The Best Mini Longboard Cruisers (Eggboards)

6 Best Mini Longboards 2024: EggBoards Take Over the Streets!

The feeling of skateboarding is quite unmatched, even more so when you find the perfect board for your comfort. But I believe you haven’t got that feeling yet. I am quite certain that no board feels comfortable for you. Do you know why?

Quick List: Best Mini Longboard Cruiser 2024

  • ELOS Boards – Best Lightweight Mini Longboard Cruiser for Beginners ($139-$199)
  • EGG Boards – Best Mini Longboard Cruiser for Adults and Kids ($69-$119)
  • Summit Boards – Best Short Longboard for All Skill Levels ($39-$69)
  • Kryptonics Boards – Best Mini Fat Compact Cruiser Skateboard ($39-$59)
  • Popsport Boards – Best Mini Longboard Cruiser with Handle ($49-$69)
  • Fish Boards – Best Portable Mini Cruiser for Beginners to Experts ($29-$59)

That is due to how we prefer certain traits and attributes of different boards. Hence I bring you the top 6 best mini longboard cruisers in 2024. So that you may find the best board for your hobby.

I shall discuss all the different traits that every board offer and all the features that may intrigue you. By reading this article you will get all the insights and find yourself a perfect match.

6 Best Longboard Mini Cruiser Reviews

Longboards are generally a fan-favorite for being excellent at accelerating and maintaining high speed. But it also shares its fair share of cons, such as portability.

Hence the concept of hybrid boards came about, boards that are optimized for multiple things, such as mini longboards, electrical longboards, and cruisers. This idea was revolutionary as it fixed any prior longboard cons.

Hence I have compiled the best 6 mini longboard cruisers to ease your search for the best board.

1. ELOS Best Lightweight Mini Longboard Cruiser for Beginners

Key Features:

  • Purpose:
  1. For short to medium-distance traveling
  2. For looking to buy a portable board
  • Age Range: Teen to Adults
  • Deck size: (18.1 x 10) inches.
  • Trucks: 180 RVK Longboard Truck
  • Wheels: Durometer: 76A, Diameter: 72 mm, Contact Patch: 40 mm
  • Bearing: 608RS Z2V1
  • Deck Material: 7-ply hard rock maple deck
  • Grip tape: None

Price: Check on Amazon

This board is a perfect combination of a longboard and a cruiser. It maintains the speed and acceleration that a longboard offers. It also keeps many good qualities of a cruiser such as being a lightweight longboard.

It includes the skateboard itself along with a user manual in the box. The skateboard is perfectly packaged with plenty of foam and dampening so that it does not get damaged during shipping. Also, the longboard is fully assembled, meaning you can ride your skateboard immediately.

It has a slightly pointing forward to ease accelerating while having a good wide base to increase comfortability and control


  • Very user and beginner friendly
  • Reaches good speed while maintaining it for a long period
  • Very compact and portable longboard


  • The deck is pretty small so not ideal for everyone
  • The high-speed attainable might not be ideal for kids
  • Not the best quality material

2. Eggboards Best Mini Longboard Cruiser for Adults and Kids

Key Features:

  • Purpose:
  1. Riding to school
  2. Learning to do skateboarding
  3. Teaching kids to skateboard
  • Age Range: Kids to Adults
  • Deck size: (19 x 9) inches
  • Deck shape: Ergonomic and oval in shape
  • Trucks: 7 inchesAluminum Longboard Trucks
  • Wheels: 76A Soft Wheels (69 mm x 55 mm)
  • Bearing: ABEC-9
  • Deck Material: Bamboo
  • Grip tape: Electric Hard Griptape

Price: Check on Amazon

This board is the perfect example of a mini cruiser longboard. It retains stability and comfort for long-term cruising while also having a very good balance when doing tricks.

This is one of the most recommended boards if you are planning on cruising to school or a supermarket while doing skateboard tricks in your backyard.

There is nothing special inside the box. It only contains just the board (intact).


  • Very beginner friendly
  • Very comfortable
  • Very competitively priced
  • Is a very good youth longboard


  • Not suitable for people with big feet
  • Does not reach extremely high speed
  • Has a bit of creaking at first (settles down later)

3. Summit Brand Best Short Longboard for All Skill Levels

Key Features:

  • Purpose:
  1. For beginners trying to learn skateboarding recently
  2. For veterans trying to cruise at great speed downtown
  3. To do lightweight stunts
  4. To cruise comfortably
  • Age Range: Teens to Adults
  • Deck size: (9 x 19) inches
  • Deck shape: Oval deck and ambidextrous shape
  • Trucks:  7 inches High Strength Alloy Trucks
  • Wheels: 78A All-Terrain Rubber Wheels
  • Bearing:  ABEC-11
  • Deck Material: Maple
  • Grip tape:  Vivid Heat Transfer Grip Tape

Price: Check on Amazon

This board is best described as a beginner-friendly board that also provides good pace and comfort for any veteran skateboarder. It is the optimal choice both for someone looking to learn skateboarding and for any vet trying to hone his skills further on a small longboard.

It includes just the board wrapped in some plastic covering to keep any condensing water away. The box’s dimensions are (20 x 12.5 x 7) inches, and it weighs 2.9 kg.


  • Extremely portable (good for carrying in airlines on your carry-on baggage)
  • Very durable
  • Supports up to 230 pounds of weight


  • The board may be a bit narrow for some people who have a very wide stance.
  • Not the best board to get if you are reluctant to do stunts.

