7 Best Skate Shoes for Wide Feet 2024: Goodbye to Blisters!

7 Best Skate Shoes for Wide Feet 2024: Goodbye to Blisters!

As a skater and having wide feet, I found it difficult to shop for quality shoes when I first began skating. Over the years, I have a collection of some of the best skate shoes for wide feet. Vans, DC, New Balance, Osiris, eS, and WITHIN are the most affordable brands.

Sure, it’s no surprise that Vans has one of my favorite skate shoes of all time. But smaller brands like eS have great shoes, too. eS has some of the most simplistic yet stylish styles that go well with my fashion sense.

Keep on reading to learn more about the features and different aspects of my favorite skate shoes for wide feet.

Top 7 Best Skate Shoes for Wide Feet

Here’s a review of all the best skate shoes for wide feet that I have experienced. I’ll get into the details of what I love about each pair and what doesn’t work.

1.      WHITIN Men’s Cross-Trainer

WITHIN is an affordable footwear brand that makes good quality sporting shoes, including skating and rock climbing. They also make comfortable sandals that are worth checking out.

Key Features

What’s in the boxA Pair of Barefoot & Minimalist Shoes
Width OptionsRegular
Size ChartUS 7.5, 8.5, 9, 10, 12.5 Available
Toe BoxRounded
MaterialsEngineered knit upper; sticky-grip rubber outsole
Lacing SystemAdjustable Flat Laces
Padding and Cushioning5 mm Power Footbed and Padded Rear Collar
Weight12.35 Oz.
Width of SoleRegular
Arch SupportLow Arches
Heel CupZero-drop Heel
Try In-storeNo
Skating StyleFreestyle, Street
Colors AvailableLight Grey, Dark Grey, Black, Black-Gum, Camo Green, Black-Grey
Brand ReputationReputable Barefoot Shoe Brand

Skating requires a flat-bottomed shoe like this one. It’s lightweight and minimal. The upper is nice and stretched, so you will be comfortable. You get a better feel and control while wearing this shoe. However, the sole is thick enough to give you the necessary cushioning and absorb some shock.

The grip is also good, which is a must when it comes to doing tricks and stunts. I absolutely hate it when shoes slip under me. So, I really appreciate the grip of this pair.

However, this isn’t the most durable pair. If you are a serious skater, you will blow through pairs. Good thing these shoes are so affordable. For me, durability isn’t an issue, as it’s a common thing to have to replace shoes when skating.

If you skate heavily, expect these shoes to last somewhere between 3-4 months.

The lacing system could be better. It feels flimsy. There is also a strong rubber odor when you first unbox these. So, be ready.


  • Affordable minimalist shoe
  • Great grip & traction
  • Comfortable footbed & collar padding
  • Good performance & control
  • Lightweight shoes that don’t cause foot fatigue


  • Flimsy laces
  • Low durability
  • Bad rubber smell

2.     Etnies Mens Kingpin Skate Sneakers

Founded in 1986, Etnies is a brand known for innovation and design in the action sports industry. It is praised for its commitment to improving the lives of its customers & employees through sustainability practices.

Key Features

What’s in the boxA Pair of Leather Skate Shoes
Width OptionsRegular/Medium
Size ChartUS 5 – 15 available, EU 37 – 49
Toe BoxRounded
Materials100% Leather Upper, EVA Insole & Midsole, and 400 NBS Rubber Outsole
Lacing SystemAdjustable Flat Laces
Padding and CushioningDie-cut EVA Insole & EVA Midsole
Weight13.4 Oz
Width of SoleRegular
Arch SupportLow Arches
Heel CupFlat Heel
Try In-storeYes, with local dealers
Skating StyleFreestyle, Cruising, Downhill
Colors AvailableUp to 25 color options, including black, tan, white, and navy
Brand ReputationReputable in Action Sports

What I love about the Kingpin is its style, durability, board feel, traction, grip, and flexibility. The fit is great, with a puffy tongue and thickly padded collars. You get a snug feel. For $50 a pair, these shoes are great value for money.

