Top 10 Best Longboard Decks 2022 (Reviewed And Guided)

When it comes to longboarding, there’s plenty of footwork in action. You also need to practice at a skate plaza and work your way through the challenging ramps. A quality deck can give your urban cruising a new name and show a fellow skateboarder who’s in charge here!

Top 10 Best Longboard Decks (Reviewed And Guided)

The best longboard decks aren’t necessarily the ones with 6-ply bamboo or maple. While the material is obviously important, you can’t deny the roles of a brilliant wheelset and design. It’s up to you if you want a roomy base with a kicktail or a balanced concave deck.

Keeping retro and present-day longboarding styles in mind, we have rounded up ten awesome longboard decks just for you!

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Be it cruising, down-hilling, free-riding, or a little bit of everything, we believe there’s a right longboard for every occasion! Head on to our reviews, where we cover a few of the coolest, most functional, and most reliable longboards in 2021!

01. Bamboo Blank Skateboard Deck

4193hU+hWdL. SL500

Good for Commuting

The reason why we think this is one of the ideal blank decks is that it has good flex and stability.  Its unique shape and feel allow you to slide, drift and turn with style.

Besides, this bamboo deck just happens to have the perfect shape for acing most longboard tricks- both new and old!

Lightweight Yet Sturdy 

Between a 6-ply maple and a 6-ply bamboo, the latter is hands down the better one in terms of flexibility and lightness. There are high chances that you’ve got your feet wet riding a maple longboard.

After all, it’s not only the most common type of deck but also very enduring. But the best thing about maple longboard decks is that they’re fast and easy to carry. 

Deep Concave Deck

The shape of this longboard deck is one of the reasons why we find Bamboo Skateboards so reliable. What’s a good longboard deck without a killer curve, right?

It’s not as progressive as some maple decks, but it sure makes the cut for day-to-day commuting. We can only wish we landed a top-notch bamboo deck like this in our early days of longboarding!

Eco-friendly & Durable

You’ll be happy to know that these bamboo decks are made of high-quality, sustainable bamboo.

The deck is not going to snap under your feet or show stress cracks. For a mid-range longboard deck, it’s quite durable on the streets. We were even surprised to see the product lasting for more than a couple of months.


  • Available in 12-inch to 15-inch wheelbase sizes for different riders
  • Its concave shape is ideal for axle stalls and fakies
  • Grippy foothold with a lot of control
  • An eco-friendly choice for saving trees


  • Not suitable for skating on big ramps

02. Quest Rorshack Bamboo 34″ Longboard 

Carries A Lot of Weight

We think Quest Rorshack has done a wonderful job with one of its best products for cruising. First of all, this 34-inch deck is much roomier than your average longboard. You can have a great foothold at the two sides and the middle.

Although it’s more on the concave side than kicktail, you shouldn’t have any problem jumping on and off the curbs. Its EFP makes up for its shortcomings as a city cruiser.

Quality Trucks and Wheels

Its 6-inch rugged aluminum trucks beautifully balance your weight while you’re riding on the deck. Speaking of which, Quest Rorshack included 65mm PU wheels on this one. It’s push-friendly and stable on launch ramps and half-pipes.

As you can see, the wheels on this longboard are not of the stereotypical 75mm size. In fact, the low-height wheels make the longboard an ideal commuting cruiser. Not only does it stay lower to the ground, but it also offers you a comfy stand-over height.

Cold Climate Hardwood

A maple longboard is tough and durable by design. The Quest Rorshack is no exception. We particularly liked its “Splatter” graphic look- a unique design befitting its multi-ply maple hardwood deck. Its stiff flex holds up against bumps on the road.

Perfect for Longboard Tricks 

From tranny skating on half-pipes to riding down a staircase, you can now be the coolest kid in town! This bamboo longboard deck by Quest Rorshack is the deck you need for practicing your launch skills and wallrides. 

In short, they’re great for riding in your neighborhood, flaunting your progress at the skate plaza, and everyday commuting at the same time.