4. Kryptonics Best Mini Fat Compact Cruiser Skateboard

Key Features:

  • Purpose:
  1. Casual Skating
  2. Learning Longboard
  • Age Range: Kid to Adult
  • Deck size and shape: (19 x 3.5) inches
  • Trucks: Basic
  • Wheels: (60 x 45) mm poured polyurethane wheels
  • Bearings: ABEC-3
  • Deck material: 7ply maple
  • Grip tape: Clear Sand Spray

Price: Check on Amazon

This is a compact longboard, to be exact. But it has certain features which separate it from other longboard counterparts, such as it has a fairly small radius of turn.

Also, it is pretty portable compared to a longboard, given you can’t fit a longboard in a small backpack. Sadly, it does not maintain speed as well as full-fledged.

The box contains cushioning foam to safeguard the board during shipping. The board is wrapped in a plastic covering to help keep moisture away.

It also has an interesting shape, with a board tail and a rounded front; this board surely resembles a miniature longboard more than anything.


  • Has plenty of options for grip tape for no extra charge
  • Very reasonably priced
  • Easy to make turns


  • The wheels are a bit scratchy out of the box
  • It does not maintain velocity too well
  • The trunks need to be adjusted (not well optimized out of the box)

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5. Popsport Best Mini Longboard Cruiser with Handle

Key Features:

  • Purpose:
  1. Newly started to learn skateboarding (as it is very easy to learn skateboarding on this board)
  2. To cruise on long curvy roads
  3. Very easy to turn on this board, ideal for usage by students
  4. Looking to purchase a short longboard
  • Age Range: Kids to Adults
  • Deck size: (19 x 9) inches
  • Deck shape:  Ergonomic handle design
  • Trucks: 7-inch aluminum alloy truck
  • Wheels: (2.76×2) inch longboard PU wheels with 85% rebound
  • Bearings: ABEC-9 Chrome Steel Bearing
  • Deck material: 7 layers of Russian maple
  • Grip tape: Waterproof and heat transfer grip tape

Price: Check on Amazon

This board is known for its overall good performance in every field while being extremely compact. It is good during cruising and accelerating and decent when doing stunts, even though that is not recommended.

It contains nothing special, just the board wrapped in a plastic film and a user guide manual. The box weighs 3.18 kg while having a dimension of ‎(18.9 x 10.7 x 5) inches

●    Pros:

  1. Easy to turn on the road
  2. Very easy to handle
  3. The ride is very smooth compared to the price point
  4. It is a very good junior longboard

●    Cons:

  1. It does not include a cupped washer
  2. The bearing may need some oil

6. Fish Best Portable Mini Cruiser for Beginners to Experts

Key Features:

  • Purpose:
  1. Looking to buy a very portable board.
  2. For people who love extremely small boards.
  • Age Range: Kids to Adults
  • Deck size: (17.5 x 10)  inches
  • Deck shape:  Oval shape with a built-in handle for carrying around
  • Trucks: Kingpin trucks
  • Wheels: 58 mm soft wheel for good traction
  • Bearings: ABEC-11
  • Deck material: Solid Penny Style Plastic
  • Grip tape: None

Price: Check on Amazon

This is an extremely small board designed for unmatched portability. Anyone craving for a small board that has a great cruising record, this certainly will be the board to go.

As with most of the boards already discussed, nothing special is out of the box. The box contains the board wrapped in a plastic film followed by a very basic user manual

●    Pros:

  1. Great center of gravity
  2. Good control
  3. Outstanding portability

●    Cons:

  1. Very wobbly trunks that need some adjusting
  2. Maybe a bit too small for anyone a bit beyond average height

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FAQs Regarding Mini Longboards

Below we will talk about the most frequently asked questions about this topic. To help clear any remaining doubts in your head.

What is a mini longboard used for?

For people who are comfortable riding a longboard but also want portabilityFor them, mini longboards are the way to go. They have all the basic features of a longboard but are way more compacted to fit in a backpack.

Is a mini longboard suitable for beginners?

Due to a bigger base and more stable center of gravity, a standard longboard is very suitable to start learning skateboarding. But a mini longboard is also convenient enough. It just needs a few extra sessions of practice to get onto the roads.

What are the benefits of using a mini longboard?

Longboards are very well designed for ease and comfort. Any beginner could easily get a headstart learning on a longboard more than anything else. Thanks to their wide base and very stable center of gravity.

How much does a mini longboard typically weigh?

Generally, they weigh around 1.8 to 4.5 kg (4 to 10 pounds). However, some mini longboards weigh much less, as much as 1.4 kg or 3 pounds.

What is the maximum weight capacity of a mini longboard?

It depends heavily on the board you will get and the materials they are using to build your board. Normally, skateboard manufacturers would not recommend going beyond 85 kg on a mini longboard.

Can a mini longboard be used for tricks and stunts?

Depends heavily on its design but not all famous skateboard tricks can be done on a mini longboard. Regardless, a lot can be done, so don’t get your hopes down.

Are mini longboards more affordable than regular longboards?

Due to requiring less material, mini longboards are more affordable than regular longboards.


I have reviewed the top 6 best mini longboards in 2024 to help you decide your best board. We have not mentioned the best cruising board or the best mini longboard to do stunts with because all of those are personal preferences. Instead, we have discussed all the pros and cons for you to decide.

But remember, no matter which boards you get; it won’t make you any better. It will just help you get better. Hence, don’t forget to put up the work required to skateboard like a champ.

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