Its sole is truly remarkable. A 400 NBS rubber outsole that offers excellent grip on your board and stability. EVA midsole and insole offer better shock absorption than WHITIN Men’s Cross-Trainer.

The upper is durable and made of leather. The shoe has a long silhouette and comes in a classic all-black color with Etnies logo featured prominently. It looks every bit worthy of my skater wardrobe.


  • 400 NBS rubber outsole is lightweight with excellent grip
  • Leather upper ensures amazing durability
  • Padded collar and tongue for a snug & comfortable feel
  • Affordable price range
  • Stylish design that comes in many color combinations


  • Lack of arch support

3.     DC Men’s Court Graffik Skate Shoe

DC is one of the market leaders when it comes to skate shoes. The company was founded in 1994 and soon became synonymous with high performance in the skating world. They’re also known for their trademark puffy-style shoes.

Key Features

What’s in the boxA Pair of Leather Skate Shoes
Width OptionsRegular/Medium, DD
Size ChartUS Sizes 6-18 (Including Half Sizes)
Toe BoxRounded
MaterialsLeather, Nubuck, or Suede & Outsole Made of Rubber Cupsole
Lacing SystemAdjustable Flat Laces
Padding and CushioningPadded Tongue and Collar
Weight1.11 lbs.
Width of SoleRegular
Arch SupportLow Arches
Heel CupFlat Heel
Try In-storeYes, in your local stores
Skating StyleFreestyle, Street, Vert
Colors AvailableUp to 12 color options, including black, tan, white, and blue
Brand ReputationWell-known Skating Shoe Brand

I find this shoe to be best for aerial tricks. That is because of the thick padding and supporting cupsole outsoles. The shoe is excellent at absorbing shock and is super comfortable even when you’re performing jumps and flips at high speed.

The upper is also highly durable and made of leather, suede, or nubuck, depending on your chosen color.  There are 12 color options, and I love the chunky, puffy profile. I know many of my skater friends aren’t a big fan of that look, but I’m into it.

However, this shoe is considerably heavier than the other two shoes mentioned prior. The thick padding and outsole are to blame for that. So, definitely, it’s more suited for Vert skating style instead of cruising or downhill.


  • Affordable skate shoes with great style
  • Great padding and cushioning
  • Good grip & traction
  • Different colors to choose from
  • Durable upper
  • Offers DD width fit best for wide feet


  • Heavy shoes
  • Less arch support

4.     eS Men’s Accel OG Skate Shoe

eS was founded in 1995, and it specializes in skate shoes and apparel. Accel is the best-selling eS shoe to date. The company is constantly pushing to create innovative and new footwear designs.

Key Features

What’s in the boxA Pair of Suede Skate Shoes
Width OptionsRegular
Size ChartUS size 6.5 – 14 for Men, 7.5 – 14 for Women
Toe BoxRounded
MaterialsSuede Upper & 400 NBS Rubber Cupsole Outsole
Lacing SystemAdjustable Flat Laces
Padding and CushioningPadded Tongue and Collar, EVA Midsole, Foam Insole
Weight3 lbs.
Width of SoleRegular
Arch SupportLow Arches
Heel CupFlat Heel
Try In-storeYes, in your local stores
Skating StyleFreestyle, Street, Vert
Colors AvailableUp to 7 color options, including black, tan, white, navy, and gray combinations
Brand ReputationPopular Skating Shoe Brand

I have tried my fair share of Accel shoe styles. The OG is hands down one of the best skate shoes for wide feet. My feet have D width, and these shoes, even though regular, fit me snugly.

The rubber cupsole is a single pieced sole that is glued to the upper. The sidewalls of the sole are higher, making them a better choice for resisting damage from contact.

Like Graffik Skate Shoes, these shoes are on the heavier side and offer superior cushioning. However, the OG isn’t as puffy and offers a leaner silhouette in comparison.

