Top 10 Best Grip Tapes For Skateboards

Top 10 Best Grip Tapes For Skateboards In 2023 (Guide)

As a dedicated skateboarder, having a reliable grip tape is essential for maintaining your safety while skating on the streets or at the skatepark. With the best grip tapes for skateboards available, you can ensure that your skateboard stays secure underfoot and that you stay on top of your game.

The main function of the grip tape is to keep you on the board and aid you in skating safer. Over the years, grip tapes evolved when the first grip tape was a sandpaper-like surface on one end and a super sticky surface on the other end.

Today, grip tapes come with durable aluminum oxide. This material helps to keep the tape in shape and sharp even with numerous uses.

You also get to choose grip tapes that come in different colors to suit your style and skating needs. In this article, we will be exploring some of the top grip tapes for the skateboard to help you choose wisely.

Some skateboard comes with a grip tape pre-installed. If your skateboard doesn’t come with grip tape, then this article is dedicated to you. Let us now see how you can find the best grip tape skateboard.

Top 10 Best Grip Tapes For Skateboards

There are plenty of grip tapes out there, but not every one of them is worth the purchase. Nevertheless, here is a look at the top options that you should consider getting for your skateboard.

01. Jessup Skateboard Grip tape Sheet


We kick the list off with this grip tape sheet from Jessup. One thing to love about this grip tape is that it comes in a sheet to serve you for long enough.

Besides that, you get to choose the size of your choice. You can go for the 10 inches by 60 feet roll, or go for the bigger 12-inch by 60 feet roll. So yes, the tape is sure to serve you for a long time.

Besides serving you for a long time, the tape comes with a solid bond that sticks to the surface of the deck durably. You won’t have to worry about air gaps or bubbles when working with this tape.

It is safe to say that this is a professional skateboard grip tape. It is important to state that the tape is made of silicon carbide grit, along with an aggressive adhesive.

High skating demands

With these specs, you will be sure of having a grit tape that will easily take the high skating demands. Even if you will be taking your skateboard to the skate park for some wild tricks, this tape will serve you accordingly.

Keep in mind that the silicon carbide grip is meant to adhere to your footwear aggressively. It doesn’t matter what type of shoes you are wearing.

In the long run, you will be confident of better riding control on whatever surface you will be skating on.


  • Comes in a 60ft sheet to serve you for long
  • Made of silicon carbide grip that adheres to any footwear
  • Available in 10-inch and 12-inch options to suit you accordingly
  • Solvent-based adhesive sticks to any board
  • Bonds to the skateboard for a long time


  • Might scratch the underside of your footwear

02. Black Widow Skateboards or Longboards Grip

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Here is another grip tape that would serve you accordingly when you need extra traction on your skateboard. With this Black Widow Grip Tape, it comes in a sheet that measures 9 by 2.75 feet.

That might not be as long as our first product on the list, but it should still serve you for a remarkable time. The sheet features the iconic Black Widow logo that acts as a decorative aspect.

It will give your board some style. 

This tape is strong and durable enough. It comes in a nice black-and-white checked design that makes it pop as you ride your skateboard. 

If you love to draw attention to the skate park, this grip tape will help you with that. The adhesive on this grip tape is super strong, and it will stick to your skateboard deck for the longest time.

Works in any weather

Even better, the tape will not peel in extreme temperatures. Whether you are skating in the hot summer afternoons or those cold winter days, this tape will not peel off.

Another notable feature of this grip tape is the slippage resistance properties that it possesses. This means that you will be safe as you enjoy the perfect traction when riding this board.


  • Made of a high-quality material that is very durable
  • Comes with nonslip properties to offer the needed traction
  • Easy to apply even for young skaters
  • The sleek theme pattern design makes it stylish and extra beautiful
  • Doesn’t peel off even in extreme weather conditions


  • Can be tricky to apply it to curves

03. Mob Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet


This black grip tape sheet is made to offer traction to your skateboard, and its user experience is very friendly as well. Like our previous product, this grip tape also comes in at 9 inches by 2.75 feet, which isn’t bad at all.

How easy to change and reinstall?

With this size, you can stick the tape to your board and change it again without a problem. When it comes to installing this grip tape, you will have an easy time. You won’t experience any bubbles when installing it.

