in your pocket. You might also need to get yourself some form of the plastic packet to keep the wax doll in, as it is highly likely to melt down in higher temperatures. 


  • Large size for prolonged waxing
  • Blue dye for easy recognition
  • Unique design
  • Good quality wax used
  • Great value for money


  • Doesn’t come in any flavor
  • Difficult to carry

08. PanPastel Brusho Wax Resist Sticks

Wax sticks can be used as the best-improvised skate wax, instead of opting for a large bar-like skate wax. These waxes provide a great precision approach when it comes to waxing, to make sure you wax the curb only where it is needed.

This precision can be achieved by carefully measuring which parts of the curb you’ll be hitting with the skateboard.

The high-precision approach ensures that you don’t use up your wax stick quickly. Moreover, stick waxes are also able to ensure that ramps and curbs are not waxed haphazardly, something that could create a reasonably terrible accident.

Furthermore, being able to apply the wax in the form of holding a pen makes things simpler.

Each wax stick that you’re getting is relatively compact; this means you can easily break down one pack and carry a piece in your pocket. The wax stick measures out to only a small dimension of 3 x 1.75 x 0.4 inches, enough for one stick to last you about a week.

Talking about the sticks, with this entire pack, you’ll be getting five sticks at a time, making them worth the money. The only issue is these sticks have not been colored or induced with flavors; this may make finding the wax trail out a bit difficult. All in all, with the quality you’re getting for this price, the stick waxes are a steal.


  • You get five in one pack
  • Compact-sized and crayon shaped
  • Good quality build
  • Precision waxing
  • Easy to hold


  • No flavoring or color in the stick
  • Highly likely of getting misplaced

Factors to Consider before Purchasing An Effective Skate Wax

Skate wax in itself is a product that has very few or almost no differences that exist within its build. Thus, it isn’t very easy to categorize which one of them is the best in the market.

How Does a Skate Wax Work?

To figure out the best wax, we’ve gone out of the box and looked for factors that set these skating wax brands apart, for the least amount of money. From our research, we’ve found that factors like

  • flavors, 
  • packaging,
  • size,
  • color are
  • great differentiators.


The wax is also suited for the more professional skater due to its high-quality capabilities. All in all, the entire wax set can be purchased at a very reasonable price, making the wax set from Dimebag our top pick from this detail.

Wax Size

It all starts from the wax’s extremely compact pocket sizes; these allow skaters to carry the wax block in their pant pockets at all times. Thus, you have the wax ready with you whenever in need.

Color and Flavors

Added to these features, the wax from Dime Bag also comes in a variety of colors and flavors, covering smells like apple, blueberry, cherry, and lemon. These make the waxes a winner for beginner skaters trying to impress their friends.

Branded Wax

The only brand able to get most of those features into one product is the Dimebag Hardware triple slick skateboard wax.

Can I use soap as wax?

Another easy way to cut down friction is through a soapy surface. However, we hardly recommend not using soap as it will not last long. Additionally, soap is very slippery and more likely to cause an accident.

How Does a Skate Wax Work?  

Before we get into how skate waxes work, we must understand a few more factors that help the wax do its job.

Skate waxes are a specialty form of wax made using a paraffin base; like all other waxes, this helps lower the friction between two surfaces.

For skateboards, the waxes do the same; they help cut off hard friction between different the board and the surface it is rubbing on. Thus, allowing the skate to perform quickly and more accurately on slides and grinds.

How to Use Skate Wax Properly?

How to Use Skate Wax Properly?

Getting these waxes to work is relatively simple as well; it’s a process you need to take care of pre-skating. All you need to do is
➳ Find whichever ramp or slope you’re looking to perform a trick on
➳ Replicate the grind/slide to be created between the board and this surface
➳ Apply the wax on the rough surface by measuring out all the parts the board is going to touch.
➳ Run a few test runs to see if you’ve applied enough
➳ Perform the trick

What is the Benefit of Using a Skate Wax?

What is the Benefit of Using a Skate Wax?

You may be wondering what’s happening when you’re applying the wax. The answer is a simpler layer is created on top of the rough surface. This layer fills in all the gaps and imperfections of this particular surface and lubricates it thoroughly.

Thus, when you hit the ramp/ curb with the board on the surface, the skateboard simply slides over it. This frictionless sliding allows you to achieve much higher speeds, keep your board unharmed and improve the accuracy of your tricks.

Can deodorant be used as wax?

As weird as this may sound, deodorant can be used as a low-quality alternative to wax. However, the deodorant coating must be used immediately after being applied as its relatively weak in retaining its potential.

If I‘m not using wax, can I grind on a curb?

If I'm not using wax, can I grind on a curb?

Answer: Technically the answer to this is a yes; however, it isn’t something we recommend. Grinding metal pipes without waxing is far more possible; however, grinding a cement curb can have severe consequences.

Are skate waxes and candle waxes the same thing?

Are skate waxes and candle waxes the same thing?

The elements that build up both skate and candle waxes are quite similar. However, skate wax is something explicitly designed for skating and has a few properties that help differentiate it. Whereas candle wax, on the other hand, does the same job but sometimes can be proved damaging to your skateboard.

What are the standard rules for applying skate wax?

There aren’t many rules as you apply them where you feel your board is going to be griding on. But do keep in mind that you inform every other skater around you after you’ve waxed a surface to make sure accidents do not occur.

Final Words

Even though the capabilities of every wax are somewhat the same, you must buy the right one to get you going on the skating rink. To find yourself the best skate wax, make sure to thoroughly refer to this explanation and find yourself the perfect match.

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