What I love is that I can land pretty smoothly with these shoes on, as the shock absorption is phenomenal. The sole has a very nice pattern on it that ensures I don’t lose grip during landing.

It provides great performance and durability. It is a high-quality skate shoe that you must try.

However, due to its heaviness, I find these shoes leave my feet feeling cramped and fatigued after a long day.


  • High-quality suede upper
  • Heavy cushioning insole and midsole with responsiveness
  • Cupsole outsole offering superior grip
  • Stylish, classic silhouette
  • Performance-oriented construction


  • Heavy shoes compared to others on the list

5.     New Balance Men’s 306-Jamie Foy

New Balance is one of the most globally recognized athletic footwear brands. They’re known for high-quality, performance-oriented shoes with a modern silhouette and style.

Key Features

What’s in the boxA Pair of Suede & Mesh Skate Shoes
Width OptionsRegular
Size ChartUS size 4 – 14 for men, 5.5 – 15.5 for women
Toe BoxRounded
MaterialsSuede & Mesh Upper, Vulcanized Rubber Outsole
Lacing SystemStylish Flat Laces
Padding and CushioningLightly Padded Tongue and Collar and proprietary “Abzorb” Insole
Weight1 lb. & 1 oz.
Width of SoleRegular
Arch SupportLow Arches
Heel CupFlat Heel
Try In-storeYes, in your local stores
Skating StyleDownhill, Cruising
Colors AvailableUp to 20 color options, including black, white, forest green, and curry combinations.
Brand ReputationGlobally Recognized Brand

Jamie Foy is a celebrated skater, and this is his first pro shoe model for which he partnered with New Balance. The suede upper gives this shoe durability & toughness. The upper is solidly glued to the base to give it a rigid build that you can trust.

The slight cushioning of the collar and tongue, along with their step-in comfort “Abzorb” cushioning, reduces fatigue even after long sessions.

However, the padding is too thin around the toe for me. That’s why I don’t like performing aerial stunts with these shoes, as the impact hurts from time to time.

The fit is great for wide feet. You will feel adequately snug, and it’s a lightweight pair suitable for flat feet.


  • Short break-in period with step-in comfort
  • Durable suede upper with breathable lining
  • Lightweight padding reduces foot fatigue
  • Stylish with lots of colorways to choose from
  • Adequate board feel and grip with vulcanized outsoles


  • Thin padding near the toe area
  • Comparatively expensive

6.     Vans Unisex Slip-On Rainbow Chex Skate Shoe Sneaker

Vans has been a part of popular culture since the 80s. This is when, for the first time, Sean Pen appeared wearing the classic checkerboard sneakers in his film Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

Key Features

What’s in the boxA Pair of Breathable Canvas Upper Shoes
Width OptionsRegular, Wide
Size ChartUS Size 4 – 13 for Men, 5.5 – 14.5 for Women
Toe BoxRounded
MaterialsCanvas Upper, Vulcanized Rubber Outsole
Lacing SystemNo Laces, Slip-on Shoes
Padding and CushioningSupportive Padded Collars
Weight0.99 lbs.
Width of SoleRegular
Arch SupportLow Arches
Heel CupFlat Heel
Try In-storeYes, in your local stores
Skating StyleFreestyle, Vert, Park, Street
Colors Available12 different colors & design options
Brand ReputationGlobally Recognized Brand

Available in wide width, it accommodates my wide feet very well. No-lace, easy slip-on makes this shoe very convenient for everyday wear as well as skating.

Even with the thin padding, you will find your feet to be comfortable. The canvas padding offers more breathability than the leather shoes in this list. It isn’t significantly lightweight, but you can still wear these shoes for long hours without your feet killing you.

These shoes are affordable at $50 a pair and, thus, a great option for regular practice sessions. It is truly where comfort meets style. I love Vans and not only for the performance & quality but for the history as well.

However, if you would like more arch support or thicker padding, DC Court Graffik may be a better shoe.