Keep in mind that this is the perforated grip tape. Besides giving you an easy time to install, the tape will not move out of place once you install it.

Very sticky tape

Plus, this tape is very sticky and it will require some experience when working with it. You must ensure that you are sticking the tape in the right place before you apply it.

It is important to take note of the material of this grip tape. The tape is made of a sturdy silicon-carbide grit material that is durable enough.

Tear-proof and waterproof

Besides that, this grip tape is tear-proof and waterproof. So, even if you are skating in a partially watery park, the best grip tape for skateboards will keep the water off your skateboard deck.


  • Made of durable silicon-carbide grit
  • Super sticking adhesive that doesn’t peel off in extreme cold or heat
  • Tape is tear-resistant and waterproof
  • Available in different colors
  • The rough top grip offers the needed traction


  • Very sticky, which needs care when installing it

04. ZUEXT Bubble-Free Waterproof Black Scooter Grip Tape


We move on with the list and bring you this grip tape from ZUEXT. If you need durable skateboard grit tape with an excellent grip, then you should go for this tape.

High-quality silicon-carbide grit

The tape is made of a high-quality silicon-carbide grit that is meant to serve you for a long time. One thing to love about this type of material is that it will ensure that the grip doesn’t wear out. 

Even with regular usage of your board with the tape on it, the grip remains strong enough. On the other side of the tape is a super sticky adhesive that will not peel even in extreme cold or heat. 

Skate in any weather condition

This means that you can easily go skate in any weather condition without the tape coming off. Furthermore, the tape comes with multiple perforations that let air escape as you apply.

This means that you won’t experience bubbles when you are applying the tape. It is important to point out that the tape is clean trim to fit.

In other words, you will not need to cut off any excess material or experience less material that doesn’t fit on your skateboard. The tape is carefully rolled by hand to prevent creases.

In turn, this gives you an easy time when applying the grip tape on your skateboard.


  • Made of long-lasting silicone-carbide grit
  • Clean trim to fit for easy application
  • Carefully rolled by hand to prevent creases
  • Perforated grip tape that doesn’t leave bubbles as you install it
  • The grip doesn’t fade off


  • Applying it at first can be tricky since it is tightly rolled

05. ZUEXT Clear Skateboard Grip Tape


For those that want the best grit tape that is also clear to maintain the original theme of their skateboard, this one would be a good pick.

Works on different skateboards perfectly

This clear grit tape is available in 11-inch by 4.17ft, which should be big enough to serve you for a while. If you need to apply it on different skateboards, it will perfectly serve you.

Besides that, the grit tape is made of a durable material that is strong enough as well.

Durable material and excellent traction

Thanks to the exclusive silicon carbide grit used on this tape, you will not only enjoy a durable material but also excellent traction on your skateboard deck. The best part is that you will enjoy the grit for a long time; it will not fade off.

Moreover, the high-strength quality of the grit tape assures you of a tear-proof tape that is also waterproof. Even in extreme cold or heat, this tape will not peel off.

A good choice for doing the tricks down

This feature makes it a good choice for doing the tricks down at the skate park. When installing the grit tape, you will have an easy time since it assures you of a bubble-free application.

This is made possible by the barely visible perforations.


  • Made of durable silicon-carbide grit
  • Transparent to maintain the theme of your skateboard
  • Tear-proof and waterproof grit tape
  • Perforations on it help to eliminate bubbles when installing
  • Grit doesn’t fade off, even with regular use of the board


  • Coarse grit, which might be an issue for some users

06. Black Diamond Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet

If any skater out there considers Black Diamond as their best brand of skateboard grip tape, we won’t judge them. Truly Black Diamond is known to make top-notch grit tapes that are used on scooters, longboards, and skateboard decks.

Length and durability 

This grit tape comes in at 10 inches by 4 feet long, and it is sure to serve you for quite some time. Its durability is not only in terms of its size but also it’s quality.

The board is made of a silicon carbide surface that comes with decent grit on it. Thanks to the silicon carbide grains on this tape, you can be sure of having enough traction on your skateboard.

Long-lasting and non-fading grit

Also, the silicon carbide grains are bonded through sintering to assure you of a long-lasting, non-fading grit. When it comes to applying the grip tape to your skateboard, you will enjoy every bit of it.

