7 Best Grip Tapes For Longboards (Buying Guide)

7 Best Grip Tapes For Longboards In 2023 (Buying Guide)

Looking for a good quality grip tape to accompany your already existing longboard or one that you’ve bought recently? You’ve clicked on the right link then. We know how necessary a grip tape can be to pro skaters. A grip tape not only helps in maintaining balance during skating but also helps you to hold on to the board.

Whether you’re a beginner just learning the basics or a professional who loves trying out different stunts and tricks, you can’t go on without a strong grip tape. It can get difficult to find the best grip tapes for longboards that will suit you since the options are numerous. 

You also need some basic information regarding the features that you should look for when you’re shopping for grip tape. Although it might seem like a hard task, we’ve made it easy for you.

To help you out with your selection, we’ve classified 7 good-quality grip tapes appropriate for almost any longboard out there. Our detailed explanations, as well as an informative buying guide, will eventually assist you in finding good-quality grip tape for your longboard.

Top 7 Best Grip Tapes For Longboards

When it comes to choosing a longboard grip tape, several brands come to mind. But are they all worth it? Let’s jump to the discussion where we talk about 7 good quality grip tapes with respective features that might be worth your time.

01. Mob Skateboard/Longboard Grip Tape Sheet 

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You can’t find anything better than this Mob skateboard grip tape. This is a great product to add to your collection if you’re looking for something durable, long-lasting, and effective for your longboard in the long run.


This skateboard grip tape comes with a super-stickiness property that provides the best kind of adherence for your longboard deck.

It ensures a non-slippery surface for your deck that also contributes to keeping the balance intact during skating. This super-stickiness property also helps in resisting peeling off even under unfavorable weather conditions.

Bubble-free application

This grip tape also comes with a bubble-free application which makes this product an amazing find. It bears very minute holes that help any trapped air move away easily. As a result, there is no air suppressed inside, and the application does not produce any bubble formation.

Durable & Long-lasting

Another great feature of this product is the presence of the silicon-carbide grit binding process. This binding process ensures the durability of the product. The strong binding also helps the grit tape to last for a long time without wearing it out.


You can count on this grit paper to deliver maximum strength due to its good adhesiveness. It means that this tape is resistant to water, tear, any weather damage, etc. Even in extreme temperatures, this tape will remain intact without any change. This feature makes it an amazing product for your longboard.


  • Resistant to wear and tear
  • Waterproof and tear-proof
  • Can withstand extremes of temperatures
  • Non-peeling and good adhesiveness
  • The application will not result in any bubbles


  • Occasionally creases might be noticed due to faulty packaging

02. Jessup Skateboard/Longboard Grip tape Sheet

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This one from Jessup is the best option for longboard, cruiser, or skateboard; whatever you own will comply with.

Strong Adhesiveness

The grip tape sheet comprises rugged aluminum oxide grit that provides strong adhesion to the tape. Such strong adhesion property helps the tape to stay intact despite any weather or temperature change. It is also a reliable property, especially if you’re an aggressive skater and love trying different stunts.

Multiple sizes

Unlike maximum grip tapes from different brands, this one comes in multiple sizes that are perfect for many longboards. Even if you have a cruiser, this grip tape will definitely have a size for that.

This feature with multiple size options makes it helpful for users to easily find the right one for their respective longboards and skateboards.

Easy trimming

This grip tape comprises a solvent-based adhesive that helps in delaying the flaking of the base and produces a firm attachment on the longboard surfaces. There is also no issue of bubble formation, and as a result, you can easily trim through the tape without any tears.

Supportive on the shoes

This is another helpful feature, especially if you’re an aggressive skater. Despite being peel-resistant, strong, and tough, this tape is very supportive on the shoes and does not feel uncomfortable. It won’t rip your shoes apart and help maintain balance during intense skating.


  • Multiple size options to choose from
  • Comfortable and protective on the shoes
  • Good quality and maximum adhesiveness
  • Firm grip on the longboard deck surfaces
  • No bubble formation


  • Can be difficult to remove if you want to change it after some time
  • Careless packaging can cause it to curl

03. Black Widow 9″ x 33″ Skateboards/Longboards Grip tape

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Known to be the best Reddit sourced, this one from Black Widow meets all the expectations of an ideal grip tape.

Ideal for Cruising

This Black Widow grip tape comes with a strong and fine grip that makes it suitable for cruising. Cruising usually involves high speeds and alternately taking different turns. This is where the fine grip comes in handy as it maintains stability and balance without compromise.

So, if you’re looking for a grip tape ideal for cruisers and penny boards, this is the one you should go for.

Slippage Resistant

The grip tape comes with a strong adherent property that helps to stick to the longboard and cruiser surfaces without any difficulty. Besides, the strong and firm grip also provides an anti-slippage feature to the tape, which makes it ideal for cruisers and penny longboarders.