  • Classic style with many colorways to choose from
  • Breathable canvas upper keeps you comfortable
  • Sufficient padding in the footbed and heels
  • Excellent traction & superior board feel
  • Made with durable & quality material


  • No arch support
  • Takes time to break into the shoes

7. Osiris Men’s Relic Skate Shoe

Osiris was founded in 1996 by Swedish skaters Tony Magnusson, Tony Chen, Brian Reid, and Doug Weston. The brand makes skate shoes and apparel.

Key Features:

Here are the key features of this pair of shoes at a glance.

What’s in the box?A Pair of Faux-leather or Faux-nubuck Shoes
Width Options:Regular
Sizes AvailableUS size 5.5-14 for men
Toe Box:Rounded
MaterialsFaux-leather or faux-nubuck uppers, mesh lining, rubber outsole.
Lacing System:Flat Adjustable Laces
Padding and Cushioning:Traditional Padded Tongue and Collar
Weight1.5 lbs.
Width of Sole:Regular
Arch Support:Low Arches
Heel Cup:Flat Heel
Try In-store:No
Skating Style:Freestyle, Vert
Colors Available5 different colors, including black, white, camo, charcoal, & dark gum.
Brand Reputation:Moderate Recognition in the USA

This is effortlessly one of the best skate shoes for wide feet. The padded tongue and color with the rubber midsole and outsole and thick insole give you the ultimate comfort.

As someone with wide feet and low arches, finding skate shoes with adequate padding is a challenge. So, I love the support and comfort of the Relic.

The breathable mesh and faux nubuck upper are resilient and tough. These shoes come with reinforced high-abrasion areas to ensure maximum durability when the shoes rub against the skates or ground.

However, the sole wears out quickly. That’s an area Osiris can improve upon for sure.


  • Highly breathable upper with lots of perforation
  • Durable upper with reinforced high-abrasion areas
  • Comfortable padding
  • Good fit for wide feet
  • Stylish design & slick finish


  • Sole wears out after some use

What to Consider When Purchasing the Best Skate Shoes for Wide Feet? And How Do I Do It?

When looking for the best skate shoes for wide feet, there are a few things to consider. I go through a checklist of things to ensure I will like what I buy. Please check them below, and consider them to pick the best skate shoes for wide feet.

Width Options

It is always better when a shoe comes in different width options. A lot of companies these days are good with providing width options. However, there is still a lot that doesn’t.

Look for the letters DD, E, EE, or EEE when looking for wide shoes. Some companies use D size as their regular width and DD for wide size. Other companies use E for wide, EE for extra-wide, and EEE for ultra-wide. Check a width sizing chart to confirm your width size.

Sizing Chart

Obviously, when looking for any shoe, you should take a look at the sizing chart of the seller. Even when you know your sizes, it’s better to check what system the manufacturer implements.

Most manufacturers use E to indicate wide and EE for extra-wide.

Toe Box

A protective toe box is a must when it comes to skating, as it’s an impact sport that results in a lot of friction and collision. Your toes need to be protected with an ample thick toe box.

The toe area is pretty much always the first to wear out. So, a protective rubber toe cap or any reinforcement in that area is a huge plus in durability.


Durable and quality materials are a must. Ask yourself what you like. You may find suede stylish but less breathable. Canvas can be durable, breathable, and stylish as well.

An EVA midsole and outsole may be more comfortable. But some may want a thinner sole to get more board feel and control. So, really look for the materials you need.

Lacing System

I prefer adjustable laces, and there is only one slip-on shoe in this whole list. However, a lot of my friends mostly wear slip-ons. It’s really a preference thing. But having a dual lace system can help you tighten or loosen your shoe when needed.

Padding and Cushioning

When it comes to skating, padding around the collar and tongue is an industry standard. I think additional padding and cushioning with a dense and thick insole can be helpful for wide feet.

As people with wide feet are more likely to have flat feet, we should always be careful to wear shoes that support our heel and foot adequately.

Width of Sole

The width of the sole is important if you want to ensure that your wide feet are accommodated. It’s not the most crucial thing to look at, as the shoe width size will give you an idea anyway.