It comes with an easy-peel paper backing that lets you apply it with ease. Thanks to the stickiness of this tape, you can apply it on any board out there.

Do you want to enjoy a grit tape that also offers an amazing look on your skateboard? 

This tape will grant you that. It comes in different colors and designs to let you customize the look of your skateboard deck.

Furthermore, the tape is available in multiple sizes to let you choose accordingly.


  • Designed to fit on any skateboard
  • Easy to peel and apply
  • Designed to stick on any board
  • Comes in different sizes, colors, and designs
  • Waterproof and tear-proof for durability


  • Slippery when wet

07. Black Diamond Stakeboard Grip Tape


If you are new to skateboard grip tapes and you need the perfect kit that has all the needed tools, this product would be the right pick for you. This is not your ordinary grit tape.

When you purchase this kit, you get more than just the grip tape for your skateboard. Along with the tape, you also get a roller, an awl, a file, and a cutter in the kit.

The best part is that all these are available at almost the same price as most grit tapes on this list. All these tools will give you an easy time when you are installing the tape.

It offers super-strong silicon-carbide grit

Moreover, the grit tape comes with a 10-inch by 3.67ft measurement. This should be large enough to fit any skateboard out there. Plus, it features super-strong silicon-carbide grit that will serve you for a long time too.

Even with regular use, the grit will not fade off. The tape is super sticky too, and it will hold onto any type of skateboard out there. Thanks to the roller tool, you can smoothly apply the grip tape to your skateboard.

Comfortable grip

This then assures you of achieving the maximum bond. Keep in mind that the roller tool comes with a soft handle that offers you a comfortable grip.

On the other hand, the roller tool features an alloy body that allows it to sustain the highest pressure as you apply the tape.


  • Durable grit that doesn’t fade off
  • Tape comes with a roller tool, file, awl, and cutter
  • Easy to apply
  • The roller tool features a comfortable grip
  • You can carry the folding knife as a pocket utility tool


  • Grit is very coarse, which might not suit some users

08. Black Diamond Sheet of Skateboard Grip Tape


If you need a cool-looking grit tape that should serve you for a long time, this one would do. This grit tape is not only long-lasting and elegant, but it is also easy to use and delivers an excellent grip.

As you would expect, this grip tape comes with durable silicon-carbide grit that should serve you well as you cruise the skate parks and streets out there.

It is also available in 9 inches by 2.75ft, which should be large enough to suit any skateboard and longboard out there. Keep in mind that the silicon carbide offers you an 80-grit surface that is sure to give you the needed traction. 

No worry about the footwear

You will not have to worry about the footwear you are using as you step on this grit tape. It will hold your footwear firmly to grant you safety as you ride your skateboard.

The grip is waterproof and weatherproof to remain strong, even in extreme heat or cold.

For the record, the tape comes with an industrial-grade glue that will adhere to any skateboard deck. Even with regular use of the skateboard, this tape will not peel off.


  • Durable 80 grit that doesn’t fade off
  • Grit is waterproof and weatherproof
  • This tape will not peel off, even in extreme heat or cold
  • Easy to cut for custom applications
  • It will hold onto any skateboard deck


  • Some grit can come off in hard impacts when the rail hits the ground or wall

09. BooTaa Skateboard Grip Tape


This is a large grit tape that would fit on any skateboard or longboard. The tape comes in a 10.6-inch by 3.77ft measurement to assure you of enough material for your board.

Thanks to the silicon-carbide grit of this tape, you will enjoy excellent traction on your feet when using this grip tape on your skateboard. What’s more, the grit will not fade off, even when you are using the board too often. Plus, the grit is waterproof for a durable delivery. When it comes to the stickiness of the tape, you will not be disappointed.

Thanks to the strong adhesive on the tape, it will hold on to the skateboard deck firmly for ages. Even when you are skating through watery surfaces, the grip tape will not come off.

No need for cutting off the edges

There is no need for cutting off the edges of this grit tape. This is because the tape is clean trim to fit. In other words, it is widely cut to fit most skateboards and adult scooters.

Even better, you will not only use this grit tape on your skateboard or scooter.

