Top 5 Best Skate Parks In Tampa, Florida (All Details)

Top 5 Best Skate Parks In Tampa, Florida (All Details)

The city of Tampa has amusing nightlife and historic neighborhoods. But what excites me the most is the spread of skate parks across the city. In fact, the first skate park in this state was opened in this city in 1979.

I visited almost all the skate parks in Tampa Florida and wanted to give a quick overview of the skate parks. Find out what facilities these parks offer, how to get there, and learn about their timings and restrictions in this guide. Let me take you through some of the most fantastic skate parks in the city of Tampa.

Details of the Best Skate Parks in Tampa

I listed the 5 best Tampa skate parks here. Please give them a go to enjoy the amazing neighborhood with exciting facilities.

1. Bro Bowl Skate Park 

This was the first public skate park in the state of Florida. Since its launch in 1979, the skate park has been free for use. All city skate parks were private then, so skaters had to spend money to practice there. This has now become a historic site.

The renovated park has a total area of 17,000 square feet now called Skatepark at Perry Harvey Sr. Park, or Bro Bowl 2.0, too. It has an open bowl with humps. And there are other challenges like rails, stairs, ramps, and ledges across the park. You will also get a lot of flat surfaces in the park, which is a great place for beginners.

Bro Bowl Skate Park 


  • The park has a street course around, which provides a nice practice ground for all levels of skaters
  • It is equipped with various challenges suitable for young and adult skaters


There are no restrictions on BMX bikes in this skate park. Though there isn’t any hard and fast rule about wearing safety gear, I suggest you wear knee pads, elbow pads, and top-quality safety helmets while skating. // Skate Parks In Phoenix, Arizona //

Static Information

Address:1200 N Orange Ave, Tampa, FL 33602, USA
Riding type:Skateboard, bike, BMX
Participants:Up to 100 at a time
Design:Bro Bowl
Size:17,000 square feet
Opened:1979, renovated in 2016
Skating Hours:7 am – 10 pm
Cost Fee:No entry fee

2. Desoto Skateboard Park

This skatepark in Tampa is quite small, with a total area of only 7,800 square feet. Though the park is small, it is very neat and clean. And the perimeters are closed so that you don’t face any disturbance while skateboarding.

You will find mini ramps, hubba ledges, flat rails, and other obstacles in the park. There are also flat grounds to practice, which is a convenient option for kids or beginners. The neighborhood is quiet, so this park is a suitable place for yourself enjoying a nice afternoon there.

Desoto Skateboard Park


  • The park has a concrete street course around it.
  • You will also get half pipes, quarter pipes, grind rails, and pyramids in the park.
  • Other obstacles, like hubba ledges, flat rails, and ramps, are also available.


There are no restrictions on rollerblades, inline skates, BMX bikes, or scooters in this park. But skateboarders must wear CPSC & ASTM-certified helmets inside the park for safety reasons. // Skate Parks In San Diego //

Static Information

Address:100 S Gordy St, Tampa, FL 33605, USA
Size:7,800 square feet
Skating Hours:7 am – 10 pm
Cost Fee:No
Riding type:Skateboard, BMX, roller skate
Participants:Up to 40 at a time

3. New Tampa Community Skate Park

This Tampa skate park is outside the city center, and the park is surrounded by an amazing view. It is a bi-level concrete skate park with several challenges for skateboarders and inline skaters. The park has a total area of 14,000 square feet.

New Tampa Community Skate Park

Within the park, you will find a concrete street course surrounding double bowls, extensions, and pockets. Some obstacles are pretty challenging, even for expert skaters.


  • Among the obstacles in the park, you will find stair sets, rails, quarter pipes, half pipes, various ledges, vert walls, and more
  • It has two bowls of five and seven feet with a pool and steel coping


The park has restrictions on BMX bikes, scooters, and rollerblades. Only skateboards and inline skates are permitted in the park. All ages of skateboarders need to wear good quality helmets and sign a waiver before skateboarding here. Skateboarders below 18 years must wear elbow and knee pads. // Skate Parks in Miami, Florida //

Static Information

Location:17302 Commerce Park Blvd, Tampa, FL 33647
Size:14,000 square feet
Skating Hours:Monday – Thursday: 2 pm – 9 pm
Friday – Saturday: 2 pm – 10 pm
Sunday: 12 pm – 6 pm
Cost Fee:$4 for 2 hours
$7 for one day
Website:Not available
Contact:(813) 242-5307
Riding type:Skateboard, scooter
Participants:Up to 70

4. Skatepark of Tampa

It is one of the best skate parks in Tampa, FL, with its wooden surface and a variety of challenges. This indoor park was launched in 1993, and the annual Tampa Pro skating contest takes place here. Skateboarders from all over Florida participate in this content.

Skatepark of Tampa


  • The park has various obstacles, such as quarter pipes, stairs, rails, ledges, and ramps.
  • There is a concrete bowl with bumps and pool coping outside the park. You can even buy skating gear from its own shop.


Memberships are required to use the facility. But non-members can also use it for a charge. And skateboarders need to wear safety gear inside the park. No BMX bikes or scooters are allowed here. // Skateparks In Portland, Oregon //

Static Information

Address:4215 E Columbus Dr, Tampa, FL 33605, USA
Size:18,000 square feet
Skating Hours:Monday – Friday: 12 am to 8 pm
Saturday – Sunday: 10 am to 8 pm
Cost Fee:$10 for non-members
Contact:(813) 621-6793
Riding type:BMX, Skateboard, bike, scooter/Both indoor and outdoor
Participants:Up to 120 at a time
Design:Brian Schaefer

5. The Boardr Headquarters Skate park

It is a private skate park in Tampa, FL, with a wooden and concrete surface. The park has multiple obstacles where skateboarders can try different challenges. The Boardr Headquarters is also open for BMX bikes. But you need to register first to practice inside the park.

The Boardr Headquarters Skate park

They declare event lists on the website, where you can check start lists and practice groups. You can also arrange private events in this park.


  • The park has ramps, rails, stairs, ledges, pyramids, and other common obstacles
  • It is relatively smaller than the other skate parks I mentioned


You can only practice in the park upon registration. And everyone should bring safety gear to practice here. // Skateparks In Orange County, CA //

Static Information

Address:4611 N Hale Ave, Tampa, FL 33614
Size:Not available
Opened:Not available
Skating Hours:No regular schedule
Cost Fee:$40
Contact:(813) 876-7677
Riding type:BMX, scooter, skateboard, rollerboard
Build:The Boardr Headquarters


Finding a suitable skate park in your neighborhood often requires exploring a lot of places. If you have a short span of time to practice, this guide can help you find the best skate parks in Tampa, FL. I have also added vital information about these parks so that you can easily find their locations and reach there without any fuss.

As these parks are equipped with a variety of obstacles, throwing yourself some challenges will be fun. And you can also enjoy your time with friends and fellows in these parks. Give them a try, and be amazed.

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