7 Best Skate Shops In Portland, Oregon

7 Best Skate Shops In Portland, Oregon (Updated In 2024)

You might be a skilled skater, but when buying a new skateboard or any parts, expert assistance is something you cannot ignore. In such a case, if you get some honest suggestions about a product from the shop owner, it is more than great.

From a personal point of view, skating is not only a sport but a passion. And from sellers to users, everyone is part of a community, practicing a subculture. Well, if you are from Portland then consider yourself lucky. My fellow skaters and I in Portland know some of them and those shops.

If you are a new skater, a skilled one, new in Portland, or not that expert at selecting the right item, this article will help you substantially. Here, I’ve listed the 7 best skate shops in Portland, Oregon.

In Details of The Best Skate Shops In Portland

It’s nice to see that where in many cities skateboarding is illegal, Portland is here to embrace this community. Thus, numerous skate shops are present. Well, we are just going to talk about the ones we found to be most helpful. Here they are;

1. Tactics Portland

Tactics were founded in 1999 by a bunch of passionate skaters. With enriched knowledge and specialization in skating products, this shop knows your needs in advance offering every problem’s solution with expert guidance.

However, Tactics Portland has two other outlets: one in Eugene and one in Bend.

Tactics Portland sells every skating item, including skateboards, shoes, clothes, gear, accessories, etc. While asking a very competitive price for products, they educate the shoppers with valuable knowledge without charging a cent. You can purchase skating items from Tactics Portland online or offline.

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2. Cal Skate Skateboards (Cals Pharmacy)

Cals Pharmacy is a renowned skate shop in Portland for its friendly customer service. It was a pharmacy and was founded in 1985. After the establishment of the shop, it became familiar among skaters in Portland as a small-scale skate business.

Its journey with skate-specific products began in 2006. Cals Pharmacy’s product line is not limited to the boards and wheels. It offers nearly every single skate-related item, including books, training manuals, shoes, etc.

Amazingly, if you visit this shop, you will have a chance to experience “the Department of Skateboarding,” an indoor skatepark.

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3. Cal Skate

Many people believe that the old is better than the new. If you are one of them, I suggest not missing Cal Skate Skateboards in your next shopping in Portland, Oregon.

Cal Skate Skateboards was established in 1976, and they claim it’s the oldest skateboard shop in the world. So far, it is somewhere true, as per many aged locals, this shop is closely related to the orientation of the skating product business in this area.

Though they are profound with old-school solutions, the inventory is full of modern and updated decks, wheels, gears, accessories, stylish wardrobes, etc.

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4. Shrunken Head Skateboards

Shrunken Head Skateboards is another prominent destination for skateboard shoppers. Along with a wide variety of quality products, the business prioritizes customer satisfaction above all else.

They value every shopper; even the staff’s attitude toward children with zero knowledge of skating or products is impressive.

If you visit Shrunken Head Skateboards, the very first thing you will notice is the always-smiling staff. Here I am informing you that if you are a fan of designer skate items, this place is your first choice in Portland.

Another crucial observation is that Shrunken Head Skateboards never store low-quality products. And for this reason, the product prices might be a bit higher for you, but quality and durability are unquestionable.

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5. Commonwealth Skateboarding

It is always good to test the purchased skating items on the spot, and you can avail of this opportunity at Commonwealth Skateboarding. They are a high-stakes skateboarding business that sells quality decks, boards, apparel, etc., at a competitive price.

The Commonwealth Skateboarding’s retailer service was started in 2011 by Matt Collins.

Moreover, it also has a skatepark. This 4,500-square-foot park (with concrete flooring) is a popular destination for local skaters. If you are a new skater, the combination of Commonwealth Skateboarding’s shop and track can be crucial in helping you develop your skills.

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6. Daddies Board Shop

Daddies Board Shop is an award-winning physical skate outlet in Portland, Oregon. Daddies have been named the best online skate shop by Longboarders three times in a row, as well as the best online customer service by Bizrate.

Its journey began in 1995, and it remains a market leader today. Though Daddies Board Shop offers every skating item, including accessories, shoes, and clothing, it specializes in longboards.

Daddies Board Shop has considerable global domination in the skate items market. Its highly functional online sales department ensures customers’ satisfaction in terms of product quality, price, and shipping. 

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7. CCS

CCS is not only a shop but also a popular brand for skate items. The company started its journey in 1985 in California, and till now, it has successfully satisfied every skater’s needs.

This Portland store has Nike shoes, Quasi three-quarters, Obey T-shirts, and CSS skateboards. CSS sells not only skating items but also jeans, caps, chinos, etc.

Shopping at CSS is referred to as good value for money. Here, you can get branded products at a comparatively low price. // Skate shops in Los Angeles //

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In this section, some common questions and their answers are listed.

Is there any roller skate shop in Portland, Oregon?

Yes, there are several. Almost every skate shop sells roller skates.

Is skating well for weight loss?

Skating is substantially helpful for fat burn. The related activities are considered effective exercises for weight loss.

Final Thoughts

Certainly, the above list will help you decide on the best skate shops in Portland, Oregon. Here you can expect expert assistance in product selection and competitive product prices. Still, I would like to mention that this list is very much based on my personal experience and tales from others.

If you are staying long in Portland, I suggest you make a list of at least fifteen shops and narrow it down to three. Depending on only one shop is not logical, but being a regular customer at three shops will ensure the best and most favorable deals.

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