Thanks to its multifunctional feature, you can use it on pedals, handguns, or stair steps. Wherever you use it, you will always get the best results.


  • Durable and non-fading grit
  • Girt tape is very multifunctional
  • Easy to apply on surfaces
  • Widely cut to fit most skateboards and longboards
  • Waterproof and tear-proof


  • The strong adhesive needs extra careful application

10. Mob Grip Perforated Black Griptape

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If we were ranking the best skateboard grip tape by rating, this unit from Mob Grip would easily make it among the top tapes. It doesn’t come with high customer ratings by mistake.

Features and Functionality 

The features and functionality of this grip tape are excellent. One thing that makes it stand out from most grip tapes out there is the ease of application it possesses. When it comes to applying this tape on your skateboard, you will have the easiest time.

Even an amateur will find it easy to apply this grit tape. But that’s not the only reason for purchasing it. Rather, the tape is made of a long-lasting grit that comes from the grains of silicon carbide.

Lightest grit tape on the market

With this grit, it will firmly hold your footwear but also give you an easy time when you need to take your foot off the board. This might be one of the lightest grit tapes on the market in terms of weight, but it is still very durable.

If you are tired of the bubbles that form when applying grit tapes on your skateboard, this one will eliminate that.

The tape comes with multiple perforations that help to get rid of the bubbles as you apply it.



  • Might be too coarse if you use your skateboard daily

Factors to Consider When You Purchase The Right Skateboard Grip Tape

When finding the right grip tape for your skateboard, you have to be careful so that you choose the one that will serve you accordingly. It is important to consider the features of the grip tape and if it will serve the expected function. That being said, here is a look at the things that make a good grip tape for skateboarding.

Factors to Consider When Purchase A Wow Skateboard Grip Tape

I. How Sticky Is It?

Stickiness is one thing that you should consider when you are looking for the best grip tape. Sticky grip tape will stay on the board for a long time, even as you skate through the streets and skate park. Besides that, an extra sticky tape will be free of bubbles and early tears.

II. Is It Easy to Use?

A good skateboard grip tape should be easy to apply and use. Ideally, the tape shouldn’t require you to use a special tool when applying it to the skateboard. In general, it should be swift and comfortable to use/handle the tape. A beginner should find it easy to work with the tape.

III. The Design

The look of the grip tape is also a point that you will need to consider. When choosing the design of the grip tape, choose one that works for you in terms of your style and personality.

Besides that, consider the design of the tape based on your skating level. In other words, some tapes are best suited for beginners, while others are suited for professionals.

What is Grit in a Grip tape?

The grit is simply the level of abrasion the material provides based on the industry rating. It is the roughness of the top surface of the grip tape. With grit, it can be fine, medium, or coarse. Most pros doing tricks in the skate park tend to go for coarse grit, which offers the highest traction.

How is the Grip tape made?

There is no complex working mechanism of grip tape. However, it is important to understand how the tape is made and meant to work. The grip tape is a compound that is made from an abrasive material, which is mixed into a resin. This resin is then spread over a thick paper backing in a thin film. It is then allowed to cure.

On the other side of the tape, it will come with a strong adhesive that can be applied easily. The adhesive is applied semi-permanently to the top part of a skateboard deck.

Generally, the main function of the grip tape is to offer the needed traction to the shoes. In other words, it helps to keep your foot on the board as you are skating. This will come in handy mostly when you are doing tricks.

How much does a skateboard grip tape cost?

Different brands offer varied price tags for their grip tapes. Nevertheless, most skateboard grip tapes will range between $5 and $20.

Can I apply a new grip tape on an old one?

It is never a good idea to apply a new grip tape on top of an old one. This is because the tape may not stick firmly as the old grip tape comes with a rough surface that is not meant to go well with adhesive.

How long should the grip tape last?

That depends on several things like the usage frequency and other environmental factors. The type and quality of grip tape should also determine. Regardless of that, most grip tapes will serve you from around 6 to 18 months.

Final Words

There you have it, skaters. You now know about the best grip tapes for skateboards, and we are confident you can step out there and find the perfect grip tape for your skateboard. Even with the grip tape on your skateboard, don’t forget that you still have to be careful as you skate out there. 

The tape is only meant to offer the needed traction, but it won’t hold you from tripping and falling off the board.

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