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About Kyle Spinks, Bozeman, Montana, USA

I’m Kyle SpinksBozeman, Montana. A skating lover since 2009. skateupdates.com is my blog where I share my skateboarding life experience daily or weekly. 

Here you’ll get all about

  • skateboarding,
  • longboarding,
  • ice skating,
  • inline skating (rollerblading),
  • roller skating (quad skating),
  • rollerjoring,
  • roller skiing, and
  • outdoor skating. 
Kyle Spinks

I’ll share my experience, ideas, best product reviews, buying guide, tips, and tricks. If you’re a beginner skater, follow my blog daily. Here, I’ll try to provide all information to help everyone, especially beginner skaters who need to learn how to start and where to begin.

However, I’m here if you need help or want to contact me. 

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