  • Its multi-ply hardwood deck easily handles difficult terrains   
  • The 34-inch deck is suitable for accurate tuning
  • Allows instant braking and continuous pushing 
  • Rugged 65mm PU wheels


  • The kingpin might become loose after a while and rattle

03. Retrospec ZED Bamboo Cruiser Longboard 

31NSMbhy6eL. SL500

Great Aesthetics

If you’re a big fan of the retro skater-boy vibe, you’re going to like this ZED Bamboo Longboard a lot! ZED took us back to the makeshift longboards from the ’50s. The brand draws inspiration from passionate Hawaiian surfers and their rigged backyard longboards.

Speedy Longboard 

ZED Retrospec, with its buttery-smooth 70mm PU wheels, is much faster than those hard-wheeled skateboards. Its ABEC-9 precision bearings have better quality than most longboards on the market. To sum things up, ZED Retrospec has not only the looks but also the speeds.

Personally, this is the reason why we like ZED longboards in the first place. For tall people who always seem to struggle with their footwork on average longboard decks, the 42*9-inch maple deck is going to be a game-changer.

Zero Wheel Bite 

Apart from the looks and speed, what we like most about this longboard are its innovative wheel wells. Now, we’ve researched enough to know that most commercial longboards will come without wheel wells unless you find the time to rig them.

Lucky for you, ZED Retrospec left no room for wheel bites whatsoever. It makes the deck as durable and shock-absorbent as it is.

Camber-Style Deck

We tried hard not to make it all about the deck, but ZED honestly has left us no choice. It’s a longer deck, yes. But it also has a raised middle part- earning the name of an original camber longboard deck.

However, the nose and tail sections are raised like those on a textbook rocker. So, the ZED Retrospec gravitates towards the W-concave design- giving you a responsive, flexy deck that rides high!


  • 70mm shock-absorbent PU wheels
  • High-tolerance ABEC 7 bearings
  • 85A durometer hardness
  • Made of 8-ply Canadian maple for better ruggedness
  • Comes with innovative wheel wells for zero wheel bite


  • Shorter free-spin time

04. Quest QT-NSC44C (44-inch) Longboard 

41V2QTKQX4L. SL500

Multi-ply Hardwood Deck

As a 44-inch 7-ply longboard, the Super Cruiser is a classic Quest production for cruising the streets in style. It cross-grained bamboo and maple for the deck so that it’s more durable. The longboard has more push and leans compared to a pintail. And that’s what makes it an awesome commuting cruiser.

High-Quality Bearings

Quest used the genuine ABEC 7 bearings in the Super Cruiser. They make the longboard skateboard not only speedy but also rail-ready. So, the next time you think about gaining speed on a longboard, you can trust the Super Cruiser more than anything else.

Made for Pro Skaters

Something tells us you’re going to like the Super Cruiser for its fashionable look. It’s not as flashy as spray-painted graffiti, but it’s sure a step up from a plain blank deck.

The deep black stripes stand out from the expensive-looking wood. And if you want all eyes on you, Super Cruiser gives you an easy head-start.

Finally, the trucks have soft bushings, and they allow you to turn sharply, make a flip, or do a spontaneous fakie shuvit!

Cruiser Longboard

The Super Cruiser is the second longboard on the list that came from the trustworthy Quest brand. We’ve already listed their 34-inch Rorshack, and it turned out to have a decent deck with a 24-inch wheelbase. However, it might feel stuffy for the tall skaters out there.

When it comes to cruising, you need sufficient deck space with good flex. Lucky for you, this 44-inch Super Cruiser has a great length. It offers a comfortable ride and is manageable across gravel roads, sidewalks, and skate parks.


  • 7-ply cross-grained bamboo and maple hardwood deck
  • Beefy ABEC 7 bearings with 7-inch aluminum trucks 
  • Fast-rolling wheels with large diameter
  • Suitable for urban and long-distance cruising


  • Squeaky wheels

05. Volador 42inch Freeride Longboard 

51cYZcvKjjL. SL500

A Gorgeous Drop Through Deck

The VOLADOR 42-inch drop-through longboard deck has a low center of gravity. It keeps you more in control for easy kick-outs and free-riding. 