Easy Sanding

Another ideal feature of this tape is the ability to sand easily on longboard surfaces. Because of the ability to stick to textured surfaces, you can easily cut the grip tape and sand it down on any compatible surface to achieve a perfect finish.

Survives Extreme Temperatures

The strong adhesive property of the grip tape allows it to withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures without peeling off. So, whether it’s a rush of heavy rain or snow, you know that this grip tape is going to stay put.


  • Suitable for skateboarding, cruising, penny longboarding
  • Ideal for use in unfavorable weather conditions
  • Tough and powerful stickiness
  • Can be sanded on textured surfaces
  • Provides stability during cruising


  • Can be difficult to clean since they get dirty in a short time

04. ZUEXT Longboard Grip tape

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ZUEXT is another high-quality brand when it comes to affordable and strong grip tapes for longboards. In fact, this is the best choice for an electric longboard that you can find.

Improves Rider Grip

This grip tape is designed to support skaters and longboard riders of all classes so that anyone can enjoy a stable ride with this. From beginners to professionals, anyone can enjoy a balanced ride due to this tape.

It supports the shoes of the rider without compromising the balance. As a result, the rider can enjoy maximum safety and stability.

Maximum Strength

With the presence of the silicon-carbide grit binding process, you can’t go wrong with this one. A combination of such binding processes not only imparts high-quality strength but also helps it attach strongly to skateboard surfaces. It also implies that the tape will not peel off in an aggressive situation.


The ZUEXT Grip tape contains numerous minute holes that help in the easy escape of trapped air and avoids any bubble formation during application. This makes the application of the tape easier and smoother.

Effortless Trim

With an 11″ x 44″ size and 1.5mm thickness, this grip tape can be trimmed easily with a clean-cut and crisp edge. You can even use it on electric longboards, and it will keep the quality intact without any compromise.


  • Maintains balance during skateboarding
  • Provides firm grip and stability to the rider
  • Tough and high-quality strength
  • Suitable for electric longboards
  • Smooth application


  • Dirt can easily stick to the grit
  • Can be hard to clean

05. ZUEXT 11″ x 50″ Clear Skateboard/Longboard Grip Tape

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Another one from ZUEXT, this one comprises all the important features that you might want from a grip tape for your longboards.

Provides Stability

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional at skateboarding, you can’t go wrong with this one. This one features a firm grip that ensures stability during skating. Besides, the slippage resistance included in this tape makes it easy for the rider to try different stunts and tricks without any difficulty.

High Durability

There is silicon-carbide grit binding process in this tape which is an amazing combination to help in increasing the strength of the tape. With a tape like this, you can bid farewell to frequent peeling, low cohesion, etc.

Smooth Application

Any smooth application of a tape requires the absence of bubble formation. With a tape like this, you can surely say goodbye to all the unnecessary bubbles forming and interrupting a clean application.

The numerous perforations that are almost invisible making it easy to prevent air traps and thus help to create a bubble-free spreading.

Strong Resistance

This grip tape features a powerful adhesiveness that enables it to withstand high heat and cold temperatures without peeling off. It also provides resistance against water damage as well as frequent wear and tear. This resistance makes this grip tape an amazing product for your boards.


  • Good cohesiveness
  • Strong resistance to water, weather, and temperature change
  • Lasts for a long time
  • Easy application
  • Improves the riding skills


  • Limited designs and colors available

06. Black Diamond Longboard Grip tape 10″ x 44″

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Let’s not forget Black Diamond, the grip tape brand that has been around for quite some time due to its good quality and affordable products.

Heavy-duty Tape

This tape has been designed to withstand any kind of water damage, weather damage, etc. It is waterproof and resistant to frequent wear and tear. So, whether you’re cruising or skating during heavy snow, you can count on this tape.

Multiple Design Options

Unlike traditional grip tapes, you can find this one in different design options. So, whether you like your tape to be solid in colors or packed with bright and vivid colors, you can find anything in this tape. It will not only help to adhere to your board surface but also look attractive when you’re out skating.

Good Longevity

With a strong and sturdy build, this grip tape is designed to last long. It bears an industrial-grade glue in its constitution that allows the tape to stick firmly to any surface. This tape also resists peeling and slippage so that you can enjoy a good ride without any hassles.

Maximum Support

This tape features an 80-grit silicon carbide binding process that imparts maximum support to the surface of any longboard, skateboard, cruiser, etc. Grip support like this is also beneficial for providing your shoes with a solid and comfortable grip on any aggressive ride.


  • Suitable for everyday tough riding
  • Comfortable on the shoes
  • Waterproof and weather-resistant
  • Perfect for both cruising and skating
  • Available in different designs


  • Accumulation of dirt and mud in no time

07. Black Diamond Sheet of Skateboard/Longboard Grip Tape

Last but not least, another addition to the Black Diamond brand, this one is a simple but effective grip tape that will not disappoint you.

Efficient Performance

This tape delivers a powerful performance by withstanding any kind of environmental damage. It has the ability to resist abuse by water, hot and cold temperature damage, unfavorable climate conditions, etc. So, this tape will be your best friend even in the most extreme kind of weather changes.


