About Kyle Spinks

About Kyle Spinks

Hello, I am Kyle Spinks from Montana. I had a job with an excellent salary and had been enjoying a lavish lifestyle with my family. But it wasn’t in my furthest imagination that this beautiful time would end without any notice.

The global crisis during Covid-19 turned my organized life upside down. The company for which I worked hard day and night and contributed to its growth started laying over employees to cut down on expenses.

Like many of my colleagues, I was on that list but accepted my fate calmly. I started spending my savings on living expenses. And there wasn’t much opportunity to get a job in other companies.

At that moment, my underground was empty, and I used to play there with my kids. One day, I ordered two skateboards from Amazon and got the delivery the next day.

Though I wasn’t accustomed to skateboarding, my kids were somewhat familiar with this. They started teaching me how to use skateboards and balance myself on the wheels. It was amusing, and the time started flying by. I got rid of the monotonous life of being stuck at home.

One of my friends called someday, and we talked about how we are passing our time. I told him that I was learning skateboarding, and he wanted me to give a review of the boards. I pledged to him that he should give me a treat for giving the review. Instantly, he sent the “gift money,” and I told him eloquently about the pros and cons of the skateboards.

I also started finding the best skateboard for him. One thing was common about all websites I visited to find information. All those websites were engaged in the Amazon Affiliate program.

It seemed interesting, and I started studying the Amazon Affiliate program. I even forgot to have a meal that day and put all my effort into finding the best skateboard for my friend.

And the same Covid-19 that rammed my fate got me a chance to use the time in a good way. I started working hard to buy different products and review them. But at first, I felt a bit uneasy about reviewing these products.

I used social media to share affiliate links while hiding myself. But it didn’t bring any good results. So, I talked to an amazon affiliate group on facebook, and they suggested me to work on a website.

That is how Skateupdates.com was born. Since then, it has grown steadily, and I expect it to grow much larger in the future. To maintain consistence growth, I have enlarged the product coverage areas of this site.

You will get product guides as well as live reviews of products. For now, the scope is limited to skateboarding products. But in the near future, I wish to help you with all other skating-related products.


  • Name: Kyle Spinks
  • Street: 3883 Harrison Avenue
  • City: Butte
  • State: Montana
  • Zip Code: 59701
  • Phone Number: 00 000 4831
  • Mail: skatewithkyle@gmail.com
Kyle Spinks
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