As for durability, its carbon steel bolts hold everything together so that you can have a fun ride on all terrains. You can start from a simple pivot or a ghost ride and work your way up to a 180-degree boneless FS.

Suitable for Freeriding 

This free-ride cruiser has a quality maple deck and takes after a sophisticated camber concave design. Its 34-inch wheelbase is complete with reliable grip tape.

You can stand confidently on the deck and kick out a great speed. The longboard makes sharp, easy turns at killer angles- sometimes a hundred and ten degrees if you’re doing the right footwork.

Adjustable Reverse Kingpin Trucks

We think the VOLADOR longboard is easily one of the best free-ride longboard decks. It has genuine adjustable trucks that pop the longboard higher for an FS Bigspin. You can easily transition to a Tigerclaw or throw in a few relaxed pivots on your way home.

The trucks are backed up by high-rebound bushings. We especially liked how responsive they make the longboard. The easy-rolling wheels and lightweight deck amount to the smoothest ride.

More Stability at Great Speeds

The wheels are large and dependable, and they roll pretty fast. They can help you pull off a stunning FS 180 No-Comply Crossland or a Backside Shuvit. Overall, the trucks and wheels make speed-riding so much easier.

You can ride the longboard on and off in between classes or carve at the skatepark. If you’re worrying about wipeouts, our advice is to tighten the wheels. For ollies or hippie jumps, loosen the trucks so that they flex and pop better.


  • 45 to 50-degree adjustable reverse kingpin trucks
  • ABEC-9 bearings for smooth off-curb skating
  • 42-inch low-riding camber concave deck
  • Drop-through free-ride with a low center of gravity 


  • Turns too sharply if you don’t tighten the trucks

06. Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard

Soft PU Wheels 

The Playshion drop-through longboard is just as popular for its large, soft wheels as it is for the deck. For starters, the 51mm-wide wheels give you more stability on the road.

Additionally, the 70mm diameter wheels are rated 78A for hardness. It’s amazing if you consider the fact that the Playshion, after all, is a reasonably-priced starter board. 

Easy to Carve

This is a versatile longboard that cruises on the streets and carves at the parks. We are in love with its quality trucks, to begin with. If you’re in the mood for long-distance cruising, the tight trucks will benefit you in more ways than one. However, loose trucks make it much easier to do longboarding tricks.

Moving on, the Playshion cruiser comes with pre-oiled ABEC 9 bearings. They are much more robust compared to the standard ABEC 7 bearings and are mostly found on the best choices for sliding.

Finally, the nylon ball cages will help reduce friction at high speeds.

Low Ground Clearance

When you’re landing from a BS shuvit, you’d want the deck to be as low to the ground as possible. Especially in your beginner days, stability matters so much because your reflexes are not going to be spot-on every time.

It’s one of the reasons why drop-through longboards make excellent beginner boards.

Generous Weight Limit 

The Playshion is symmetrical, but it’s not a flat deck. In fact, there’s a concave on the wheelbase so that you can find your footing. The deck, as a whole, can carry 250 pounds of weight.

So, if you’re on the heavier side, you shouldn’t have any problem free-riding on the Playshion Cruiser. Its 8-ply maple hardwood deck can bear a good lot of weight. On a scale of one to ten, we are giving its flex a solid 7.


  • 39-inch 8-ply maple deck
  • ABEC-9 bearings for smooth skating
  • The nylon ball cages reduce friction and vibration
  • Generous 259-pound load capacity


  • The wheels wear down faster

07. Atom Drop Through – 41 Inch

41AXnk1Wi3L. SL500

Easy to Push & Turn 

If you’re looking for the ideal decks for drop-down, you can have a look at the Atom 41-inch drop-through longboard. We like it for its stability and downhill carving performance.

It has soft wheels and bushings, and it makes free-riding a comfortable experience for all types of skaters.