The presence of an 80-grit silicon carbide surface not only helps in building a strong adhering layer on the board surface but also increases the longevity of the tape. You can count on this tape to ensure maximum traction for the board surface.

Tough Adhesiveness

It has a strong and super-stickiness, which allows it to stay adherent to the longboard surface without peeling off easily. In fact, this strong adherence also makes it difficult to peel off if you’re looking for changing it, even when a long time has passed.

Maintains balance

A powerful feature of this tape is that it is capable of maintaining balance while taking turns and twists. So even if you’re into aggressive skating, this tape will still do a great job of maintaining stability.


  • High-strength and powerful adhesion
  • Withstands extreme climate situations
  • Peel-resistant and stays firm
  • Lasts for a long time
  • Provides a good amount of traction


  • Can be slippery when wet

What Factors To Consider When Purchase The Best Longboard Grip Tapes

Now that you know how vital a grip tape can be, it’s time to talk about all the important features you need to look for before purchasing a longboard grip tape. No matter which brand you’re going for, make sure your grip tape some of these important points.

FAQs Regarding Longboard Grip Tapes

1. Versatility

This is the most important feature that a grip tape needs to possess. For a grip tape, versatility refers to how well it adheres to multiple surfaces, be it wood, plastic, or even metal. Most grip tapes can properly attach to wood and plastic surfaces but may fail when it comes to metallic and concrete surfaces.

So, before purchasing your grip tape, try to go for the one that will support all surfaces. In that way, even if you change your longboard, you won’t need to change your grip tape on a frequent basis.

2. Size

This is another essential feature that needs to be given emphasis before selecting a grip tape. Without the right size, your grip tape is basically useless. An average-sized skateboard deck or longboard deck will require grip tape that should be around 30 inches in length and 9 inches in width.

If you think that your longboard deck is pretty average in size, then this size will work out for you. However, if your longboard is of a slightly concave shape, this size might not work out for you.

So, for concave longboards and boards that are shaped differently than traditional boards, it’s always safe to go for larger sheets. Pick grip tapes that are 1-2 inches long and wide than your longboard deck.

3. Adhesiveness

Since the reliability of a grip tape depends on how strongly it adheres to the board surface, this is an important factor that you should look for before buying a grip tape. The right longboard grip tape should be capable of resisting extreme temperatures, water damage as well as unfavorable weather conditions.

Any grip tape that is waterproof, weather-resistant, and peel-resistant is something that has strong adhesiveness. It means that the grip tape will not detach from the longboard deck no matter what happens.

This adhesiveness will also resist any kind of bubbling forming during application so that you can be assured at all times. The right kind of cohesive property in a grip tape helps in keeping the balance steady and intact on a longboard during skating for a long time.

4. Design

Since grip tape serves as a display on your longboard deck, try to go for something that will express your true style. Solid colors might look simple and basic, but it’s always fun to experiment with different colors and patterns.

Look for grip tapes that come in some fun colors and prints and look attractive on your plain simple longboards. This will also make your longboard stand out when you’re skating out in the open.

Thus, all these points are necessary for picking out the right kind of grip tape for your longboard.

5. Brand

If you look for these specific traits in a brand, you won’t be disappointed with your choice.  Brands like

  • Black Widow and
  • Black Diamond

makes some of the perfect griping tapes in terms of quality and characteristics. These are built with strength and durability that make them perfect for everyday use.

What Are Longboard Grip Tapes?

Grip tapes are simply layers resembling sandpaper that is attached to a longboard deck to keep your board steady and provide support to it. These tapes also provide adherence between the shoes and board so that you can skate away fearlessly and still stay on track.

What to Choose When I’m a Beginner?

To begin your search for an ideal grip tape, it’s good to start knowing what you should possibly expect from one. In case you’re a beginner starting out with grip tapes for the first time, starting with skateboarding grip tape basics would be a great idea!

How Does A Longboard Grip Tape Work?

Grip tapes for a longboard are the ones that support the shoes well, have a good grip, don’t get detached during skating, and do a good job at maintaining balance. Since these tapes are going to be your allies for some tough skateboarding every day, an ideal one would be something that is strong and built to last long.

Final Verdict

Bringing it to an end, it can be said that finding the best grip tapes for longboards can be tough and hard, especially if you’re a beginner with no clues. You might up with the wrong one for your longboard, or you might end up buying a bad product.

When you’re shopping for a grip tape, it’s important to sort your priorities regarding the features you absolutely require in your tape. It is also essential to go through all the specifications of a product before you plan to buy it.

These factors make it difficult to choose a longboard grip tape all alone. This is why our detailed discussion on longboard grip tapes can be of assistance to you. 

We’ve not only covered a feature-wise discourse on 7 good grip tapes for you to select from, but we’ve also included an explanatory buying guide to help you out. It will help you to identify which grip will be suitable for your longboard.

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