Arch Support

Finding a skating shoe with adequate arch support can be a challenge, as most have a low silhouette and very low arches. Yet, for someone with wide feet, it is most comfortable with at least some arch support. So, you should definitely look for that.

Heel Cup

The heel cup is meant to lift up the heel to support it. If you don’t like your shoes to be completely flat, you can look for a heel cup that gives your heel some height and supports it additionally. Silicone, rubber, or gel heel cups are the most popular aftermarket inserts.

Try In-store

I always try to get a trial run before buying a new shoe. Most big companies will have stores in your city. You can use the store locator on their website to find the most convenient outlet for you.

Skating Style

Not all shoes will be best for all skating styles. When it comes to vert and park, I like shoes that are impact-absorbent and responsive. For cruising and downhill, a stable shoe with enough support is good.

I can freestyle in most flat-bottomed shoes. However, your experience may be different. So, keep in mind what type of skating you’ll be doing in the shoes when purchasing.


This is the most obvious consideration ever. We are constantly adhering to a budget and trying to find the best value for it.

Brand Reputation

Usually, when a brand is reputable and is known for a particular kind of shoe, you can trust it. A few products will be off or won’t fit you but they definitely get it right most times.

Plus, brand recognition also enhances the appeal of the shoe for any customer.

Check reviews

Now, what is the number one thing I always do to find the best skate shoes for wide feet? I read the reviews. You can check Amazon, the company website, other e-commerce platforms, blogs, YouTube, etc. for reviews. You can find out a lot about a product that way.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Now that you’ve checked out the reviews, let’s know a few more commonly asked questions that people have.

Q. What size is a wide foot?

For men, DD or E is wide foot size. EE and EEE sizes are also available for men. They are for extra-wide and ultra-wide feel, respectively. For women, D is a wide size, and E is extra-wide.

Q. What width is wide-fit shoes?

Wide-fit shoes differ in width for different shoe sizes. 10E & 9E don’t have the same width but they are both wide fits. You need to look at a shoe width sizing chart to determine whether you have wide feet.

Q. Do skate shoes come in wide widths?

Yes, a lot of skate shoes come in wide widths. Most sports shoes will offer a wide fit, if not extra-wide or narrow. 

Q. Should skate shoes be tight fit?

I prefer my shoes to fit me snugly with only a little wiggle room around the toes. It’s what keeps my feet pain-free the longest.

Q. Do wide feet need bigger shoes?

You need shoes with a bigger width, yes. But not necessarily a longer shoe. If you increase your shoe size, there may be a lot of room around the toes and heel while the sides are still tight.

Q. Why are skate shoes so narrow?

Skate shoes are designed to be narrow as per fashion trends and tradition in the skating community. No other reason.

Q. Is wide fit for flat feet?

Flat feet usually tend to be wide. So, you will probably need a wide fit but there are other additional things you should go for like better cushioning and support when you have flat feet.

Q. How do you fix wide feet?

Wide feet can’t be reversed in most cases unless it’s related to other conditions like- edema or pregnancy. A lot of people have elective foot surgery to get narrower feet.

Q. Are Adidas good for wide feet?

That depends on the model you get. A lot of models offer a wide fit. You should opt for those.

Q. Are Nike SBs good for wide feet?

Nike SBs are usually designed to be more slim. I never found them to be comfortable for my wide feet.

Q. Are Vans Sk8 good for wide feet?

Yes, the Vans Sk8 comes with a wide fit. So, you will definitely find these shoes more comfortable than average skating shoes.


The best skate shoes for wide feet offer your feet plenty of cushioning and padding as a lot of us tend to suffer from a flat arch. Whether you will get the comfort you need or not, is hard to tell without trying the shoes first.

The best thing to do is try out the shoes before buying. Find local stores near you through the website of the shoe brand. I love these shoes but it’s always better to try it on for yourself.

DC, Vans, and eS make great skate shoes. If you are trying one for the first time, stick to these brands.

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