Seriously though, it doesn’t matter how many skate-tricks you have under your belt. When it comes to riding downhill, you need quality grip and road-hugging wheels. And Atom drop-through gives you exactly that!

High-Quality Laminated Deck 

The board doesn’t look anything extraordinary. But it has a dependable deck with nice trucks and axles. So, if you like wearing down the wheels with non-stop skating, this longboard is going to be just perfect.

For example, its laminated maple deck flaunts reverse kingpin trucks. The 245mm axles are sturdy enough to support the fast-moving wheels. Overall, this Atom longboard is fast and comfortable for day-to-day skating.

A Decent Cruising Board 

For a longboard that comes in less than a hundred dollars, this one is amazing in terms of flex, turning, and off-curb riding. But we are taking one star down for the weight.

Maple longboards are heavier by default, but a 9-pound longboard isn’t the easiest one to carry for kids.

However, it’s safe to say that teenagers and adults won’t have a problem with a heavy longboard. With that out of the way, we like the Atom longboard for its straightforward design.

Durable Underside

We’ve already mentioned its premium axle quality and wheels. It doesn’t have wheel wells simply because it doesn’t need those.

As you already know, kingpins face outwards. So, they do not let the wheels touch the underside of the deck in any way. Not to mention, the wheel bite is minimized, and you get a quick-to-respond longboard.


  • Low-riding 41-inch longboard for better stability
  • Full maple laminated deck with RKP trucks
  • Suitable for downhill carving
  • No wheel bites


  • It weighs almost 9 pounds

08. Minority Downhill Maple 40″ Longboard 

41fRQNuCkTL. SL500

Drop-Shaped Deck 

When it comes to downhill riding, you need to feel safe and confident on your longboard. And a short deck is not going to do the trick.

The problem with top-mount longboards is that they have a higher center of gravity and give less feedback on the wheels. Both of which are risky for downhill skaters.

This is why we were more than happy to see a drop-shaped deck on this MINORITY longboard. It simply outperforms cruisers and camber’s concave boards on a stair ledge.

Low Gravity & High Speeds

The longboard is capable of going at high speeds. But if you want to make tight turns with this one, make sure to lower the speed at first. When you have it in control, you can branch out to sliding and flipping.

Spacious Wheelbase 

The 40-inch deck sports a low-gravity design and looks cool with vibrant doodles. But its wheelbase is roomy 37-inch goodness- giving you ample space for balancing your two feet.

Yes, you can get both of your feet on the deck and zoom through the skatepark.

Additionally, the 10-inch wide deck provides a dependable downhill platform. And we like that on a longboard.

Stable Downhill Riding 

For longboarders, the product is a great fit for skipping down skidded stair sets. In fact, we like this drop-down longboard for its easy acceleration and maneuverability.

You can adjust the kingpin trucks at 45 or 50-degree angles. The wheels are durable, large, and supported by the finest ABEC-9 bearings.

Besides, the chrome steel axles do a fine job holding the wheels in that angular position. 


  • 40-inch radial concave deck for better longboard stance
  • 8-ply Hardrock maple deck with a 37-inch wheelbase
  • Large polyurethane wheels with chrome steel axles
  • Suitable for stair-skating and riding downhill ramps


  • The deck might get delaminated after some time

09. Rimable Drop-Through Longboard (41-inch)

516B+wT5iHL. SL500

Sturdy Aluminum Trucks 

We like a free-rider with solid aluminum trucks. Our personal favorite is drop-thru trucks, and RIMABLE had it all worked out.

This one has measured cut-outs at the nose and tail sections. The trucks are dropped through these cut-outs- eliminating future wheel bites in the process.

Some people find the combination of drop-down trucks and concave decks less responsive. It wasn’t our main concern with the RIMABLE longboard because it’s a low-riding freerider, after all.

Frankly, we were worried about the stability. But the longboard turned out to be much more stable than we anticipated.

