Best Skate Parks In Columbus, Ohio

The Best Skate Parks In Columbus, Ohio (Updated In 2024)

Skating is one of the pastimes that have geographical limitations. It causes us skateboarders a lot of agony because of this. But take heart: there are lots of skate parks around to sharpen your skating talents.

One of the most popular and cherished places for skateboarders in the USA is Columbus, Ohio. This is not because there are plenty of skate parks around, but some of the best of their kind. Skate parks in Columbus Ohio include Dodge Park, Skate Naked, Tuttle Skate park, and more.

And I shall discuss in detail in the article which skate parks would fit your style best. Let’s get straight into it!

Details of The Best Skate Parks In Columbus

Following the worldwide prohibition, the United States government chose to designate specific places as skate parks, including quite a few in Columbus. And I’m here to introduce you to the best Columbus Ohio skatepark out there.

1. Dodge Skate Park

This skate park has three different activity zones dedicated to Rollerbladers, BMX riders, and skateboarders. Where all have various-sized concrete basins, Rollerblading requires 6 feet, BMX requires 3 feet, and skateboarding requires a whopping 4 feet.

Since this skate park is a little older, I would recommend wearing appropriate safety gear like a fully-fitted helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, and hand-protective gloves. If you have friends that have various interests but still want to spend some skating time, this may be the park for you.

There are several sports to choose from. Especially the skating arrangement with multiple ramps, rails, and plain bars can help your skating skills. And the park’s setting is tranquil and welcoming, ideal for spending time with friends.


  • 15.88 acres Acres
  • Central  location
  • Multiple ramps
  • Few rails
  • Plain bars


  • No gum on the skate park surface is allowed
  • Animals or pets are not allowed
  • No restrooms within the park

Route and directions

From downtown Columbus, Head south on S 3rd St toward E State St. Use the right 2 lanes to turn right to merge onto I-70 W/I-71 S. This should take you about a 2-minute drive. // Skateparks In Asheville, North Carolina //

Key Information

LocationDodge Park and Community Center
Address379 Mc Dowell St, Columbus, OH 43215, USA
Telephone+1 614-645-3176
Riding TypeSkateboards, bicycles, BMX
Skate HoursSaturday-Friday: 6 am to 6 pm
Cost FeeFree
Number of ParticipantsUp to 75 at a time
Size12000 sq ft
OpenedOctober 1990
Design / BuildFrank Hawk (An affordable skatepark designer and constructor)

2. Skate Naked Skatepark

It is one of the largest and most aesthetically eye-pleasing indoor skate parks Columbus Ohio, offers. It’s one of the indoor skateparks in Ohio that provides a lot of skating features for skaters, and it opened in 2010

Its massive ramps, snake run, and bowl can really test your skating skills. So, if you’re just honing your skills, this could be a good place to learn a few tricks.

Also, this is one of the few parks around the world where it is open late at night. Hence, you are always welcome to visit Skate Naked after a day of work.


  • Massive ramps
  • Huge park
  • A snake run
  • A bowl
  • Cafeterias


  • Glass containers of any kind are not allowed inside

Direction and route

If you start from downtown Columbus, it’s a 10-minute drive via I-670 E and E 5th Ave to the east. Follow N 4th St. Take a right onto E 5th Ave, left onto Concrea Rd. The park will be on your right.

Key Information

LocationCapital Core Inc
Address3790 E 5th Ave, Columbus, OH 43219, USA
Riding TypeSkateboards
Skate HoursSaturday-Sunday: 2 pm-12 am, Monday-Friday: 3 pm-12 am
Cost Fee$12 per person
Number of ParticipantsUp to 120 at a time
Size20000 square feet
Design / BuildSkate Naked

3. Tuttle Skatepark

This is an underrated 48.293-acre skatepark, to say the least. It is a beautiful park to visit regardless you are going to skate or not. You could spend hours skating on the wide pump tracks of this humongous space.

Besides, they also have specific reserved areas for tennis and other sports. Thus, a beautiful outline designed for any commoners to walk and enjoy the park. Plus, it is open for over 12 hours so that you can visit at your ideal time.


  • Acre: 48
  • Tennis and other sports area
  • Pump tracks
  • Steps


  • No pets allowed
  • Sound amplification devices restricted

Directions and route

From downtown Columbus, it’s a 10-minute drive to the north. Take N 4th St, and take a left onto the Dana G ‘Buck’ Rinehart Mem Hwy. Then take a right onto the Olentangy Fwy near the Ohio State University.

Go through the W Lane Ave and take a left Ave, and another short left turn onto W Oakland Ave. The park will be on your left.

Key Information

LocationTuttle Park Community Center
Address240 W. Oakland Ave. Columbus, OH 43201, USA
Riding TypeSkateboards, bicycle
Skate HoursOpens 24 hours
Cost FeeFree
Number of ParticipantsUp to 75 at a time
Size12000 square feet
OpenedJune 2022
Design / BuildCalifornia Skateparks

4. Fairwood Park

It’s a conventional park rather than a skate park, although you may skate here as well. Moreover, it is also rather large, covering around 26.56 acres! So you’ll have enough space to skate through its distant corners. Luckily, it has rails, ledges, and a bowl to test your skating skills as well.

Fairwood Skatepark, like Tuttle Skatepark, is also open 24 hours a day. Likewise, it features a normal park-like layout and environment. So taking your family out for an evening while skateboarding in the meantime would not be a bad idea.


  • Acres: 26
  • A bowl
  • Rails
  • Ledges
  • Great environment
  • Concrete surface


  • Glass containers are not allowed

Directions and routes

Head south on S 3rd St toward E State St from downtown. Turn left onto E Livingston Ave and then Keep right to stay on E Livingston Ave.

Key Information

LocationAt Fairwood Avenue
Address1392 Fairwood Ave. Columbus, OH 43206, USA
Riding TypeSkateboard
Skate HoursSaturday-Friday: 8 am-9 pm
Cost FeeFree
Number of ParticipantsUp to 30 at a time
Size4700 square feet skating area
Design / BuildGrindline Skateparks


So what are the best skate parks in Columbus Ohio? It depends. You will find all of them reliable. But the nearest one will definitely be the most reliable for anyone.

You may procrastinate or feel lazy about going to these designated places to practice and enjoy your hobby while stationed in Columbus. But trust me, this is the safest way to enjoy such a risk-heavy sport. Besides, it’ll enhance you with more skating skills that you can’t really learn on the roads!

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