High-Speed Bearings 

The RIMABLE longboard is a fun ride, and it’s compatible with pro-skating tricks. It’s the perfect balance between flex and stiff, and versatile longboarders like this quality a lot.

Compared to other rocker-style longboards, this one has 85A hardness with beefy wheels. The bearings are excellent- they come lubricated so that the wheels don’t rattle or damage the underside. 

Tight Turning Radius 

We’ve established that it’s a low deck. A 9-ply maple deck, to be precise. Thanks to its low height, the longboard can make sharp turns with lower rolling resistance.

In fact, the less ground clearance you have, the more in control you feel with your ride.

Speedy Freeriding Performance 

The deck is 9.5 inches wide, and you can comfortably rest your two feet on the deck before you take off once again.

If you’ve guessed already, the RIMABLE longboard makes it easy for you to pivot and skate down the rails. The high-speed bearings do the wheels good and allow them to roll faster without chipping.


  • 9-ply maple deck with drop-through aluminum trucks
  • Lubricated bearings for better durability and speed
  • The 70×51mm PU wheels are rated at 85A hardness
  • A stiff, concave deck ensures extra control and balance


  • Riding off-curb can bend the kingpins

10. Atom Pin-Tail Longboard (39-Inch)

419imhNSZdL. SL500

A Classic Pintail

Let’s face it; doing pirouettes with a stiff longboard is as good as not doing it at all. A flexy longboard like the Atom pintail makes it easy for you to carve, pump and turn.

You might not land spontaneous ollies and kick tricks, but the flexy carving and cross-stepping make the pintail board so worth it!

Full-Coverage Drip Tape 

A grippy deck is always a winner when it comes to longboarding. This is why the Atom Pintail is one of our favorites. It features high-quality drip tapes that cover the entire wheelbase- the one area where most of your footing will be.

Pintails are generally the longboards with better flex. That’s why a comfortable stance is so important here, especially when you’re riding downhills. And a full-coverage drip tape makes it much easier for new longboarders.

Fast-Moving Wheels 

The wheels on this Atom pintail are good quality wheels without a doubt. Besides, the fact that you get zero wheel bite on this one is the selling point for many skaters out there.

However, if you’re not comfortable with the factory trucks, you can take them off and install your favorites.

Decent Bearings 

As much as we adore the Atom pintail, we couldn’t help pointing out its ABEC 5 bearings. Each of the longboards we reviewed till now averaged around ABEC 7. So, it’s safe to say that these bearings are not the coolest ones out there.

Make no mistake. You can skate at high speeds with this otherwise awesome pintail. But as far as durability is concerned, swapping out the bearings with ABEC 7 or 9 is the best course of action.


  • 8.5-inch aluminum trucks for better speed
  • The neutral/concave deck is ideal for cruising
  • Excellent top speeds and turning power
  • The pintail design eliminates wheel bite


  • The plastic risers make the deck vibrate a little

Factors to Consider When You Purchase A Perfect Longboard Deck

Before you buy a longboard deck, you need to make sure that it’s in line with your riding style and intentions. Do you want a neutral deck or a progressive deck, a camber, or a rocker?

We get it, the options are plenty, and it can get overwhelming shuffling through different types of longboard decks. Hopefully, our guide below will help you realize which deck ticks all the boxes for you!   

Factors to Consider When You Purchase A Perfect Longboard Deck

1. Longboard Types

Depending on what you like in a longboard deck (stiffness or flexibility, speed or tricks), we have carefully tailored the following criteria. They will help you narrow down your choices. Keep reading!

  • Bamboo Decks

Between maple and bamboo, the latter is more flexible and lightweight. Now, bamboo decks allow you to do easy kickflips, fakies, and literally every other longboard trick with ease.

The fact that they require only a little push from your end makes full bamboo decks the speedier one of the two. However, maple is by far the strongest deck material.

  • Maple Decks

Maple longboard decks are stiff and much more reliable. They are incomparable when it comes to downhill riding on rugged terrains or skidded stair sets.

2. Longboard Design:

The deck design is an important factor to consider as well.

  • Pintail Decks

For starters, pintail longboards look a lot like surfboards. They’re suitable for cruising at good speeds and carving. However, most pintails struggle above the 25mph ceiling.

  • Drop-through

Drop-throughs have a comparatively sharper nose and tail. It’s because the trucks are directly punched into the deck- creating a low center of gravity for the rider.

This is the reason why drop-throughs feel more grippy and ride at faster speeds.

3. Longboard Speed

If you’ve shuffled through longboard decks for long enough, you have surely heard about “camber concave” decks. These decks have more flex, and a higher center of gravity, and are mostly found on cruiser longboards.

  • Camber Decks

A camber-style deck with kicks is a smart combination for everyday commuting.

However, you might prefer a more locked-in feel when it comes to riding downhill. If that’s the case, a slightly dropped wheelbase will help you find a more comfortable stance.

  • Rocker Decks

These types of decks are called rocker decks. Not to mention, the flex is much lower here. But a rocker-style deck is a responsive one, and it offers higher speeds for cruising and carving.

4. Longboard Level

You need to decide what level of flex you like on longboards and their concavities.

  • W-concave Decks

To begin with, W-concave is a popular style of longboard deck. It features an upward-sloping nose and tail with a curvy centerline.

These boards are extremely responsive, and they turn tight corners with impressive control. The concave shape of your longboard deck has a lot to do with your grip and performance at the park. 

If you ask us, we found W-concave decks to have an awesome layout. From a scientific point of view, the deep concave design allows you to have a comfortable foothold.

  • Kicktail Decks

Longboards with a mellow kicktail have a slightly raised tail. Alternatively, you might like a deck with kicks on both ends. 

It would be a more progressive version of your average radial concave deck. A kicktail helps you ollie, slide and pivot more comfortably.

5. Longboard Length

A longer-than-usual longboard deck will give you sufficient footing and more speed on level terrains. But it might be problematic when it comes to making tight turns.

Longboards with shorter wheelbases are easier to push. But they can’t beat a longer board when it comes to carving and speeding up!

If you ask us, a 40-44″ longboard deck is perfect for everyday cruising. On the other hand, you’ll get the best downhill experience on a 36-40″ deck.  Lastly, we recommend a 38-42″ drop-through deck for free-riding.

6. Longboard Capacity

Bamboo longboards have less weight capacity, but it’s nothing serious considering all longboard decks come in multi-ply construction anyway. Maple or carbon-fiber decks are stiff and sturdy. Not to mention, maple makes great beginner boards.

You can find the most reliable longboard stance on a 7-ply maple hardwood deck. A blend of both, however, gives you a lightweight yet sturdy deck that we like.

Like the Quest Rorshack, ZED Retrospec is a phenomenal blend of maple and bamboo. But if you want us to pick one, we’re siding with ZEDs for their flexibility and maneuverability.

Wrapping Words

It’s no news that longboard decks come in all shapes and sizes. Even the truck-mounting positions vary from cruisers to downhills. When it comes to cruising off-curbs and sidewalks, it’s a tough choice between the ZED Retrospec and the Quest Super Cruiser. The Retrospec features a 41-inch deck with good looks and reduced wheel bite. 

On the other hand, the Super Cruiser sports a solid deck made of maple and bamboo. This 44-inch longboard pulls off cruising city streets and freestyling with some downhill action. It doesn’t have milled wheel wells, but there’s ample ground clearance that keeps you stable in your stance for a phenomenal ghost ride. 

So, ZED Retrospec and Super Cruiser are the two best longboard decks for today. However, if you’re looking for a drop-through longboard in the classic concave design, RIMABLE is the way to go. It’s a 9-ply full maple free-rider with a grippy, low-riding deck.

A lightweight, faster, and more durable alternative is the Playshion freestyle longboard. It sports the highest quality ABEC 9 bearings with solid aluminum trucks. If there’s a longboard that handles rigorous stair-skating and downhill riding, it’s hands down Playshion.


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